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1. Calculate future date in MM/dd/yyyy format

2. Confused by date formatting

3. string to particular date format

Actually i need to save a date in database in a 2008-12-05 format. So what only am converting a string to above format.If i use dateformat class means it'll give like this 03 dec 2008. In dateformat class ther's no method to get a complete format. If my logic is wrong means suggest me a right thing. Thanks in advance regards, ...

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5. Date Format

7. Change the Date Format

8. HTTP 1.1 date format

9. String date conversion to mm/dd/ccyy format

Hi, I'm looking for a more elegant way of converting a date in a random US format to a string in the mm/dd/ccyy format. So Jan 1, 2008 ends up as 01/01/2008 and October 10, 2008 ends up as 10/10/2008 and FEB 9, 2008 ends up as 02/09/2008 and 1/10/2008 ends up as 01/10/2008 and 5/20/08 ends up as 05/20/2008 and ...

10. date format

11. Date formatting

13. Date formatting: how to get specific fields showing in localized format?

Hi all, I would like to take a Date object and format it into the localized format while at the same time specifying which fields should be showing. E.g. ensure that I always have, day of week, day of month, month, year, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds regardless of locality. Is it possible to do this and if so how?

14. How to convert String to TimeStamp format?

If we wanna convert string(ddmmyyyyhhmmss) to timestamp value my piece of code is as follows: String str = "10062007003012"; SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("ddMMyyyyhhmmss"); java.util.Date date = sdf.parse(str); java.sql.Timestamp ts = new Timestamp(date.getTime()); the problem is the o/p is 2007-06-10 00:30:12.0 when the string input is 10062007003012 or 10062007123012 which is an error can any body please help me on this. ...

16. convert XMLGregorianCalendar date time format

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17. Java Date Format

Hi all, I find a mismatch in the date format set in my laptop and the DateFormat API. I have set the Locale as Uzbek(Cyrillic) with the date format as dd.MM.yyyy in my laptop and started my java program to get the dateformat using the following API - DateFormat dateFormatter = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT, Locale.getDefault()); return dateFormatter.format(date); When I run the above code, ...

18. date format

hi all Why if i do System.out.println(new Date()); I get "Thu Jul 01 00:00:00 CET 23" ?? I mean I know about SimpleDateFomrat api but i need not to use it because i do not know where to use it in my code : P. I want to get with some artifact for example "2008-10.10 12:32:22" when i do System.out.println(new Date()); ...

19. specify the output date to be of a Specified date format.

DateFormats do not change what a Date object contains or how it is displayed. They are only used to format the output when you use them with format(Date). The Date object itself is unchanged and you cannot change it. So whereever you want to display a date in your particular format you will need to use your DateFormat.

20. Date Format

Hi All, I have a cutomization screen in my application. In this user has option to select the following option: Date Formats: Mm dd yyyy Dd mm yyyy Yyyy mm dd Dd mon yyyy Date Separator: . : / - For this i need a method which will take the dateFormatType, seperatorType and ...

21. Date formatting issue

I'm building JSf page but my question is date formatting. here is sample code I have as a input from the user a date MM/dd/yyyy let say the user enter 11/11/2002 so lets do this String value="11/11/2002" try { birthDate = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy").parse(value); } catch (ParseException ex) { System.out.println(ex.toString) } now my question is if I enter as a user "11/11/200x" ...

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25. Date formatting

26. Date Formatting

27. Date Formatting

28. incorrect day in date Format

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29. Date format conversion problem?

30. Converting string to date in mm/dd/yyyy format

Hi, I used simpledateformat to convert date to "MM/dd/yyyy" format. Now when i want to insert into db, i want the value as date object instead of string [returned by format method of SimpleDateFormat] what should i do? Date dt = new Date(); SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy"); System.out.println("Formatted date is coming as "+sdf.format(dt)); Date dt1 = sdf.parse(sdf.format(dt); System.out.println("parsed date is ...

31. how to get date in format(1st jan 2006 ).

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36. Date format 2007-10-05 11:21:47.0

37. Change Date from onr format to another

38. Unusual bad date format - how can i change it?

Sun Jan 30 01:00:00 CET 2007 but i would like to have this format: 30.01.2007 the attribute "lastLogon" and its value is set to a number like this: 12345671234567 these are all 100nanoseconds values that means 100 ns * 12345671234567 = 1234567123456700 ns / 1000 = 1234567123456,700 seconds etc.... so the static method public static final Calendar hundertNanosAlsCalendar( String timeZone, String ...

39. Regarding / simple date format

Hi Friends, I have a weired requirement where I am suppose to get time in millisecond for 3 scenarios. 1. next 07:00 time 2. next monday 07:00 3. on next 1st 07:00 Swing provides some jar where I can get next day - but not sure if I can play around to get my data. need your inputs. appreciate your quick ...

40. date Format in java class

41. SImple Date format question

How do we convert from one format to another?? Like say MMM/dd/yy -(Aug/10/98) to MM/dd/yy Do we need to implement the switch-case or is there a method available in the Simple date format class?? And also SQL is not accepting date in the format MMM/dd/yyyy hh:mm a Is there any easy method to convert it to a SQL acceptible format or ...

42. Date format

43. Date Format

Hi, I am trying to update a record in Database. its a PostgreSql Database. the table contains a field with data type "timestamp with timezone"...the records already there have format "2006-06-01 09:55:12.837656+02". I tried to update DB by creating a date like Date date = new Date(System.currentTimeMillis()); and sending update to DB, but it update the field like "2007-07-04 00:00:00+02". can ...

