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1. What is the size of a boolean variable in java?

Can any one tell the bit size of boolean in java?

2. Java - boolean primitive type - size

The Java Virtual Machine Specification says that there is limited support for boolean primitive types.

There are no Java virtual machine instructions solely dedicated to operations on boolean ...

3. size for data type boolean

The size of all other primitives in Java are well-defined, but the size of boolean is not. I not aware of any JVM suppliers documenting how they handle booleans. I think it's safe to say that it's most likely between 1 and 32 bits in length, though that probably doesn't help you much. In fact it's probably between 1 and 8 ...

4. what is the size of boolean type

5. Size of boolean .

hi all , now i'm a little cofused over this one . what's the size of boolean in memory? i know that it's JVM dependent but then why some people say that it takes 1 byte while others say that it doesn't take any memory at all ? i'll also quote something from just java 2 here . "boolean This is ...

6. size of boolean

as I understand it - it's not defined, and it doesn't matter. the authors of the JVM are free to make it whatever size they want or need to for whatever reason. They often choose a size that is most efficient on the specific platform their jvm will run on. but more importantly, it doesn't matter. you can't do any byte ...

7. boolean Variable Size?

8. Size of boolean ?????

Yes, you are wrong. It's whatever memory the JVM implementation would allocate for storing a 32-bit int, unless it's a boolean array. And unless, of course, the OP doesn'T refer to "memory size" when he talks about "size in Java". In Java, it would be either four (true) or five (false) letters... [] Although the Java virtual machine defines a boolean ...

9. What is the size of boolean?

The JVM doesn't have a notion of booleans. booleans are integral values (zero or not). In Sun's typical 32 bit implementations everything except doubles and longs take up four bytes in a class or object. booleans take up one byte in a boolean[]. Note that this is only true in nowadays Sun's Java implementations kind regards, Jos

10. Size of boolean

11. SIZE of Boolean