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1. Filter on current date within Castor OQL

I'm running the java cocoon 2 and castor oql. I'm trying to filter my oql query by today's date, but I can't seem to figure out (or find in google) ...

2. Current time in microseconds in java

On a Unix system, is there a way to get a timestamp with microsecond level accuracy in Java? Something like C's gettimeofday function.

3. See if the current time falls within a specific range of time in the current day in Java

I am sure this was done 1000 times in 1000 different places. The question is I want to know if there is a better/standard/faster way to check if current "time" is ...

4. java program to get the current date without timestamp

I need a java program to get the current date without timestamp

Date d = new Date();
gives me date and timestamp But i need only date, without timestamp. I use this date to ...

5. Start and end date of a current month

I need the start date and the end date of the current month in Java. When the JSP page is loaded with the current month it should automatically calculate the start ...

6. Storing a date in .property and comparing with current date

How do I store a future date in a .property file and compare this date with current the current date?

7. Does a new Date Object in java contain the current date? Or is it empty?

    Date now = new Date();

    if (now.getTime() - leasedDate.getTime() > 21 * 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24)

8. Getting Current Date Time for a Random Number Generator's Seed

Preferably as a long. All the example I can find are getting the date/time as a string and not any scalar value. :)

9. How do I get my Java object to stop resetting its creation date to the current date?

This is really basic, but I can't figure out why it keeps resetting the creation date. I'm using a simple expiration cache on the object. If it is expired, then I ...

10. Find the number of days ago a given java.util.Date object is from the current date

What's the most standard, performant way of figuring out how many days ago a particular java.util.Date object represents? Ideally, I want to get back a double representing the (potentially) fractional number ...

11. How to get the current date/time in java

What's the best way to get the current date/time?

12. Current date in ftl template

Is it possible to print current date in specified format (Y-m-d H:i:s) in ftl (FreeMarker) ? I want to avoid passing date from controller to view.

13. How can we check if the current system date is of 1 Month Back

Possible Duplicate:
How to subtract 45 days from from the current sysdate
Hi I am getting the current system date by using
Java.util.Date date = new ...

14. Current Timestamp with ORMLite?

When I insert a date in my my table using ORMLite I usually do something like this:

@DatabaseField(dataType=DataType.DATE_STRING, format="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss")
private Date MatchDate;
What if I want something like

15. How to check if a date in a list is most current

I have a List of news feed with date attached, I want to walkthrough the list to determine which of the news feed's date is most current - and so I ...

16. Display one record per current date

Hi, I guess defining a job on database would be an easier option. If you want to do it thru a client java application, in that case you will need to write a Thread which will keep running and at 12 midnight make a DB connection and update the value in the table. I hope this helps. Regards, Mehul K. Sanghvi. ...

17. how to get 3 days less than current date in java

hi, this is praveen, now i have one problem before me. "I need to display 3 days less than current date". this we can do manually by getting current date & subtracting that from 3. this is fine if date is in a month or year but when month or year is changed then we need to write lot of code. ...

18. Java Current Date time compare

Hi, I am getting date from database in format of 2008-03-30 14:20:07.0 and i have stored it in String. I want to compare it with current date time. As i am getting it from DB i cannot change the format. 1) Could you please tell me how to compare it with current date time 2) how to compare 2008-03-30 14:20:07.0 if ...

19. Current Date time

20. Current date - 10

If you want to keep things simple you can do this using the Java Date class. Just create a new Date object with the default constructor, get the time in milliseconds from it, subtract 10 days (converted to millis) from that time, then use that time to create a new Date. Put this in a main loop to see what I ...

21. Getting current date

22. Current System date & time(URGENT)

23. Current date and time

hi, I have a log class for logging all error messages/output. I would like to modify it to add a timestamp to the message and also create the log file based on the current date. How do i get the current date and time. I looked some classes including Calender but could not find an easy way to do this (or ...

