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1. Changing system date

You can't change the system date with pure Java. You'll have to use JNI or invoke an external program with Runtime.exec. Even if you could do it with Java, you wouldn't "use" JFrame to do it. You might have a button in the JFrame whose listener invokes a method that would do it, but to think of that as "using JFrame ...

2. trouble with dates...

int wkEndYear = 2007; int wkEndMonth = 2; int wkEndDate = 2; cal.set(wkEndYear, wkEndMonth, wkEndDate); long wkEnd = cal.getTimeInMillis(); System.out.println("day: " + day); System.out.println("wkEnd: " + wkEnd); int daysDifference = (int)((wkEnd - day)/(1000*60*60*24); // code in here to add modifier for months < 31 days and leap years // which is removed for testing as Jan has 31 days and no ...

3. Date problem

Hi all, Iam having a problem while accessing date column from DB.Iam using Oracle 10g.While accessing the date column iam getting the correct date as like in the database.I used SimpleDateFormatter to format my date.But sometimes it is giving the wrong date, that is one day lesser than the actual date in the database.Hope you people undersatand my problem. Have any ...

4. Set a right date

In my application, a user need to pick up a date to schedule a specified task. After the user selects a year, a month, and a date on the UI, a web page in this case, the system generates a date data based on the input value. The input data, however, may not be valid to form a date data. For ...

5. Deactivate a button until date is fully loaded

When you write JSP, it compiles into a web page before it is served to the client. Therefore, there are only two possible situations: 1) The data is loaded to your jsp before you serve the page, in which case, the button can't possibly be active, because the page isn't served (i.e. the data is available to you when you construct ...

6. my problem with the Date class

Well, the first problem I see is that you're using a deprecated constructor for Date. I'd recommend switching to Calendars instead of Dates, since that's the recommended replacement. To compare two dates, you have to make sure that not only the day, month, and year match, but also the time. With Calendar, you can call clear() on it before setting the ...

7. Subtracting a date from another date

Won't the difference between two Dates be a TimeSpan, not a Date? I suppose it would be the timespan, though I thought it still could be a date(albeit a very small one) I am realistically only worried about the difference between the two dates. I will in the end be looking for that number in a ddMMyy format. (It's for an ...

8. date from unsigned 64 bit int

9. Date modification! Easy stuff for you.

10. problem in creating date object

11. Date

12. Date elements.

13. Date

Need to pick start date and end date of a month between the date's specified. For example start date is 12-01-2006 and end date is 18-06-2006. I want to know the start date and end date of january,then feb and up to june... i can't use the standard 01-01-06 as start date and 31-01-06 as end date for all the months ...

14. Problem with today date

15. Date earlierthen

technically i didn't post the same question twice the other thread was about another question in the same class so i decided to see if anybody in there could help but because it had so many replies and was not at the top of the thread list i decided to make a new thread asking the question. Still i won't do ...

16. Getting Date

17. Series of Dates

My problem is how to collect them when I read them and how I call them when I print them. Some thing like: for (int K = 1 ; K <= 10; K++) { Array [K] = doca.getItemValue("date_" + K); } for (int K = 1 ; K <= 10; K++) { Priint Array [K] ; }

18. Date Manipulation

Hi, I have written the below function but getting absurd result. I wanna to get a new date by deducting some time from a given date. For this I have converted the date in milliseconds after that deducting the desired milliseconds and again converting the result in a new date object. But in this case I am getting the new date ...

19. System date as Command line argument

20. Date objects

21. how to get the today's julian date in java?

ok i will take care from next time to not post the different thread ..thanks kajbj. i was able to convert the date but it was not as per the expected format as following Current Calendar date : 2006 11 1 Julian date for it : 2454041.0 /// as expected result from julian date converter or either using other code from ...

22. Issue on Date

23. Subtraction between two dates.

24. Date Manipulation

If you have two strings representing dates, then parse the dates using java.text.SimpleDateFormat. You end up with two java.util.Date objects. From those you can get the dates as milliseconds since epoch. I forget the particular method; look it up in the API docs. Subtrace the millisecond values to get the difference in milliseconds, then divide the result by (60 * 1000) ...

26. Java Date Problem

Hi, I have an application that gets the time from an external source. It then has to set the date for the whole application. That means all calls to Calendar.getInstance() after that should return the new date(elapsed time added). It should affect the java.util.Timer as well. Is this possible? I know you cannot change the system time through java unless you ...

