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1. Use date in java

2. help with the Date class

3. help with the Date class

4. calcing # of Mondays between 2 dates

First, you have to define what you mean by "number of Mondays between 2 dates". The word "between" in the colloequial can imply inclusive or exclusive of endpoints, and remember Java's Date and Calendar classes contain a time component. Sun., 8/31/08 (anytime) -- Tue., 9/2/08 (anytime) --> 1 Monday, I'd imagine. Sun., 8/31/08 23:59:59 -- Mon., 9/1/08 00:00:01 --> 1, since ...

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9. How do I create a "natural" date Object?

10. how to check if date is weekdays?

11. Is Java 5.0 now considered out of date?

I am thinking about getting a book on Java and the Head First book from O'Reilly looks good. However it was written a few years for Java 5.0. Is it still worth buying? Then again I see there still isn't a proper release of Java 6 on the Mac (whats going on there?). So is everyone leaping over to 6?

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13. Gap Between Two Dates

14. Truncating date in java

15. Date Display Problem

All, i want to do is set the field startDate = and endDate = As for naming the fields, dont worry, i am not that new to java, but thanks for your concern. I am stuck on this issue for almost a week now. Please help!!

16. Date

17. how to order dates ?

18. Date

19. date to word

20. Getting the currnet system date

22. Checking Dates

Im writting a program, or trying to, that is surposed to check a date that the user enters against the current date. ultimately checking to see if the date they entered is after or before the current date. does anybody know how to go about this becuase i havent a clue??? thanks

23. Check for valid dates

24. Printing Date

25. Date is in text AND date formats

I am new to Java. I am using it in Lotus Domino. I have a form with 2 date fieds on it, but due to legacy issues, they can be in either date or string/text format. I am trying to get them into variables in the java agent and then compare them to see which is earlier. I tried: Item item ...

26. Any method for cal age from sys date

Since you returned to your post, I'll grant you a real reply. You can use the GregorianCalendar class to do calculations on dates. You can also search this forum for requests about calculating age from birthdays. This is a frequently asked homework question. I got 245 hits by searching for "calculate age". On context: questions about left and right justification have ...

27. Problem with Date Class

Hi people..I am retrieving a Particular Time valuefrom XML and the time is parsed in XML as "16:00" that is in 24 hour format...But how can i use this String as an input and Pass it on to a Query that does a Time Search in MS Access..Please Help... Because i have tried several SimpleDateFormat Formats like k:mm h:mm and so ...

28. try again with date

This is adding 2 months instead of 1. Any ideas? Also, is there a function that will show the month in a word instead of a number? for(int a=0; a < 12; a++){ cal.add(Calendar.MONTH, 1); month = cal.get(Calendar.MONTH); System.out.println("in jsp month="+month); // Get the number of days in that month int days = cal.getActualMaximum(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH); for(int i = 0; i < days; ...

29. Hi..problem wuith dates

The way i have coded the date is as follows in Java: DateFormat formatter1 = new SimpleDateFormat("k:mm a"); Time time = (Time)formatter1.parse(Mytime); System.out.print("My Time is :" +time.getTime()); Here My time is read as 16:30 from XML..please help me out...... I need to display mytime is 16:30.... Basically i need to use this value in a Query that will look for matching ...

30. try again with date

for(int a=0; a < 12; a++){ cal.add(Calendar.MONTH, 1); month = cal.get(Calendar.MONTH); System.out.println("in jsp month="+month); // Get the number of days in that month int days = cal.getActualMaximum(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH); for(int i = 0; i < days; i++){ cal.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, 1); int day = cal.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK); if (day == Calendar.SATURDAY || day == Calendar.SUNDAY){


31. Date

32. How to insert Date via form -Java

33. Date comparision

Actually,, the mistake appears to be ... when i retrieved the date property . i should convert to Calender Object as i did Calendar dateFromDb = new GregorianCalendar(1990, Calendar.JANUARY, 1); Is this the correct way.. So in the end when i compare the date added with 45 days with current Date.. it is always return 1.. So .. that was the ...

34. Date in java

35. Turn a button into a date and a clock

Ya know, i had a feeling that java had an automatic way to update a clock, but when i had to code one i was too lazy to look. It ended up taking me 100+ lines of code to do what could probably be done in 5... just goes to show you how helpful the API's can be (srry about the ...

36. Using dates e.g. "12/20/1999"

Use SimpleDateFormat to turn the String into a Date. Feed that Date or its millis into either a GregorianCalendar or another SimpleDateFormat (with a format string set to give you just the piece you want on format()). If you use a Calendar, be aware that the actual numerical values for the months--Calendar.JANUARY, FEBRUARY, etc., are meant to be opaque. Do not ...

37. Date problem

38. Release Dates for JDK versions

Gettting back into the tech world after a hiatus. Trying to figure out how much catching up I have to do. I'm trying to figure out the release dates for the various JDK's so I can pick up on where I left off - it was somewhere between 1.2 and 1.4 I'm sure. The release notes and so on are very ...

