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In java how do I display dates in different locales (for e.g. Russian).

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I get an integer and I need to convert to a month names in various locales: Example for locale en-us:
1 -> January
2 -> February Example for locale es-mx:
1 -> Enero

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How can I find the DateFormat for a given Locale?

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I need to format date to app that has many languages, what is best way to format date, because every country has different kind of date formatting, so is it possible ...

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I have a db, that stores dates in OleDateTime format, in GMT timezone. I've implemented a class, extending Date in java to represent that in classic date format. But my class ...

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I'm trying to display some message on the screen in a different language (but keeping the dates in the default language, uk_eng), depending on what user is looking at the screen. ...

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It turns out that the week-of-year using ww as a java date format string is 52 for the 1st January 2011 when the locale is en_GB. Here is proof (using a ...

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i would like to fetch the current date / time based on the locale. If i pass locale object, i need to get the relevant date / time of the country. TIA. ...

9. JodaTime DateTime and handling of Locales with AM/PM    stackoverflow.com

Could please anybody explain to me, how DateTime works in regards to AM/PM ?

public DateTime(
        int year,

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Thanks for the replies. I tried the above help.Could not find out the desired result. I will repeat my problem: I am creating a desktop application which will be used in different contries.So i want to get the current system timezone(i know how to get the timezone).So using this timezone i need to change the date in my application. For eg:If ...

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Hi All, I am doing some date operations where the date is in BST locale. For example I a getting the input date as "Mon, 15 Sep 2008 03:43:48 +0100 (BST)". I want to use the date in the same format and locale, if I do any date operationa my default locale (IST) is taken. I tried using "GMT" but it ...

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Hi Ranchers, What I have in my DB are country and language in String form for each user. What I need is whether a "DD/MM/YYYY" string will be better to display date to that user or would it be a "MM/DD/YYYY" string. A Locale can take country and language as parameters for a constructor. But I looked around at the various ...

17. Java Date problem with Japanese locale    coderanch.com

The following code display the date in English & Japanese locale:- Date date = null; String DSPL_STAR_DT="10/28/2008"; DateFormat df1 = new SimpleDateFormat("MMMM dd",new Locale("en","US")); DateFormat df2 = new SimpleDateFormat("MMMM dd",new Locale("ja","JP")); [SAMPLE OUTPUT|http://translate.google.com/translate_t#en|ja|October%2028] English Date :::: <%out.println(df1.format(date)); %> Japanese Date :::: <%out.println(df2.format(date)); %> Output:- English :::::::--- October 28 Japanese ::::- 1028 (WHEREAS JAPANESE would like to display it as 1028).. means ...

18. SHORT date style and US Locale    coderanch.com

Hi, i've got following problem with SimpleDateFormat: when using US locale and date style SHORT, formatted date looks like 4/20/09. But we have requirement that the size of this string should be always equal, that means essentially that days and months should be zero padded. Specifying the pattern is not an option since the same code will be used with other ...

19. Trouble formatting a Date based on the User's Locale    coderanch.com

I'm having trouble figuring out an easy way to format a date based on the current user's locale without manually passing in a format string. I realize you can do something like this: DateFormat dateFormat = DateFormat.getDateInstance( DateFormat.SHORT, locale ); However, this does not get me what I want because DateFormat.SHORT is basically M/d/yy. For the default English_US Locale, I want ...

20. How to geneate similar date formats for different locales?    coderanch.com

I am hoping to generate dates with the following formats: 1. mm/dd/yyyy for US English 2. yyyy-mm-dd for Chinese I am using DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.MEDIUM, locale) to produce output. I got the correct result for Chinese. For English, I got something like "May 30, 2010", but I hope to have 5/30/2010. How can I do this without adding if-statements? Adding if-statements would lead ...

21. How to convert date in one locale to another locale    coderanch.com

Hi All, One requirement is there in my project : to convert date from one locale to another locale. e.g If the current geo locale is fr_FR then, the default date will come in french but, as per the business logic of application this date needs to be changed as per the locale coming from DB and the converted date will ...

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Hi, I need to format the given date in "yyyy-MMM-dd HH:mm:ss" format for any locale and the given date is in "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" this format. import java.text.ParseException; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import java.util.Date; import java.util.Locale; import java.util.TimeZone; public class SDF { public SimpleDateFormat makeDateFormatter(String pattern, Locale l, TimeZone tz) { SimpleDateFormat sdf = null; if (pattern != null && pattern.length() > 0) { ...

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Hi mate, Thank for the reply! Q: What timezone is windows xp set to use? A: The windows calendar is set to Sydney/Brisbane (australia) Q: What timezone does TimeZone.getDefault() return? A: TimeZone = sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo[id="America/Rio_Branco",offset=-18000000,dstSavings=0,useDaylight=false,transitions=31,lastRule=null] How do I find out what the windows xp is set to use excluding looking at the calender date time dialog? cheer J

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Hello everyone, I need to get the day of the week (Mon, Tue, Wed....) from a specific date. I have dates from 3 different regions (USA, Europe, Asia, Africa). Additionally, I have the GMT date. How can I do this?? For example, if I have USA : 2005-09-01, 00:45:00.0 GMT: 2005-09-01, 04:45:00.0 how can I get the correct day_of_week and, even ...

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Hi, We have a user interface where we need to display dates in the LONG format. To do this, we have code which is as follows: DateFormat df = DateFormat.getDateTimeInstance(DateFormat.LONG, DateFormat.MEDIUM, request.getLocale()); String strDate = df.format(new Date()); Based on some forums and documentation, we expected that the date in the LONG format when the locale is set to Japanese would be ...

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