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I want to compare the performance of certain operations in my application. Other than using the Date object, is there anything more precise?

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Say I have a method declaration like:

private void someMethod(final String someKey, final Object dataType){
  // Some code
I want to call it like:
someMethod("SomeKey", String);
someMethod("SomeKey", Date);
I can it do it in different ...

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I'm trynig to write a proto file that has a Date field which is not defined as a type into Protocol buffer. I have read the following post but I couldn't figure ...

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does anyone know why when I do this: Date date = new Date(); return date.getDay()+1; (using eclipse) I get a yellow line under the stmt: date.getDay() AND a middle line crossing the word getDay() when I place the cursor on top of 'getDay()' I get this: the method getDay() from type Date is deprecated. the result are correct but, I wonder ...

5. Converting an object of type 'Object' to type 'java.util.Date'    coderanch.com

Casting does not magically convert any kind of object into any kind of other object. A cast is only an indicator for the compiler that says "look, I have some object here, and I know that it's really a java.util.Date, so treat this thing as a java.util.Date". If, at runtime, the object really is not a java.util.Date, you will get a ...

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ah now im havin a similar problem with comparing the system time with a time the user enters. basically i get reh system time the same way as above Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance(TimeZone.getDefault()); Then the user enters the time as HH:MM and i parse that into a date object, but when i comapre the system time with the one i parse ...

9. User to type in Birth Date and Hire Date    dbforums.com

Hi, I have been trying to write a java code will request the user to type in his or her birth date, and hire Date but have not been able to. Please see what I am only able to do: /** *This program will show date as 13/07/1961. *It is the user that should fill in the date on line? */ ...

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I have an assignment that if it is an employees birth month I need to calculate an extra $100 pay for them. So I have the code all set up, but when i try to compare currentMonth == currentEmployee.getBirthMonth() it gives me an error message of incompatible types: int and Date, can someone tell me how to fix this, please? I ...

15. what data type to use to store and handle times and dates?? Java Newbie    forums.oracle.com

Hello Java pros what data type should I use to store and handle time and date information? Im working on a project that requires me to store the date and time when two different events happen, and calculate the amount of time elapsed between them. I would like to calculate the number of minutes that have passed since event 1 happened ...

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hi i am stuck on a problem. i have an ArrayList collection of messages which returns 4 fields i.e. 1. a date of when the msg was sent (YYYY-MM-DD) 2. int index of a (0-100) 3. int index of b (0-100) 4. int index of c (0-100) this collection returns several of these messages and have related dates. so for example ...

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If I have a Date type variable: Date today=new Date(), Is it possible to also give the current time to "today" but still keep the type as Date? I mean , for exmaple I want to store this "today" to database as Date type, and the value in database is "2007-05-05 13:30:13". I do not want to use SimpleDateFormat to do ...

23. problem with date type dd/mm/yyyy    forums.oracle.com

hello all! i want to do a simple thing. to get a string type dd/mm/yyyy and convert it ti date type dd/mm/yyyy. i wrote simple code String pattern = "dd/MM/yyyy"; SimpleDateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat(pattern); try { Date date = format.parse("12/03/2006"); System.out.println(date); } catch (ParseException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } but the problem that i get Sun Mar 12 00:00:00 GMT+02:00 2006 ...