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1. Why am I getting an error when return TRUE/FALSE to type Boolean?

I wrote the following code:

import java.lang.*; 
import DB.*; 

    private Boolean validateInvoice(String i)
     int count = 0;

2. How to handle error in this case? By Exceptions or boolean or something else

I am trying to create a Response class in Java which has a method

void setResponse(String response);
Different response subclasses will have different requirements for the response. The string that ...

3. Cant compare using If Statement in Java wild error Markers Undefined for Arguments?

Why does it tell me that I can't compare Ints? I am trying to compare this line here and it wont let me all I get is :

if (counter1 = 0 ...

4. How can I provide a boolean as the return value in ANTLR which suppresses error message in the console?

I want to validate the input based on my grammar and in lieu of a textual error in console, I want to check a boolean value as the result of the ...

5. do-while error boolean?

    Player Anfallare = new Player("A");
    Player Forsvarare = new Player("F");

    Anfallare.armees = 10;
    Forsvarare.armees = 10;

6. Whitespace detector returning errors

I created a method to basically detect white space characters. I go through a string and check each character for white space. If it is a white space character, I ...

7. boolean error

public Report() { text = "it was a dark and stormy night.The rain came down in torrents. The chief of the Brigands said to Antonio"; author = "Anon"; } public Report ( String someText) { text = someText; author = ""; } public Report ( String someText, String name) { text = someText; author = name; } public String getWriter () ...

8. boolean error help when no boolean is given

:confused: I am a getting boolean error on line 53 and 69 and a "not a statement" error "expecting ';'" on line 68. Could someone explain to me why that is please? this is the code starting and ending with the errors. Java Code: if (guess = JOptionPane.YES_OPTION){ JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Your guess was right. Your score has increased by 1.", "Dice Game", ...

9. Boolean error

10. System.out.println method for boolean value with String compilation error

Could anyone plz explain why this going to happen ? why we need a bracket here for boolean in sysout, why it is not showing any compilation error ? public class General { public static void main(String[] args) { String s1 = "Kamal"; String s2 = new String("Kamal"); String s3 = new String(s2); String s4 = s1==s2; // compilation error here ...