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1. How can I increment a date by one day in Java?

I am getting date in the format as yyyy-mm-dd. I need to increment this by one day. How can I do this?

2. How to determine the date one day prior to a given date in Java?

I am assuming Java has some built-in way to do this. Given a date, how can I determine the date one day prior to that date? For example, suppose I am given 3/1/2009. ...

3. CodeReview: java Dates diff (in day resolution)

Please your opinion on the following code. I need to calculate the diff in days between 2 Date objects. It is assured that both Date objects are within the same TimeZone.

public class ...

4. Get Previous Day

Possible Duplicate:
How to determine the date one day prior to a given date in Java?
If I have a Java.Util.Date object, what is the ...

5. Find out Last 30 Days, 60 Days and 90 Days in java

How to get last 30 / 60 / 90 days records from given date in java? I have some records with receivedDate. I want to fetch the records for last 30 or ...

6. Comparing if two Date instances refer to the same day

I have two Java instances of java.util.Date and I have to find out if they refer to the same day. I can do this the hard way, taking the dates apart ...

7. In java, what time is the start of the day?

What time is the start of a day, say 01/01/2010? Is it 00:00:00:000 ? or is that midnight? [edit] It might be a stupid question but I'm confused because I used Calendar.set(Calendar.HOUR, 0) ...

8. comparing todays date + 30 days to another date

I'm trying an example:

DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy");
String date = "03/09/2010"; //30 days from today
Date usefullDate = df.parse(date);

Calendar todaysDatePlus30Days = Calendar.getInstance();
todaysDatePlus30Days.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR, 30);

System.out.println ("Compared Value: " +
the printed value is -1. ...

9. Java Date & Time of Day

I have an application that passes in java.util.Date. I want to check whether this date is within a specified time of day (e.g. between 10:30 & 11:30), I don't care about ...

10. Java: comparing two Dates to see if they are in the same day

I need to compare two Dates (e.g. date1 and date2) and come up with a boolean sameDay which is true of the two Dates share the same day, and false if ...

11. Why does 12:20 PM parse to 0:20 on the next day?

I'm using java.text.SimpleDateFormat to parse string representations of date/time values inside an XML document. I'm seeing all times that have an hour value of 12 shifted by 12 hours into the ...

12. extract day from Date

i receive a timestamp from a soap service in miliseconds.. so i do

Date date = new Date(mar.getEventDate());
how can i extract the day of the month from date, since getDay() and so ...

13. Joda time : DateTimeFormatter : beginning of a day

DateTimeFormatter fmt = DateTimeFormat.forStyle('SS').withLocale(locale) DateTime dt = fmt.parseDateTime("11/4/03 8:14 PM"); the above statement will parse the string correctly, and save as DateTime (Joda Time). Now how to represent the beginning of a ...

14. Difference in days between two dates in Java?

I've to find number of days between two dates: one, is from report and one, is current date. My snippet :

  int age=calculateDifference(agingDate, today);
Here, calculateDifference method is a private method, agingDate ...

15. Java: split a list of Dates in sublists that rappresent ranges of days from original lists

I have a list of Dates ( or DateMidnight from joda time) i rappresent here the dates like text dd/MM/yyyy for semplicity, for example: [ 01/01/2010, 02/01/2010, 03/01/2010, 05/01/2010, 10/01/2010, 11/01/2010, 22/01/2010, ...

16. Difference in Days between two Java dates?

I want to get the difference between two Java Date objects. I've used Joda-Time library. But the problem is that I'm getting the Days greater difference than that of actual day ...

17. date appears one day prior to what is programmed in JasperServer

I posted this on the JasperServer forums, but I've had better luck on StackOverflow generally. Please help if you can. My biggest single gripe about JasperServer is that it flat out behaves ...

18. Comparing Timestamps in Java to get difference in days

I'm retrieving two timestamps from a database (check_in and check_out). I need to compare the two to find out how many days have passed between the two timestamps. How can this be ...

19. getting the difference between date in days in java

I'm trying something like this, where I'm trying to get the date from comboboxes

Calendar start = Calendar.getInstance();
Calendar end = Calendar.getInstance();  

int Sdate=Integer.parseInt(cmbSdate.getSelectedItem().toString());  
int Smonth=cmbSmonth.getSelectedIndex();
int Syear=Integer.parseInt(cmbSyear.getSelectedItem().toString());  

int Edate=Integer.parseInt(cmbEdate.getSelectedItem().toString());
int ...