44. convert string datatype to date format

hi how can i convert string datatype to Date format to insert to the database I am getting two string values from a Jsp/Html form which are in yyyy-mm-dd format. i need to insert them in oracle database for example i am doing the following: String date1 = request.getParameter("sdate"); String date2 = request.getParameter("edate"); from this how can i get?

45. Date Format issue.

In DateFormat class, SHORT is completely numeric, such as 12.13.52 or 3:30pm MEDIUM is longer, such as Jan 12, 1952 LONG is longer, such as January 12, 1952 or 3:30:32pm FULL is pretty completely specified, such as Tuesday, April 12, 1952 AD or 3:30:42pm PST. I am wondering if there is any way to display just month and year , e.g, ...

46. Date validatation and format

Hi, my problem is to validate the date. Means,,, i am generating the report based on the date and when i am running the java program i am giving date through command line then I need the date format YYYY-MM-DD when the user enters the date it has to validate and it has to check whether the given date is correct ...

47. why I cannot transform the date format

when I use below method to transform date format, the output date comes out to be"Fri Jan 05 00:03:00 GMT+08:00 2007" could anyone tell me why? System.out.println("Date is "+parseDate("dd/mm/yyyyy", "05/03/2007"); public static Date parseDate(String format, String inputDate) { Date outputDate = null; try { SimpleDateFormat simpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat (format,Locale.ENGLISH); outputDate = new Date(simpleDateFormat.parse(inputDate).getTime()); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } ...

49. Cannot convert the date format through POI

I dunno about dd/mm/yyyy; most places mm is kept for minutes and MM is used for the months. I had problems with displaying the date correctly too and I've used a kinda clumsy workaround for this. 1. I don't trust Excel to display the right date, I put the formatted String value into the cell. 2. I couldn't find out about ...

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53. Need to check date format

54. Converting String to Date without knowing specific format?

I have a string that contains a date, in formats like MM/DD/YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD, etc..., and need to convert it into a Date object. SimpleDateFormat::parse won't do, since it's not smart and can only work with a single, pre-specified format. I can easily perform this operation in Javascript, so I'm miffed as to why I'm having such a hard time doing ...

55. How to parse system date to return Date and in yyyy-MM-dd format?

DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat ("yyyy-MM-dd"); java.util.Date date = new java.util.Date (); String dateStr = dateFormat.format (date); try{ Date date2 = dateFormat.parse (dateStr); }catch(ParseException pe){ pe.printStackTrace(); Actually, After parsing the date from string, again it is converted into dfault format i.e. 21 Jan 00.00.00 etc... But I want this parsing date in yyyy-MM-dd format and again to return date. Can anybody ...

56. Date Format

57. Date Format Bug in JAVA

Thanks guys. Your comments were helpful. I didn't realize that in French the months are abbreviated to four characters and not like most languages which are three. I have decided along with the client to use the MEDIUM format with the month as MMMM. Much easier that coding to remove the period. Thanks again. Message was edited by: naoj

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61. A Question about Date Format

62. How to get the system date format string?

Hello, everybody! I want to create a MaskFormatter with a mask for dates. So, I could suply as the constructor parameter: "##/##/####'. However, what if the year comes first in the current system date format settings, or the month is in the second place or in the first?... So, I can't just suppose that the current locale format for dates is ...

63. Date and Time format

64. converting odd date format to another format

65. Writing date formats to excel sheets. Not getting formatted properly.

Hello, guys. I'm using HSSFCell to write date values to excel sheets (is this the write place to ask? It's not a Core API). Anyway, here's how my program works. I keep a excel sheet on my server as a template. The users will generate excel sheets from the server. Based on their input, the server will first make a new ...

66. How to format date ?

67. Date Format

68. java date format problem must watch

HI Everyone This is rakesh . can any body tell me how i can change the date format in java only. i have to format like this old format -- mm/dd/yyyy new format -- dd MMM yyyy i m using new format now but i have old format also some data so i need to update old format to new format ...

70. converting dates from one format to another

// create SimpleDateFormat object with desired date format SimpleDateFormat sdfDestination = new SimpleDateFormat( "dd-MMM-yy"); // parse the date into another format strDate = sdfDestination.format(date); System.out .println("Date is converted from dd/MM/yy format to MM-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss"); System.out.println("Converted date is : " + strDate); } catch (ParseException pe) { System.out.println("Parse Exception : " + pe); }

71. Format of DateTime

I'm working on a PC which is currently has the Windows Time Zone: (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Libson, London How would I set the value of a node to be of the format as UTC offset (2002-05-30T09:30:10-06:00). I assume that since my PC is already on GMT, the date would be formatted as the 1st startDate (2002-05-30T09:30:10Z) ? Also, if my PC ...

73. error while parsing date format

Hi Friends I am using db2 as backend for my project and currently facing an issue with the parsing of the date. The date being returned from the db is in the format - and the return type is String. when i try to parse and convert it into a date object. i get the following error java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: ...

74. Hex to Long date format

75. Formatting: String > Date > String

Does this mean the calling code must know that there was an exception thrown from the code that was called? What I understand from what you have said that the operation should complete in someway by throwing an exception back to the caller and then the caller should decide what to do with it.

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