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1. Help with java.util.Date

2. How to change the date in everytime?

3. Date issue

Hi All, I am facing an issue.All my dates in the application are coming as '?' character.So log4j's log's time is coming as '?".The system date for any java and sql operations are coming as '?".So, i am getting errors in the sql queries. Seems to be some problem with my server's date and time.I am using Sun One AS. I ...

4. Duration between 2 java.util.Dates

5. date's stringwise are equal, not equal on fastTime.

Looks like its been a while since this was posted. Incase the aswer could still be useful: What you might be able to do is something along the lines of final int delta = 4000; long high = x.getTimeInMillis()+delta; long low = x.getTimeInMillis()-delta; if ((y < high) && (y > low)) { return true; } return false; and you can adjust ...

6. Date fomat

Congratulations on being the 1,000,000th person to ask this question! And as the standard reply goes. You do not "convert" date formats. A Date is a Date. It does not have a format. You provide the format you wish using a SimpleDateFormat. You may also use the SimpleDateFormat to parse a String into a Date object using a pattern you provide. ...

7. date operations in java: how to substract two dates

Kayaman wrote: Check out the Calendar class. Hello Kayaman, From a quick glance at its API, I haven't found it obvious that Calendar could fulfill such need under 10-lines algorithms. As per Joda-time's proponents, it's one of those computation that are unintuitively hard or convoluted using the stock JDK date&time classes. If you're comfortable with Calendar, maybe you'd find it interesting ...

8. Question about the date API usage

9. Date issue

It is almost impossible to say any bug fix will be foolproof, especially when you are working on a large tightly coupled application. There might be a problem with implementing the proposed fix because the application might assume that months in dates go from 0-11. You can see that they convert the date into a java.sql.Date class which means that whatever ...

10. Date / Delimiting Problems

I'm writing a FileFinder Class at a moment, which offers a Find File Dialog (who would have thought ;-)). Now I got a problem: 1) I store all data connected with a match in a special class (filename, the subdirectory in which the file is placed and so on). Nothing special, except for the lastModified date: Shall I store it as ...

11. How to change the content dynamically by date wise

Hi, In my application, i have a survey module. In that i have to change the question by every week, which iam getting from the Database. Iam using java,and mysql DB, framework struts. How can i update the question for every week ?? What is the procedure to attain it. Give me suggestions and tips to startup. Thanks, Mohan

12. Date in EST

Since you have not specified anything I guess you need to present this date in some UI or write to database. Well after fetching the EST format date, keep it as a string, simple date format, because every time you want to get a date with Java it will be converted to GMT (default format).. What are you trying to achieve? ...

13. regarding date

14. JAVA date functions

I m working on struts frame work. I need to display a report in which a column contains the date field. I need to display the date in DATE data type and in mm/dd/yyyy. i am getting the date from data base in STRING format. can any one help how to do the above ???

15. Problem with Date, Can anybody help?

Hi I have this code for the startDate: /* Startdate */ calendar = new GregorianCalendar(); Day=calendar.get(Calendar.DATE); Month = calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH) + 1; //0=januari Year = calendar.get(Calendar.YEAR); Hour = calendar.get(Calendar.HOUR); StartDate.setText(Integer.toString(Day)+ "/" + Integer.toString(Month)+ "/" + Integer.toString(Year)); the output is : 6/12/2007 but I want the output like this: December,6, 2007. what must be changed there in my code? thnx,

16. Subtracting dates with Gregorian Calendar

I am setting up a timer that counts down from the current day at 4pm to what the current time of the day is. So for most of this I set a new gregorian calendar to 4pm and subtract that from a default greogrian calendar. If its after 4pm I have another gregorian calendar that gets the next day at 4pm ...

17. Valid date

You should probably get in three distinct inputs, year, month, and date (preferably in integers). Then you can create a GregorianCalendar-object and check if the month and date are between actual minimum and actual maximum. Whoa, I now see that you take a string XXXX / YY / ZZ. In that, you can take String.split("/"), which gives you the array [" ...

19. Casting Object to Date

I have a HashMap I call the get(key) method and this method returns me the Object type. A field which is Date type whose key is DATE_KEY and when i call get(DATE_KEY) it returns me the Object type but I need to convert it to Date and when i cast it, I get classcast exception. Any clue/solution pls? Line 1. xxx ...

20. How to change system date?

Dear ppl, I was wondering how can I change the operating system date using any built-in method of java. like we always do in c or assembly language. I would be very grateful for that. Thanks in advance. No there is not. The implementation would be OS-dependent so would require native code (just like under the covers the method to get ...