20. Number of days between two dates in jodatime

How do i find the difference in Days between two DateTime instances? with difference in days i mean if start is on Monday and end is on Tuesday i expect a ...

21. Incrementing a java.util.Date by one day

What is the correct way to increment a java.util.Date by one day. I'm thinking something like

        Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();

22. java.util.Date: seven days ago

I have a report created in Jasper Reports which ONLY recognizes java.util.Date's (not Calendar or Gregorian, etc). Is there a way to create a date 7 days prior to the current date? Ideally, ...

23. finding the difference in days from two given dates

 /** Determines the difference in days between d and this Date.For example, 
  *  if this Date is 12/15/1997 and d is 12/14/1997, the difference is 1.

24. Increment existing date by 1 day

Possible Duplicate:
How can I increment a date by one day in Java?
I have an existing date object that I'd like to increment by one ...

25. How do I convert "fraction of day" to Java time?

I'm working with the Excel format where 0.6549 Means that we are 65.49% through the day. How would I convert this to a nice looking time such as 15:30:42 PM in Java?

26. How can I convert between a Java Date and Julian day number?

How can a Java Date be converted into a double that represents a Julian day?
How can a Julian day number be converted into a Java Date?

public static double dateToJulian(Date date) {

GregorianCalendar ...

27. finding day of a date in java

I want to find out the day of the date in Java. Like for the Date 27-04-2011 the day is Wednesday. I tried to use

Calendar cal=Calendar.getInstance();
 int val = cal.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK);
But ...

28. jodatime days period type problem/error

I have a problem with jodatime api. I can't understand why this test doesn't works. I need resolve how many days, hours, mins and seconds I have in X milliseconds. ...

29. How to write a method that returns number (int) of days from provided day to the todays date?

Please help me to write a method that returns number (int) of days from a provided day to the todays date. So let's say, I am providing into a method an int ...

30. How to check If the system Date is 30 days back

How to check in java whether the system Date is 30 days back Means for example if today is May 26 then if i pass April 26 , it should ...

31. How can I learn how many days passed from a specific date?

How can I learn how many days passed from a spesific date? Which package i need to use and how?

32. How can I find the number of days betwen two Dates?

I have two Dates. How can I tell the difference between these two dates in days? I have heard of SimpleDateFormat, but I don't know how to use it. I tried this:

String fromdate ...

33. How to compare just the day in a java date?

I'm trying to do a simple date comparison between yesterday and today

if (yesterday.before(today)) {
The issue is that with the before method I will eval to true even if it's just ...

34. Java Date problems, finding the date X days ago

Date nowdate = new Date();
long nowms = nowdate.getTime();
long differencems = numdaysback * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000;
long thenms = nowms - differencems;
Date thendate = new Date(thenms);
If numdaysback is 365, ...

35. java - how to compare same days in date

I have a long data member that represents a date.
I cast it to a

 Date d = new Date(long);  
I want to now if a ...

36. Increment Date String by 1 Day

I have a date String newDate = "31.05.2001" which I have to increment by 1 day. I tried the following code:

String dateToIncr = "31.12.2001";
String dt="";
SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat(""); 
Calendar c = ...

37. How can I get the difference in days between a java.util.Date and a Joda-Time DateTime?

class ReminderInterval{

    Date lastDate=Obj.getAccepted(); //it will return a last login date(java.util.Date).

    DateTime currentDate=new DateTime(); //it is Joda-Time type

Is it possible to find the difference (preferably ...

38. Toedter JDateChooser JSpinner change day value by default in java

i have a question, by default the JSpinner when you press up or down buttons it changes the month value. There is a way to change the day value, instead of the ...

39. Date to Day conversion in Java

I am able to convert date to days using the below code.

 SimpleDateFormat sfd = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd");
 String s1 = sfd.format(dateObj);
 String a1 [] = s1.split("-");
 int year = ...

40. Get accurate days between two dates

I am working on an application which accepts two dates and gives the number of days between two of them,excluding those two dates. I have searched on SO and found an answer,but ...