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40. Dates?

41. Subtracting dates please help

42. returning a Date from a method

I want the date to be displayed upon the driver class calling it. Currently, when the driver class calls the method getDateCreated() it returns a null to System.out.println I don't want a null I want the date if this is still unclear please let me know I awill post more code in hopes that it will be more clear on what ...

43. How can I get my computer date ?

Date date = new Date(); That will give you the current date and time. That however has been replaced by Calendar, I believe. To get the application path, for what? The classpath? You can get the file path of any loaded class, interface, or library. To determine the path for an external application, though would simply be the path to the ...

44. How can I get my computer date ?

45. Extracting dates exercise

In the exercise i have to make an array containing 10 dates that have to be extracted using a StringTokenizer. Everything seems right, I can even compile the program, but get exception error when I execute the program. There must be something wrong with the StringTokenizer. You have left out one key piece of information, the error message itself. Please paste ...

46. Update Date each second?

1) You should not extend Thread you should implement Runnable. See the first entry in this FAQ for why 2) That is not the proper way to start a Thread (whether created as Runnable or Thread). You must call the start method not the run method. You never call the run method directly. The VM does that for you. 3) ...

47. Problem with dates in access

Hi i am making a loans system and i am trying to allow a search function in my program which allows the user to search for loans due back on a certain date. the loan details(including the due date) are stored in a microsoft access database. at the moment i prompt my user to type in a date in the format ...

48. Problem with date

49. Date Issue

50. how to use Date ?

51. Problem with dates

52. date help

53. hardest homework problem known to date

i've tried so many combinations but i can't seem to pass this question: The following code uses a Scanner object to read a text file called dogYears.txt. Notice that each line of this file contains a dog's name followed by an age. The program then outputs this data to the console. The output looks like this: Tippy 2 Rex 7 Desdemona ...

54. JDK 1.6 on Vista - Date problem

55. Creating a date object.

I'll ask the same question I asked in your other post: What is the "integer representation of a date"? I am new to java and have taken to this project to learn. What I mean by integer representation is this. The program will ask for 3 numbers.. a year a month and a day. I want to output that information like ...

56. To set a date at 12 o clock noon

GregorianCalendar end = new GregorianCalendar(); end.set(Calendar.MONTH, Calendar.APRIL); end.set(Calendar.YEAR, 2007); end.set(Calendar.DATE, 18); end.set(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY, 12); end.set(Calendar.MINUTE, 0); end.set(Calendar.SECOND, 0); the output of these two date is Start time :Tue Apr 17 12:00:00 GMT+05:30 2007 End time : Wed Apr 18 12:00:00 GMT+05:30 2007 what is the significance of the GMT+05:30 does this change my date what i have set. Actualy i am setting ...

57. Date diff

Hi. I have a question about counting with date and getting the time between two times because I wan't to know how long I have worked. Lets say i start work at 08:00 and leaves at 16:45 how can I get the time in between. For the moment I get the time in millies and then just take b - a ...

58. Additoin of date with number

59. to get system date

60. how to subtract two dates

61. setting a date

Hello programmers. I am writing a very simple program. I want the user to specify a workout activity and then plan it for a certain day of the week. I cannot figure out how to create a new instance of Calendar to set it for the day of the week specified because I need a FULL date format. Is anyone familiar ...

62. Help with Dates

63. import date

64. Changing a method that compares dates.

The method receives three Date parameters: the three dates read in, and an array of three Dates to be used to return the dates in order. Use three local Date variables Earliest, Middle, and Latest. code will have to replace Earliest with array[0], middle with array[1] and latest with array[2]. main program will simply print the contents of the array. thats ...

65. Date reference is ambiguous

Hello all, I am using: [code] import java.util.Date.*; import java.sql.*;[ /code] and i am getting the following error... reference to Date is ambiguous, both class java.sql.Date in java.sql and class java.util.Date in java.util match I assume that my problem is that both of the imported libraries contain a Date function and its not sure which one its supposed to use. I ...

66. date problem... help please...!!!!!!!!!!!

---here is that date component code import java.util.*; import java.util.Date; import java.util.GregorianCalendar; public class MarqueeString extends Thread { Date date; GregorianCalendar calendar; String strdate,strtime,strstatus; Thread th; public MarqueeString() { th = new Thread(this); th.start(); } public void run() { while (th != null) { display(); try { th.sleep(1000); } catch (Exception exception) { } } } public String display() { date ...

67. major help needed with date problem

hi everyone, I have been working on this problem for so long, my brain is completely fried, really. the part of the project I have listed is just one of larger program that I have all figured out; this is the last part and I am just struggling to come up with a start. I think i need to use a ...

68. Date of sun ceriticate Exam

69. manipulations with Date

71. Storing todays date?

Hey, Can some one tell me how I can save today?s date into a variable? I need it for my project so that when I add a new client it saves the date of when I added the client. I know there?s a TIMESTAMP built into MySQL but that will change every time I edit the client?s details. I don?t need ...