24. Get current date at midnight?

25. How To Get Current Date

26. How to create a date object which contain current date

Hey, you guys sound really mean to this poor, anyways i would do what they said, if you wanted to see the current date in a readable manner, you would do something like: Date now= new Date()//to get a stamp of the current date System.out.println("The current date and time is:"+now.toString());//to make it readable hope this helps -luc

28. Current Date Comparison

I need to compare the current dates ONLY. Not the milliseconds. Have a look at the code and corresponding output. import java.sql.Date; class DateCom implements Runnable{ public static void main(String[] args) { DateCom d = new DateCom(); Thread t = new Thread(d); t.start(); } public void run(){ Date date1 = new Date(System.currentTimeMillis()); try{ Thread.sleep(100); }catch(InterruptedException e) { } Date date2 = ...

29. How to get current date and time

hey guys how can i compare a date with current date. I have to check the joining date of a student which is received from front end as a string.The joining date should not be greater than today's date. I have tried the following. Its working but i think there must be a better way out String validateDOJ(String doj){ if(doj.isEmpty() || ...

30. Date() class to get current date

31. How can I return the current Date in Java?

33. Java verification of current date

34. Verify which parsed timestamp folder is closer to the current timestamp

From these folders I need to pickup the latest(recent) timestamp folder, here it is 2010_08_04_15_16_57. For this to happen I need to check if any of these timestamp folders is close to the current timestamp, so that i can make sure that particular folder is the recently created one? How to find that whether the timestamp folder is close to the ...

36. Java code to show current date & time on PDF

Hi, I have no experience with Java whatsoever and I am hoping somebody out there will be able to help me. Basically we are in the process of uploading all our SOP's to a public share on our Network. Due to regulatory reasons everytime the document is opened it will need to show the current date which will also show when ...

38. Current System Date and Time on JVM

Hi, Encountered a small problem. I am trying to write a code to get the current date and time of the system. Now I have no intention of printing the date out I just want the correct date object with the current date and time. My program is running on IBM J9 JVM. If I write this: Date curDate = new ...

39. How to get current time and date??

There is a method in the System class that will return the current system time. You could also instantiate a Date, Time, Timestamp, or Calendar object, all of which get created with the system time by default. Don't import *. Import the specific classes you need. Next time, post the actual text of the exceptions/compile errors. If you make people guess, ...

40. How to get the current Date(System date)

Jebus. What is with these people who would much rather sit and wait for an answer here, than simply Google for "java current date" or something? A swift google not only takes much less effort up-front to do, it also gives you a response a lot quicker. I honestly cannot see the point of asking the forum something that could so ...

41. How to get current date time in Javascript

Hi Thanks for your reply. Currently I am having the code as You said. But if am changing the language to French , i need to display the date as yyyy/MM/dd format. Whn i choose English, it should be dd/MM/yyyy format. How can we get this. I have used the property file. The format gets changed When i choose the date ...

42. current date

Hi every one, I need to have a current date and then convert it into string type to save it into my database, I am using this code: DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat ("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss"); java.util.Date date = new java.util.Date (); final String dateStr = dateFormat.format (date); and receiving this error: Local Time = Sat Oct 20 22:47:57 2007 Elapsed Time ...

43. Most efficent way to get Current Date

45. Starting and ending dates of a current month

46. Extracting the current time from Current Date

47. how to compare current date with past date

48. how to compare current date with past date

49. how to compare current date with past date

Date's compareTo method. Edit: Seriously, though, we need more info. How is the "past date" represented. Is it a Date object, is it a String, is it a Calendar Object. Also, what do you mean by "compare to". Do you need the days between, or simply whether the date is in the past or maybe in the future. Be more specific. ...

52. how to compare date with thr current date

53. java Date question to get Previous days Date from current date

Hi, I am trying to get the date of previous day and set the hours/min/sec to just beginning of previous day like 12:00:00 am. Is it possible to get the previous date from current date.. and set the time... to just starting of prevous day 12;00:00 am.. any ideas.. I am having hard time trying to figure it out.. thanks jag. ...