41. Joda time - all mondays between two dates

I am using Joda time api in a Spring 3.0 project for the very first time. Now I have a start and end date and I want to get the date ...

42. why Date object returns wrong day?

I am doing this..

String dateString = "12 Nov 2011 12:00"
DateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("dd MMM yyyy HH:mm");
Date date = formatter.parse(dateString);
this prints out day as 3 ? why is this happening ? ...

43. Java Days & Bookings

Ok this is an extension of a question I asked about earlier yet this is the next step that is unclear to me. Everything else will be ready and this part ...

44. Count Days Between Dates

I need help to count days between 2 dates,where i want to count the days between current date and registeration date.Here is the code that i have write but it only ...

45. Need to find diff between two dates : - 60 days

Need to find diff between two dates : - 60 days I want to use Calendar. I could not figure out what is wrong with below code. ========================= //Date last address changed Calendar lastAddChnge = Calendar.getInstance(); lastAddChnge.clear(); lastAddChnge.setTime(lwa.getLastAddrChangeDate()); //Year int lastAddressChangedDayOfYear = lastAddChnge.DAY_OF_YEAR; //Current Date Calendar sysCurrDate = Calendar.getInstance(); sysCurrDate.clear(); sysCurrDate.setTime(lwa.getCurrentSystemDate()); // Current Year int sysCurrDateDayOfYear = sysCurrDate.DAY_OF_YEAR; String flag = ...

46. Difference between 2 date in day

47. How do I find the day on a given date?

48. days between dates

49. Help reg. Days & Dates...

51. How can we get the day when we give date

Use getDay() method of Returns the day of the week represented by this date. The returned value (0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, 4 = Thursday, 5 = Friday, 6 = Saturday) represents the day of the week that contains or begins with the instant in time represented by this Date object, as interpreted ...

53. Previous Day - Using date function

54. date difference in days

55. Need to get a Day from Date

56. Number of days between the 2 given dates.

You don't show your code, so it's pretty hard to explain why leap years would be a problem. But if you had used a class which knew about leap years -- like the Calendar class -- you would not have had that problem. So I would suggest rewriting your code to use Calendar objects.

57. Number of days between dates

Except that doesn't work well with daylight savings time. In pseudo code, assuming first <= second: int count = 0; Calendar temp = first.clone(); while (temp < second) // only check for days { increment temp by 1 day count++; }A bit more advanced: int count = (day of year of second) - (day of year of first); Calendar temp = ...

58. Increment Date String by 1 Day

I have a date String newDate = "31.05.2001" which i have to increment by 1 Day. I tried the following code : String dateToIncr = "31.12.2001"; String dt=""; SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat(""); Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance(); try { c.setTime(sdf.parse(dateToIncr)); } catch (ParseException e) { // TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace(); } c.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, 1); // number of days to add dt ...

59. Finding day in the date

60. days remaining to a particular date

61. displaying date and day

Hello, This output you're showing (28-6-108) is obtained by which method? Did you try the SimpleDateFormat as proposed by kajbj? Try it like this (if you haven't yet): Date date = new Date(); SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yy, EEE"); System.out.print(sdf.format(date)); or if you want day of the week full names (like Monday instead of just Mon), use EEEE. Hope this helps... ...

62. convert date to day

63. No. of working days between given two dates

64. How can I set the java Date not greater than the day inputed?

When I would input the date, I don't want it to be after this day because it would violate some business logic in my program. I am allowed to input date latter than this day like yesterday, last week etc. but not after this day.....Can anyone give me a concrete example or logic on how to do this?THANKS!

66. how to subtract 90 days from today's date?

twisai wrote: I am not sure how can i get a new date which is 3 mths(90) less than today's date. Just make sure you understand that 3 months and 90 days are not necessarily the same thing (depending on your definition of month). Usually when people start dating on May 18, 2010 they don't consider June 17, 2010 (30 days ...

67. Subtracting days using Date

You can get the times (as milliseconds since epoch), and then subtract. Then you can do math to get days from milliseconds. Check the Date API. You can create a java.util.Calendar object from the Dates, and do some manipulation of the calendar until the dates match up, but that's kind of backwards. There's also a 3rd party library out there to ...

