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1. How to compare two date Objects

Hi, I have two Calendar Objects, one is coming from client and one is my server time, I need to evaluate that incoming time with server time so that if it is sent before an hour back then i should not do anything on that request Object. I have converted the incoming String into Calendar Object and how can i evaluate ...

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3. Howto: comparing 2 dates and getting the seconds

[quote] - Introduces a bug by not multiplying minutes by 60 to obtain seconds [/quote] I forgot about that. Aniway I addded 2 methods, one based on Calendar and one based on Date the way presented earlier. I agree that Calender objects weights alot, but they serve their purpose, otherwise the wouldnt of been created.

4. 2 diffretn DATE comparison

First String date1= 31 MAR 2008 12:30:48 PM---Format read from JSP Second String date2= 2008-04-30 14:59:55.0----Formate read from SQL database ================================== while retriving the date from the database format is specified Example: select to_char(SCHEDULE_DATE, 'DD MON YYYY HH:MI:SS AM')) from table1; Finaly out put of query will in the from "'DD MON YYYY HH:MI:SS AM'" Now u can compare the code ...

5. how to compare two date objects

6. Comparing Dates for Error Messaging in the Java Form

Here is my code in the Java Form/Bean if (dateServ.compareDateGreaterThan(conn, endDwDateRange, beginDwDateRange)) { errors.add("daterangeorderinvalid", new ActionError ("projectquery.daterange.order.invalid")); } It gives this error message: unreported exception: java.lang.Exception; must be caught or declared to be thrown Do I need to add a try/catch, or is there an easier way of comparing dates that will always be in the mm/dd/yyyy format (beginDwDateRange and endDwDateRange ...

7. Java Date Comparison

Look what you need is to work with Calendar objects. Do you know how to work with Calendar objects? I think no because otherwise you wouldn't have asked your original question. So if you don't like the article then look up the Javadoc API for Calendar (or GregorianCalendar) and figure it out.

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13. Use of java.uti.Date for comparison

Now i need to compare the 2 Date objects here and check whether the startdate is less than enddate. the date objects are again in the same format after conversion Thu May 31 00:00:00 IST 2007 Wed Jun 13 00:00:00 IST 2007 Can anybody let me know how to do this conversion.If possible provide me piece of code to do it. ...

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19. Date comparison

I actually simplified the date comparison problem. The user's time zone needs to be considered when doing the comparison. It is in a web application setting. A user is not necessary in the same time zone of the web hosting box. S/he can be in any given time zone. How the comparison shall be carried out when the summer saving time ...

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21. Comparing Two Dates

22. Comparing dates

23. comparing of 2 dates

can anyone tell me how to compare 2 dates? i have today's date and the delivery date of stock. the delivery date has to be equal to greater than today's date. if it is less than today's date, then the program must show an error while saving the program in the database. plz help. thanks

24. Date comparison?

Hi everybody, i am using package to read java files and then using getTime() method of java.util.Date package for retrieving the date of file within zip file and saving it in a variable such as Date d = new Date(entry.getTime()); The format is eg- Tue July 26 15:14:56 CAT 2005 Now i want to find today's date and compare the ...

25. How to compare a given date with System date?

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