21. Problem facing in java.util.Date

To clarify Things: a Date never has a format. Its just a bunch milliseconds from a fixed chosen starttime. As long as you are processing it the format does not matter anyway. once you start outputting it then you need the SimpleDateFormatter. Format your date into a String and display that String dont convert it back to a Date because then ...

22. Need help trying to print Date

23. dates how to append suffix

24. Deprecated Date in JDK 1.6

25. Date in my application is effected if i change the Region in my system

I have one problem in my applicaiton. I am getting some dates from the server side when i launch my application. But when i changed the date in Region and Language setting in control panel, the date is getting changed. If i want to stop that what do i need to do??

26. count date backward

27. Java Date

28. How to generate date of 9999-12-31 23:59:59:999999

I don't know that it will keep the precision and granularity to the exact millisecond you want, but: You are not even setting the millisecond value. You're setting year, month, day, hour, minute, and second only. Have you tried calling this method too? c.set(Calendar.MILLISECOND, 999999); Edit: Hang on a sec, 1000 milliseconds == 1 second anyway, so trying to set millisecond ...

29. Date class of jdk 1.5.0 returns wrong Date.

I'm not sure I understand right. So this may be all wrong . But if you send actions between the two computers pick one of them and always refer to it's date. All you'd have to do is to init a calendar with the picked OS time, and time zone with time zone, and keep those two alive all the time. ...

30. Date Object

31. Date display problem "Arabic"

32. get value of date

Considering a date is internally represented as a long that counts the milliseconds since 01/01/1970 - what exactly is "-1" supposed to mean? Is what you actually want the difference between two given dates - the "starting date" and "yesterday"? Then you could search the forum for "diffference between two dates". Or go and look at Calendar, like I told you. ...

33. Question on dates

Hello guys, I've a question, I hope you can help me. I've created a jsp in which I've two fields: -a java script calendar to enter a date. -a field to enter a integer, that is a duration have you some code or function that, starting from starting date into calendar and from duration, calculate ending date? Thanks very much

34. Date manipulations

35. Date Program

36. How To create a Date Mask

37. trim date

38. Check the date is valid or not

39. Date Formattin

40. IllegalArgumentException got with Date class

41. java program to print a date in words

42. Date Exists

Don't post a "fragment". Post a SSCCE so people can execute the code if they so desire. For example we don't know what the variables "day", "month" and "year" contain. Maybe that is junk. So create a simple SSCCE so we can't make sure you aren't making a silly mistake with the initialization of those variable or something else.

43. Problem with java.tuil.Date.

Thanx for ur reply sir. The actual problem is i am using hibernate with struts. I have a bean called News Bean. In the database(SQL Server i have a datetime field called createdon. Now struts actionform doesnt support java.util.Date . So i have to convert this string value from actionform in java.util.Date(in MM/dd/yyyy formate) and then assigning it to my bean ...

44. date problem here!!

I guess you don't want my help then either, since I'm interested in helping you learn Java, NOT in helping you complete your homework assignment without actually understanding what you're doing. No worries. I'll just add you to my killfile so that I won't waste your time or mine by trying to help you again. Buh-bye.

45. Date - java

46. Date Problem

47. Date Problem

Hi All, I have a query regarding the dates. In my DB the date is like 01/01/2005. If i retrieve that date as getString() i am getting 2005-01-01 00:00:00.0 as getDate() i am getting 2005-01-01. I want the date to be in the DB formt.Is there any way to get the data in that format through API's. I can replace '-'s ...

48. Code to check Dates

49. Getting a Date from the user

I was wondering if java provided a calendar window in which a user could select certain dates. I don't know how to describe it properly, but I see it in a lot under windows applications. It uses a red circle to highlight the current date. Does Java have this one, or some sort of equivalent?

50. Date Fromat

Hi there, I've got a seemingly pretty simple one here but for whatever reason it's not working. I have the date "Fri Jan 30 00:10:00 GMT-06:00 2009" in string format and I need to convert it into a Date object. I've tried. String thisDate = "Fri Jan 30 00:10:00 GMT-06:00 2009"; Date newDate = new Date(thisDate); and it just blows up. ...

51. tips on looping date for a report

52. problem in date

53. date problem

54. Date

55. How we can update the System Date,in java

56. how can I get the system date in mm/dd/yyyy,

57. Dates problem in java

I have already solved the problem By the way where is the psuedo code what does that mean If somebody asks you some question that does not mean that he is not fit for the programming business. If you can help It would be great otherwise Thanks to CeciNEstPasUnProgrammeur he has provided me the correct path Thank you Message was edited ...

