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1. What is the best way to represent a composite key (key containing two values) of a Class and a Boolean

HashMap<Pair<Class<T>,Boolean>,String> abc = new HashMap<Pair<Class<T>,Boolean>,String>();
What is the best way to represent Pair here... Does Java offer anything? My key will always be a {class,boolean} pair. Thanks!

2. How to check if String value is Boolean type in Java?

I did a little search on this but couldn't find anything useful. The point being that if String value is either "true" or "false" the return value should be true. In every ...

3. evaluate boolean values in Java

I am trying to evaluate the following from a string

boolean value = evaluate("false || true && true && false || true");
I need to get a boolean value of true for this ...

4. Boolean value changing button click

What would be the most simple solution each time a user presses a certain button the bool value changes? The only thing in my button action listener would be a call ...

5. Breakout Game in Java does not pass boolean value after calling remove() method

I have been following the CS106A lectures online and doing the assignments. I've been stuck for a few days though on the breakout game because I cannot understand it's behavior. ...

6. How do I remove quotes from a boolean value in a JSON string?

I have:

String example = {"test":"true"}
but I want to have:
example = {"test":true}
How can I convert the first string to the second?

7. Default value of Boolean in java

Possible Duplicate:
Java Boolean Question
Good afternoon What is the default value of Boolean (primitive wrapper) in Java

8. Toggling boolean value, but just once? (java)

Every now and then there is a need to store a boolean value only once (to record that it has changed from false to true or vice versa) in a loop, ...

9. input type="checkbox" boolean value

Hi all, I've got a form where I'm trying to load the parameterMap into a business object automatically using the BeanUtils class. I can get everything to work but two form fields which are checkboxes w/ a value="true". It should load two setters in my class called "setIsAtLunch(boolean arg)" and "setIsInOffice(boolean arg)"...but it skips these two, presumably because they are booleans ...

10. Can you set the value of a Boolean?

Question: is it possible to set the value of a Boolean after it has already been constructed? For example, suppose I create my Boolean like this: Boolean myBoolean = new Boolean(false); ..then later on in the code, I need to reset the value: if (x == y) { // Based on this condition, I need to set the booleanValue within the ...

11. Boolean Values

They might be trying to simplify the equation. For example, take this one: ( ( x || ! ( y && z ) ) && ! ( y || z) ) If either y or z is true, this statement is false (because the right side of the *AND is false). So, plug false values for y and z into the ...

12. How java store the boolean value

Hi there, whenever you declare a boolean, its default value as a literal 'false' is stored in the memory(if its a class variable) otherwise its stored as a literal in the memory with the value that you initialized it with. If you have a background of c++ please note that in java its either 'true' or 'false' not 0 or 1 ...

13. How java store the boolean value

14. Why do i have to set the boolean value

This a sample program class tape{ boolean canrecoed=false; void plaeit() { S.O.P("play the tape); } void recordit() { S.O.P("recoed tape"); } } class taping{ public static void main (String[] args) { tape t = new tape; t.canrecord=true; t.playit(); if(t.canrecord==true) { t.recordit(); } } } i want to know why i set the canrecord initially to false and then set it true ...

15. Boolean value not changing

Hi I'm initializing a boolean as false in main, then trying to set it as true in another method, but it won't change to true after calling that second method. I tried creating a separate method so I could return the value of true, but I can't call that method separately through main because of if conditions in the second method. ...

16. Boolean value not working?

Boolean value not working? Here, the part of this program is supposed to tell whether or not a cellphone call was in "peak hours" or in "off peak hours". Its set false when in offpeak hours, and true when in peak hours. Along with each false/true comes a string statement (because printf does not seem to support booleans?). However, ...

17. Boolean value not resetting

public class MultiplesOfTen { public static boolean dividedBy10 (int x[], int r, int y, boolean ans){ int g = (x[r]%10); if(g != 0) ans = false; else if ( r < y){ r++; dividedBy10(x, r, y, ans); } return ans; } public static void main(String[] args) { int [] nums = {30,55,80,70,100}; int r = 0; //set for the index value ...

18. Where are the primitive values in classes like being "Boolean" stored?

What do you mean "where are they stored"? They're stored in instance variables. That, though, is an implementation detail, and not relevant to client code, hence they're not documented as part of the API. Why d'you want them anyway? The Boolean class has a perfectly good method for returning it's wrapped primitive, as do all the JDKs wrapper types

19. How to change boolean True/False Values into 1 and 0

Ah okay, well heres the way it shows on cmd: P Q AND OR XOR NOT true true true true false false true false false true true false false true false true true true false false false false false true And this is the part that keeps me puzzled! On your own, try modifying the program so that it uses and ...

21. How do i tokenize a boolean value to be displayed as a string

How do i tokenize a boolean value to be displayed as a string. I am trying to write a program that will read data from a .txt file and pass that data through the program make some computations and be output. what i can't figure out is how to tokenize a boolean value and be displayed as a string literal. can ...

22. Boolean value won't change

A better solution would be to have the background thread be notified when there is something to do and let it sleep the rest of the time. (Which is kinda what you were trying to do, but in an erroneous way). You could look at some producer-consumer example on the web, or dig in to java.util.concurrent package to see if they ...

23. I need help with tokenizing a boolean value to display as a string

I wrote 2 programs, the first is a program which calculates hotel charges (shown at the bottom of the page). The second program (shown below) reads data from a .txt file (shown below). The data is then passed through the hotel program to makes the appropriate calculations and display them and other such pertinate data. The data in the input file ...

24. generate boolean values given a probability

25. how to update a boolean value in a databse

26. how to set a boolean value

27. Assigning boolean value