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1. Get Last Friday of Month in Java

I am working on a project where the requirement is to have a date calculated as being the last Friday of a given month. I think I have a solution ...

2. Why is January month 0 in Java Calendar?

In java.util.Calendar, January is defined as month 0, not month 1. Is there any specific reason to that ? I have seen many people getting confused about that...

3. Calculating a month as a "between" period in java

I want to select records that have a created date between the first and the last day of a given month. I calculate the month with begin and enddate the following ...

4. Calendar returns wrong month

Calendar rightNow = Calendar.getInstance();
String month = String.valueOf(rightNow.get(Calendar.MONTH));
After the execution of the above snippet, month gets a value of 10 instead of 11. How come?

5. Java Checking number months

I think I figure out what question I am trying to ask I dont want get(Calendar.MONTH) I want the month not to be greater than the last caldendar month that is ...

6. Find the number of days in a month in Java

How do you find the number of days in a month in Java?

7. Why does Calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH) return 0?

why does the following return 0?

int currMonth = c.get(Calendar.MONTH);

8. First day of next month with java Joda Time

How would you rewrite the method below, which returns the first day of next month, with the org.joda.time package?

public static Date firstDayOfNextMonth() {
    Calendar nowCal = Calendar.getInstance();

9. Automatic correction of Java Calendar day of month?

I want to learn that is there any easiest way to correct the values of day when setting it. I mean:

int birthDay = 30;
int birthMonth = 1;
int birthYear = 1980;

Calendar cal ...

10. how to get minimum and maximum date from given month in java

how to get minimum and maximum date from given month in java using java.util.Calendar.

11. Get the number of days, weeks, and months, since Epoch in Java

I'm trying to get the number of days, weeks, months since Epoch in Java. The Java Calendar class offers things like calendar.get(GregorianCalendar.DAY_OF_YEAR), or Calendar.get(GregorianCalendar.WEEK_OF_YEAR), which is a good start but it ...

12. Trying to write a months class for a calendar class in java. Need help please

Ok so for a big lab I have to do the first part is to write a calendar class just like the one I've written here. This was pretty simple because ...

13. Rolling forward/backward a number of months on a calendar object (JAVA)

I have to create my own calendar class (I know one exists, but we're being tested on our class creating skills, so I can't use any existing methods from the existing ...

14. Calendar months wrong

I try to set a simple date certain years after with calendar: String date is a parameter of this metod.

     SimpleDateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat("");


15. Month n Date - using Calendar

16. Calendar Class (Wrong month! )

I think it must be because of some historical reasons... Computers have always started counting from zero. The first index of an array is at 0 elements-offset, therefore at index 0. For months it is the same. When January starts, no months have occured before, so it is at 0 months-offset. That's why January is Zero. And December is Eleven! This ...

17. get()ing Calendar.MONTH with two digits

18. Calendar class - starts with month 0?

I have a concern with the Calendar class, specifically with the MONTH field. Each month is assigned a value beginning with 0. This presents a problem when trying to display a date using a normal date format. Since JANUARY = 0, FEBRUARY = 1, etc. If I want the current date (which should give me "9/14/2004" using the following code: String ...

20. calendar month problem

21. 3 Calendar Months calcuation

22. Calendar with prev. and next month.

Hello! I just start with java and find it very interesting. I want to make a calendar and two buttons where you can navigate back and forth. I find it difficult to start and how I can do to buttons to change the month. Does anyone have a solution that I can look at?

23. Displaying 12 calendar months?

24. Whole Month Calendar Display - Help please.

25. Are Calendar month values guaranteed?

sabre150 wrote: and don't rely on the constant for February begin greater than that for January or October being greater than August since there is nothing in the Javadoc to guarantee this ordered relationship. Except for the [Constant Field Values|] doc flounder linked, right? If those change I will have to change the code, but otherwise doing >= <= operations looks ...

26. Calendar in Java 5 - get(Calendar.MONTH) always returns 0 after setTime()

Here is the code I've been playing with: DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("mm/dd/yyyy"); df.setLenient(false); String testdate = "05/13/2003"; Date testp = null; try { testp = df.parse(testdate); } catch (ParseException e) { ; } Calendar testCal = Calendar.getInstance(); testCal.setTime(testp); int testMon = testCal.get(Calendar.MONTH); No matter what value I set testdate above to, testMon is always 0. In the above code, it ...

27. Calendar class - how to retrieve the first work day of a given month?

Hi there, I need to write a method that retrieves the first week day of a given month, and another that will retrieve the last week day of a given month. These days cannot fall on a weekend, it has to be a 'work day'. Is there a way to do this with the calendar class? I was trying to figure ...

28. Date in java: problem with calendar MONTH

Hi, i readed java.util.Calender API. But why is "Now: 2008.0.30 11:32:22" MONTH is 0 !!! but today it's january = 1 or not? This is only example how it's works i need make some operations with this numbers. but if i get MONTH = 0 this is quite problem. Thnx for replay.

30. Calendar: get last day of the month

31. Calendar.MONTH starts indexing with 0..?? Is it possible to start from 1.

struct tm Represents the components of calendar time: int tm_sec; seconds after the minute int tm_min; minutes after the hour int tm_hour; hours since midnight int tm_mday; day of the month int tm_mon; months since January int tm_year; years since 1900 int tm_wday; days since Sunday int tm_yday; days since January 1 int tm_isdst; Daylight Saving Time flag : is positive ...

32. Basic Calendar usage: Get first day of month

33. Setting parameter type for months, perhaps using Calendar

I am creating an object that needs to take a month parameter, and I'm trying to get an idea of what the best way to do this is. I was going to set this object to take a Calendar Object for the month, but I think that makes it more complicated than necessary. Of course I can set it to an ...