27. DATE

Please follow the steps I have given. You will get Todays Date 1) Go home today 2) Open your Java book today 3) Turn to first page today 4) Try to read it today 5) Try to continue every day 6) Then definitely you will get date of today on that day

28. Date

how do i write a class "Date" that represents a day in the year. The class should have a type String data field for month and type int data fields for day and year. It should also include a reset() method that changes the Date to which it is applied back to the first day of the year.

29. Creates java.util.Date objects?

Hello, I want to new java.util.Date objects, but all of facilitated constructors and methods are deprecated. For example, Date(int year, int month, int date), setYear(int year), setMonth(int month), etc. [1]Why java deprecats the constructors and methods? So, my approach is that, news a java.util.Calendar, then uses java.util.Calendar.getTime() to get java.util.Date. [2]How about the approach? a cup of Java, cheers! Sha Jiang ...

30. version and date

31. changing lastModified date of a ZipEntry?

32. system date issue

Hi I have a java file which is reading data from datafile and insert into database. Now issue is upto 30 september(system date) program is working as expected. But after 30sept when system date chaned to 1st or second oct its not workin at all any idea is this java issue,oracle issue.

33. java.util.Date problem

Hi Gurus, My requirement it's to make some date validation, one process only runs between january 1 and 5, how can I extract the current year and set it into a two variables so I can compare them with to the current day... I try to do this without success, when I ran the application shows me error, I'm doing this ...

34. Date changing buttons in java

var date1 : java.util.Date = new java.util.Date(); var date2 : java.util.Date = new java.util.Date(); def monthText = [ "January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December" ]; monthYearText.content = " {date} {toMonthText(month)} {year}"; public function set(year: Integer, month: Integer, date: Integer) { = date; this.month = month; this.year = year; // Set Calendar Date cal.set(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, date); ...

35. Java date appearence.

36. Searching for a class that stores dates

ah, and my method to find the day offset is by long dayTwoMilSecs = entry2.getDate().getTimeInMillis(); long dayOneMilSecs = entry1.getDate().getTimeInMillis(); long milSecsDiff = dayOneMilSecs - dayTwoMilSecs; long milSecsPerDay = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000; long daysDiff = milSecsDiff / milSecsPerDay; return (int)daysDiff; this way i get the number of days Edited by: user13543611 on Dec 25, 2010 2:45 AM

37. increase date by one

38. Java/java script auto generate END Date

Hi, I have a jps page with 4 fields. 1. drop down list 2. text box 3. start date 4. end date the problem is text box will allow "number of days" start date will get date from user on popup window end date has to be generate based on text box value "no of days", another filed which will retrieve ...

39. Working with dates

Hi Thanks for your reply. But I couldnt find any method that will return the date incremented by 1 My requirement is , suppose my date is 28-Feb-2011 , I need a method that will return me 01-Mar-2011 Kindly suggest me some way to achive this Thanks For your help Thanks Kumar

40. Two different values returned by Date()

java.util.Date has no explicit time zone concept. All java.util.Date objects in Java contain the number of milliseconds since 01/01/1970 00:00:00.000 UTC regardless of the time zone. Only when creating or parsing a human readable string does the time zone have any relevance and then one sets the Timezone for a SimpleDateFormat and formats/parses using it.

41. Getting Date object from long value

SimpleDateFormat anotherFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"); Date currentGMTDate = anotherFormat.parse(currentDateString); Date uiGMTDate = anotherFormat.parse(uiGMTDateString); long difference = uiGMTDate.getTime() - currentGMTDate.getTime(); System.out.println("--------Print-------" + anotherFormat.format(difference)); //if(difference > 0){ System.out.println("time difference = " + difference/(1000 * 60 * 60)); //} Output: -------dateTime------2011-06-29 15:15:18 Current Time: Wed Jun 29 15:15:18 IST 2011 GMT Time: 2011-06-29 09:45:18 -----Submission Time---2011-05-29 08:20:44 Current Time: Mon May 30 00:28:29 ...

42. date comparision issue with different date formats

Hi Friends I am trying to find difference in hours between two dates but not able to do that as the formats of both dates that i have are different. But i have both the dates in the String format. belwo is my code. First Date is in the format - String sDate = "2011-05-29-"; Secong date is in the ...

43. why date class is not immutable?

The reason i got on different sites is that it is mistake. (Josh Bloch statement at Assuming this statement as correct, if we want to make date as immutable the approach i can think of is we use some wrapper class(decorator class) around date and provide the implementation of methods which can modify the state as unsupportedopertion. Is this approach ...