68. no of days between two dates

69. Finding the number of days between two dates

Hello all, I am a Grade 10 student and I have a dilemma with one of my assignments so I thought I would ask it on this forums. My problem is that I am supposed to ask the user to enter any date in this format as a string dd/mm/yyyy and then find the number of days between that day and ...

71. Days difference between 2 dates - 4th April

72. How do I allocate a date to an day object?

What you are looking for is the Calendar Class, take a look at it in the API. When reading through the API please take note when a class or method says it has been "deprecated" and look up the class or method that is documented as the replacement. There are setter methods in the Calendar class to do what, I believe, ...

73. Get next day of a specific date

74. return date based on input DAY

Assuming that the nearest date is the first date after today whose day value matches what's given, then: 1. Get today as a Java Date value. 2. Add one day to the value. 3. Check if the day literals (the one from the user and the one from the Date value) match. 4. IF they don't, loop back to (2) and ...

76. To get previous day timestamp of a timestamp value in java

To get previous day timestamp of this.. First I have set the base time to calendar instance, using setTime method. Later, how can I get the timestamp of previous date from this...I know that we can get it from add method if we can pass the first parameter which is an integer variable which I can do is by only the ...

77. Getting a date 30days prior to todays date

78. Date ahead 30 days ... How ?

From the documentation... "Adds to field a signed amount without changing larger fields" So in other words, as Jeff pointed out, rolling 30 days leaves you in the same month. Likewise, rolling one month when you're in December will leave you in the same year, no? I believe add will take care of the 28/29/30/31 days in a month issue without ...

79. Number of days between two dates

I have two dates-String Date1, String Date2(format of both the dates is 'DD-MM-YY'eg;'28-Jan-2008'). I want to find the difference between these dates;ie if value of String Date1 is '28-Jan-2008' and value of String Date2 is '28-Jan-2009', I need to find the number of days between these dates. What need to be done? Can anyone help me out please. Thanks in advance ...

80. Timer.ScheduleAtFixedRate(Timer t,Date d,Long l) is failing after 3days

We have an application which downloads mails from GroupWise Server. We have implemented with SwingWorker abstract class( and thread pool. Thread pool will download mails from user MailBox. Same time more than one user mails can be down loaded based on no. of threads define in thread pool. SwingWorker invokes this thread pool. On top of this I have implemented a ...

83. Days Difference betwen 2 dates

84. Date +- Days

85. how to get difference of days between two Date

search the forum, and you're likely to find lots. I think that Date is a thin wrapper around a Long that represents milliseconds. Just subtract and divide by the appropriate amount (1000 msec / sec * 60 sec / min * 60 min / hr * 24 hr/ day ... my math may be off, as it's early and I don't ...

87. code to get number of days given a start and an end date

If the dates are supplied with zero in the time fields then rounding the result of the division takes care of such things nicely. If they have actual times attached then you have to define exactly what the difference in days between two timestamps actually means, where DST is involved it can get ambiguous. Genarally, though, the zero time version is ...

88. Comparing Dates and returning # days

Hello, I'm hoping you can help me.... First I need to calculate the number of days between two dates for each item in my array, then check to see if the value is =>21 And =<42, if it is I need count it in my 'counter' variable. I'm not sure of the proper syntax to use, your help would be greatly ...

89. how to retireve date from day in java

90. Incrementing a date by a day

91. How to write the java program to retrieve the last 7 days dates

When are you finally going to look at the link sabre150 keeps posting to you and download the FTPClient there. Once you download it, read its Guide, API, and Tutorial Documentation and you will have all the information you need. Is that now clear enough for you? Do you need someone to hold your hand and click your mouse?

92. How do i get number of days between 2 dates?

93. Count Date Range Between two day.

94. Dates one day behind after java upgrade to 1.6.0_27

public class TestView extends JFrame { public TestView(URL url, AppletContext appletContext) { this.appletContext = appletContext; SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() { public void run() { testCommand test= new GetDatesCommand();//call factory class which fetches result from database Object returnValue = TestUtils.callServlet(test);//calls the servlet . if( returnValue instanceof TreeSet ) { TreeSet testSet= (TreeSet)returnValue; TestView.setDate(testSet)); } } } }