72. Date is kind of confusing in java....

Aparently, many of the "Date" class' methods are depricated and won't compile. What I need is a date object that is capable of conversions on demand. So, something that I can give the date to in it's constructor, and then I can type something like "mydate.format(YY MM DD)", or mydate.format(YYYY MONTH DD) and get the date in a specified format, like ...

73. Date help

I m using the following code to increment an by 1 GregorianCalendar gc = new GregorianCalendar(); gc.setTime(java.sql.Date.valueOf(effFrom)); //effFrom is a String form of //a date gc.add(gc.DATE, 1); java.util.Date incr = gc.getTime(); Now SOP gives me 1 Sun Dec 02 00:00:00 GMT+05:30 2007 i.e the incremented date Now I require two things: 1:The incremented date should be of the type java.sql.Date ...

74. Date Object

Get a Date (e.g. new Date()). Put that Date into a Calendar. (See the below tutorials and Calendar's and GregorianCalendar's docs. There should be a method that takes a Date or a long. You might even be able to directly create a Calendar representing "now." Check the docs.) Use Calendar's add method to add one day. That will give you 24 ...

75. Need help with Date...

76. Mustang release date?

77. something wrong with the date..

It looks as if you may be assuming that the last-modified date for a folder is the most-recent last-modified time of the files within it. That's not correct. A folder is modified, for example, when a file is added to it. But then the last-modified time of the folder will remain constant if it contains the same files, even if some ...

78. Date help

I'd advise: a) if at all possible, change the condition (2), that is, change the method to take a Date object b) if at all possible, work with Date objects as much as possible prior to invoking the method in question. Work with Dates rather than Strings that happen to hold dates c) if you can't change the above, then create ...

79. Date help

80. How to use the Date object

81. wrong date shown

System.out.print(myDate); } I was hoping it would give me 17102006 as that is the current date when I ran the code. But I got 17232006 from the stdout. I'd check my computer date and timezone setting, all fine. Is there something wrong with the code ? Note : I got the wrong result ( but with different value ) when I ...

82. getting date

You're not making sense. The number of days in a month is an integer. It doesn't have a "mm/dd/yyyy" format. Are you trying to say that you're trying to get a formatted date string representing the last day of a month? In that case, set the date in the calendar to the last day of the month, get a Date object ...

83. date instance

84. Date problem

85. date problem

86. How do I have the user input a date and display it?

My birthday is Thu May 30 00:00:00 MDT 1974. Is ther something like that I can use? I think the answer has something to do with converting a string to a date, but beyond that, I'm lost. Here's what I have so far, and for any replies, please do try to keep it simple for my sake as I'm 2 ...

87. date input formate

88. Beginner date frustration

The intent is to add 30 days to the invoice date and return that as a due date. Upon printing the invoice date along with the due date however, I was surprised to see that the due date was given as 30 days before the invoice date, not after. With a little experimenting I found that if I added 1 day ...

89. Date

One simple way of finding difference between two date is, have one initial date value (like root value 1.1.1900). Now find the difference between first input and the root value. Now with the second input. Using this you can find the difference between two dates. I dont know whether it is right or not. If anything wrong kindly tell me.

90. Date from Calandar

You could set all the time fields to zero and then get a java.util.Date from the Calendar, but that Date still represents a time; it just happens to be midnight. Or you could take that Date and use it to create a java.sql.Date. Although the time portion is still present, java.sql.Date notionally represents only a Date. That's kind of an abuse, ...

91. Date object help needed

92. StringTokenizer eeeeek now have a date

I think i may have taken the wrong path by using StringTokenizer, emphasis on String here which gets me worried, but hopefully you guys know a simple solution. Im splitting a text file into tokens, which is just a list of first name lastname, address etc but then there is a date (dd/mm/yyyy). which where it all goes wrong. for all ...

93. Help with Date

94. Search mails between two dates.

Hello Sir, I have search messages between two dates ie "31 Oct 2008" to "1 Jan 1970" and no mails exist in the account between these date but it shows 3 messages.I have only three messages of November 2009 in that folder. My code, which I tried; Date someFutureDate = new Date(2008 - 1900, 9, 31); Date somePastDate = new Date(1970 ...

95. Date class

You should pay particular attention to the inherited equals method and any methods that you have had to create/override for a particular class. You should also override the toString method, so that it returns a more meaningful description of the class. Also make sure that you create a suitable main, within your Application, to test all methods in the classes.

96. Need a help regarding date

Yes the above code is working. What i am getting is only according to date System Date. Through Calendar class i am able to get only system date.Is it possible to use the 'UserDefined Date' with Calendar class. What i need is i have a date "10/2009" , i want its year month start date ie,"01/2009" . I dont know how ...

97. Determine Date Object

98. Date comparisons Using Gregorian Calendar

99. how to sybtract dates

100. Date and Date Modified

Hello, I am trying to write to a file that its contents will be erased every day. The file will be accessed by multiple users so I want it erased once when the first writes to that file. At the moment I was doing it only for one user using the Preferences and the Calendar but it wont work if multiple ...