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1. Comparing objects memory address, Java

Robot r1,r2,r3;
r1=new Robot("Huey",2,3);
r2=new Robot("Louie",5,4);
r3=new Robot("Louie",5,4);
So this program prints false, but I thought it would print true. Its asking if the memory address of r1 is the same as r2. Well r1 ...

2. Java Memory Model and boolean for success

I'm new to the Java threading and have only recently started to read up on the Memory Model. From my understanding the Java Memory Model as it stands allows the compiler ...

4. memory allocation of boolean

5. String and boolean memory

Hi, String: is a Non-primitive data type and in actual is array. Array is like we stack stuff somewhere with Last in First Out method. Likewise the data is stored in memory with the same method Byte by Byte. Therefore the size will vary depending upon the characters are given in a string. However if you would want to know about ...

6. Memory consumption in boolean declaration

The Java byte code used for boolean are the same as those used for byte (i.e. to the JVM there is no difference between byte and boolean). See for details. Still some JVMs might use 2 or even 4 bytes for a byte value for efficiency reasons (many modern computer architectures only like 2-byte- or 4-byte aligned memory access and ...