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1. Java date format to JavaScript date format

I would like to be able to convert a Java date format string, e.g. dd/MM/yyyy (07/06/2009) to a JavaScript date format string, e.g. dd/mm/yy (07/06/2009). Has anyone done this before, or ...

2. Java date format - including additional characters

Is there an equivalent to php date() style formatting in Java? I mean, in php I can backslash-escape characters to have them treated literally. I.e. yyyy \y\e\a\r would become 2010 year. ...

3. Help needed in formatting date in Java

Hi I have the following date as String format. Input

2010-04-20 05:34:58.0
Output I want the string like
20, Apr 2010
Can someone tell me how to do it ?

4. How to define the date format?

I have the int number 2455449 and I know that represents the date 09/09/2010. How can I define the date format wihch is used? I need to generate a new ...

5. Format date in Java

I have the following string:

Mon Sep 14 15:24:40 UTC 2009
I need to format it into a string like this:
How do I do it in Java?

6. Comparing 2 dates using following format yyyy:MM:dd hh:mm:ss

I need to compare two dates along with time portion. I need to check it upto hh:mm:ss only. Can any one suggest any util i can use for it or any suggestion ...

7. what is the date format of "22:40:29.668 EET Sun Jan 02 2011" in java?

what is the date format of "22:40:29.668 EET Sun Jan 02 2011" in java. what i nedded is to know the format of this date ex. format of 12/12/2011 is dd/mm/yyyy. ...

8. how can I format a date in java with "ff"?

I'm trying to print a date with the following format:

I'm using SimpleDateFormatter. It fails because it can't recognize "ff". Is there another formatter that can? Or any other way to do it?

9. Java date format

Have String str "May 23 2011 12:20:00", want to convert it to date such this:

Date date = (new SimpleDateFormat("MMM dd yyyy HH:mm:ss")).parse(str);
It always gives me ParseException Unparsable date format: 'May 23 ...

10. Why does DateFormat#format accept int parameter?

I have this class:

import java.text.DateFormat;
import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;

public class Test  {
    public static void main(String[] argv) {
        DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy");


11. What is the DateFormat.MEDIUM format's format?

Thanks Joanne, this is what I came up with : Date now = new Date(); SimpleDateFormat sdf = null; Locale[] localeList = DateFormat.getAvailableLocales(); for (int i = 0; i < localeList.length; i++) { Locale locale = localeList[i]; if (locale.getLanguage().equals("en")) { sdf = (SimpleDateFormat) DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.MEDIUM, locale); String trim=" "; String t = locale.toString()+trim; System.out.print(t.substring(0,20)); t = sdf.toPattern()+trim; System.out.print(t.substring(0,20)); t = sdf.format(now)+trim; System.out.println(t.substring(0,20)); ...

12. DateFormat.format unexpected side effect

While using a SimpleDateFormat and a couple of GregorianCalendar objects in what I thought was a simple piece of code, I came across something that was quite unexpected. When I would call DateFormat.format, one of my Calendar objects would get updated to reflect the Date passed into the function. After a lot of unfruitful searching and testing I found that the ...

13. DateFormat.format() hour minute separator

14. How to format a short date as YYYY

But then I will have to hard-code the style in the source code as 'MM/dd/YYYY' or 'dd/MM/YYYY', which is not desirable. I need the formatted date to follow the users' preferences that they enter in their OS according to their taste dd/MM/YYYY or MM/dd/YYYY or whatever else they prefer. Right now, if I change my preferences in my OS and set ...