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1. Sorting out dates - user input

I'm using Java to create an interactive application to ask users for their date of birth. At the minute I have a date being read in and stored as a String ...

2. Do we have a TimeSpan sort of class in Java

I was just wondering if there is a need of TimeSpan in java.util so that I can define how much hours,minutes and seconds are there in between these two times. From this ...

3. sorting date in java

hi all I am having a list containing set of string objects in the below format "YYYY-MM-DD". My requirement is i need to sort these objects (after converting String to Date). so how can i do the following 1) Creating date object from the given string 2) Comparing dates - sort it in ascending order.

4. "date" sorting program

"date" sorting program: package com.ankur; public class Date { int dd; int mm; int yy; Date(int dd, int mm, int yy) { this.dd = dd; = mm; this.yy = yy; } public boolean isSuppliedDateLatest(Date date) { boolean latest = false; if(date.yy > this.yy) { latest = true; } else if(date.yy == this.yy && > { latest = true; ...

5. performace to sort large Date objects ?

But another option would be to use a collection that orders objects as they are inserted. Since you allow doubles of the same Date the best bet would be a PriorityQueue. This pushes the cost of sorting forward to the addition of objects, but means there is little/no cost to reading the Dates in order. When you use an un-order collection, ...

6. Sorting Dates

7. Code for Sorting Date and Time

Hi All, This question is me asking for pure programming logic and nothing else. My requirements have left me with a List of SampleDTO objects. Given below is the SampleDTO :- public Class SampleDTO { private Date sampleDate; //eg "MM-DD-YYYY" private String sampleTime; //eg "01:30 AM" } I need to sort this list of sampleDTO in the ascending order. Thanks & ...

8. Sorting a date represented in three integers.

Wow, thanks a lot! I am a lucky person that you would write it all out for me. I am in your dept! The sorter does work now, but he still thinks that 17 < 1 (for the days). I guess that I could reprogram that if I write my own before and after method? Or is it that my int ...

9. suggestions for sorting dates

Hi everyone, Im in need of sorting a few Date objects in descending order. I was thinking of storing them in some sort of vector/array but not sure how i could swap the objects in those positions. eg. if date at vector.elementAt(4) > date at vector.elementAt(0) swap positions. What would you people recommend i use to sort dates?

10. Sorting Dates

I see there's a million posts regarding date-to-string and vice versa. Here's what I'm trying to do: I get a string like this: "11:00AM, 11:45AM, 12:45PM, 2:30PM, 3:10PM, 1:45PM" I need to sort it so that it's in chronological order. Sounds easy enough, but here's my approach so far which seems crazy and there's got to be a simpler way: 1. ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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