58. Problem with java.util.Date

This timekeeping system is the number of milliseconds since 00:00:00 Jan 1st 1970. There are 60,000 milliseconds in one hour, and 40 hours difference in your times. Therefore, the difference is 2,400,000 which, when applied to the above start point, leads to 16:00:00 Jan 2nd 1970. Since months are numbered beginning with 0 you have: day -> 2 month -> 0 ...

59. Regarding Date Display

60. Date problem

61. date question

hey all my question is how can i add 4 days to a date variable... for example lets say i use the Calendar API and get the year and month and the day and construct a date with these can i add 4 days or whatever to the date i created for example Date d = new Date(year, month, day); ...

62. Date - Java

Hello All, while inserting a record into the database...i have a requirement to insert today's date in one of the column ... and I'm doing something like this : stmt.setDate(1, new java.sql.Date(Calendar.getInstance().getTime().getTime())); but getting the ORA-01843: not a valid month error but when I try System.out.println( new java.sql.Date(Calendar.getInstance().getTime().getTime())); I'm getting the output as '2007-06-06' Help is greatly appreciated... Thanks, Greeshma...

63. java.util.Date deprecated

64. Givena a date - get the next yr

Hello All, I have a requirement such that given a date i have to get the next future date i.e., 1 yr from the given date..I'm using SimpleDateFormat: SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy"); Date date = sdf.parse("givenDate"); GregorianCalendar cal = new GregorianCalendar(); cal.setTime(date ); int year = cal.get(Calendar.YEAR + 1); I know that we can get the next year but I ...

65. Date of compilation

I still don't get it. Where is the date supposed to appear? I'm sure you can have Ant write some date fields into a properties file that you can read from your program on each Ant build. But neither code nor sources get modfied that way. And versioning systems track time stamps for changes, and can automatically replace/set placeholders in your ...

66. Overlapping dates

The problem is here i have both start date and end date for each offer, and have to check with other offers start date and end date for overlapping. Offers Start Date End Date Offer1 01/04/2007 30/04/2007 Offer2 14/02/2007 28/02/2007 Offer3 01/02/2007 13/02/2007 Offer4 17/03/2007 30/03/2007 In the above query Offer 5 is valid bcos there is no overlapping with any ...

67. Change of date

Look at the TimeZone class. If you have further questions, please ask again. The dates when summer time begins and ends vary from time zone to time zone (though some time zones share the same rules). Many time zones do not have summer time at all. You may be fine if you just look at the computer's default time zone (though ...

68. lastmodified date

public void choosefile() { JFileChooser fc = new JFileChooser(); int result = fc.showOpenDialog(null); if (result == JFileChooser.CANCEL_OPTION) JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Operation cancelled"); else { File filename = fc.getSelectedFile(); String s = "Name: " + filename.getName() + "\n" + "Path: " + filename.getPath() + "\n" + "Parent:" + filename.getParent() + "\n" + "Length:" + filename.length() + "\n" + "Can Read: " + filename.canRead() + ...

69. Pinting dates cause problem

70. Get date

Eh? TextAreas hold text, not dates. Are you describing the following use case? The TextArea has some text in it, including some text that might describe a date. The user selects some or all of the text (by dragging the cursor and highlighting some or all of the text). That text, if it describes a date, is used to create a ...

71. IllegalArgumentExceptio - Date

72. get correct date help!

73. Date Problem

74. Issue on Date

Hi Friends The Problem is in my database I have a field called BookReturnDate. the DataType for this field is String. Just for some other reason i have given this as String. Now i want to to convert the String into Date Formate and Compare with the Today's Date and find out the Date which are before Today's Date. Please help ...

75. How can i get Date?

76. Date class

77. date manipulation

Hi. I'm currently working on a video rental system, so it needs a dynamic date manipulation to work. right now I need to subtract date1 from date2, where date 2 = current date and date1 = recorded date. i know there's a lot of other topics here that covers date maths, but they use a static type of date. what i ...

78. Problem displaying date

79. From int to Date

Hi all I have an int that rappresent a number of day of year. I obtain it with the following code: Date date = new Date(); date = DateUtil.getDate(pDate, "yyyyMMdd"); Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance(); calendar.setTime(date); int numberOfDay = calendar.get(calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR); Now the question: How can i have the day by the int or how can i do the opposite process? Thank's in ...

80. How to set Date to forever?

81. Curious result using Date.getTime()

Actually, you are incorrect in assuming that Java's Date class gets its time from the OS. The JRE keeps its own record of time, regardless of what time is being kept by MySQL or your OS. Version 1.6 of the JRE should already be patched for the new DST rules however for an earlier version of Java you will need to ...

82. date.getYear()

83. Dates between two dates

Use compareTo() to compare the dates in the loop, equals() won't tell you when gc.getTime() is past finaldate. Add gc.getTime() to the list before incrementing the day, otherwise you'll add the first day that's past finaldate to the list. You still haven't told us what "don't woks for larger periods of time" means. It doesn't add any dates? Adds them all? ...

84. Date and Location

Yup SomeoneElse is right. You need to remember four things: 1. Date is a timestamp (the number of milliseconds since 1 Jan 1970 00:00:00.000 UTC) and has no notion of time zone. 2. So when you cal.getTime(), you are throwing any time zone info the calendar may have held. 3.When you date.toString() (as in System.out.println(date)) the toString method uses your JVM's ...

85. Date Problem

86. problem on dates

} else if(period.trim().equalsIgnoreCase(YEARLY)) { firstDay.set(Calendar.MONTH, 0); num = -1*index; firstDay.add(Calendar.YEAR, num); } startDate = firstDay.getTime(); } catch( IllegalArgumentException illegalArgExcep) { if (CSRLogManager.isFatalEnabled(this.getClass())) { CSRLogManager .fatal( "An illegal Argument was passed while calculating date in findDateBefore method", illegalArgExcep, this.getClass()); } } catch( Exception genException) { if (CSRLogManager.isFatalEnabled(this.getClass())) { CSRLogManager .fatal( "An exception occured while calculating date in findDateBefore method", genException, this.getClass()); } ...

87. java release dates?

i cannot find any java release dates - it would be natural to have included these in the release notes? it has value to know a release date when deciding the maturity of a release (i.e. how long has the 1.5.0_11 release been released versus how many bugs are reported) has anyone found these dates? thanks /aksel

88. Related to date

89. How to use java.util.Date?

Hi guys, I', doing a small app that must use Date(yyyy-mm-dd). However, the standard Date class has been changed. It has to do something with calendar class. Can anyone tell me how to use the calendar class? My task is simple: I need to create a Date object from the integers: y, m, d inputed by user. I tried Date myDate ...

90. Is this a Date bug?

// java bug Date dt = DateTest.getDateFromString( testDate , "dd-MM-yyyy" ); Date beforeDt = DateTest.getDateFromString( beforeDate, "dd-MM-yyyy"); System.out.println( testDate + " after: " + beforeDate + "\t" + dt.after( beforeDt )); System.out.println( beforeDate + "after: " + testDate + "\t" + beforeDt.after( dt )); } catch( ParseException ex ){ } 02-01-3889 after: 12-31-3887 false 12-31-3887after: 02-01-3889 true The outcome doesn't match ...

91. Dates

Hello All, I have to compare two dates given in string format (MMDD) . 1.for equality and 2. whether first date > 1 day of the second date. Since there is no year I'm not sure to use Calendar. Ideas are greatly appreciated. Is it better to go with normal string comparion than converting to Calendar. Thanks, Sri

92. Get date from internet

Hi, well Ive been working with the date class some time but I have a problem, when the program starts I want it to disable two buttons if the actual date is not the 4th of march for example, all works ok but the problem is that if I change the date in windows to 4th of march the program enable ...

93. java Date

The print statement shows the time the page is activated at 11:35:27AM which is before I do a command date at 11:35:31AM. Any idea why is this so? Shouldn't the print statement shows > 11:35:31AM since I activate the jsp after the date command? Is the code Date currentDate = new Date() getting OS date/time or App server date/time? Isnt the ...

94. Printing dates

Hello, I am interested in creating a table for a database, it will be a "diary table" and in it i would like to have all the dates, dd/mm/yy, from now until say 2010. Does anyone have a handy method that will print all consecutive dates for a period into the future? Thanks Dob

95. method to get previous date

96. Problem with date object.

97. How to print out a date from the past

This is part of the code Im using SimpleDateFormat date = new SimpleDateFormat("independence day = ' MMMM d'th' yyyy"); Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance(); cal.clear(); cal.set(1776, 6, 4); im kind of new at this so what i cant do is put a print code because everything I have tried creates a compiler error

98. How to campare two date values ?

100. Date issue

hey guys i was wondering is there a way to stop java from modifying dates, because i have written a program that extracts zip files to a given location, but when its done extracting it modifies all the dates to the current date. if anyone can help with this issue please email me at Thanks