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1. Base64 encoded string search

I have string which is base64 encoded. How can I search this string to check if this string contains specific sub string which is not encoded? I don't want to decode ...

2. Decode Base64 data in java

I have an image that is base64 encoded. What is the best way to decode that in Java? Hopefully using only the libraries included with Sun Java 6.

3. Decode base64 String Java 5

Is there a straight forward way to decode a base64 string using ONLY THE JAVA 1.5 LIBRARIES? I have to use Java 1.5 due to cross platform compatibility issues between Windows and ...

4. Best API/LIB for encoding/decoding base64/quoted-printable in Java

Possible Duplicate:
Decode Base64 data in java
Thanks to everyone in advance, I am aware of etc, can anyone point to me another ...

5. Alternative to Base64 encoding

Are there any alternative to Base64 encoding? I don't have any issues using Base64, just want to be aware of alternatives.

6. Java - Base64 string in and out of a text

I need to write string containing base64 encoded text to a text file and then later read that string back from the text file to a string variable. How can ...

7. How do I install org.apache.commons.code.binary.Base64?

I am taking a class on Android and I am a newbie with JDeveloper. I am working on a Web Services application. I downloaded some code that has a ...

8. What is the fastest / best Base64 en/decoder for Java?

Just found the MIG Base 64 utility but its over 6 years old since its last release. It would appear to be quicker than the Apache commons equivalent but I have ...

9. convert image to base64 string using java

i want to know how to convert image to base64 string in java. thanks and advance..

10. create an SVG image with embedded base64 string from another svg image with elements

Hi I have an svg file that contains several elements (like path, circles, rectangles, etc..). I'd like to convert that svg file to an svg with embedded base64 data instead of ...

11. AES Encript and Decript problem with Apache Base64

I have following programme for encrypts a data.


import javax.crypto.Cipher;
import javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec;

import org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64;

public class Test {

    private static final String ALGORITHM = "AES";
    private static final ...

12. java string base64 encoded

I need a way to know if a string is Base64 encoded... any idea ? thanks

13. Java BASE64 utf8 string decoding

I'm using org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64 do decode string which is utf8. Sometimes I get base64 encoded string which after decode looks like for example ^@k??????@@. How can I check if base64 is correct ...

14. Can find symbol variable Base64 what is the reason?



public class Encode

public static String encodeFileStream(String filePath) //file path ex : C:\Program Files\Cordys\Web\reports\I0001180.pdf


   FileInputStream fin = new FileInputStream("E:/CSS Document/Test.pdf");

15. SHA1 with BASE64 in java util class does not generate correct password

I have written a util class in Java for webservice call. My util class creates the password digest required for a web service call. This digest password is made up ...

16. Can't get Base64.decodeBase64 to work (Commons codec)

String encode = Base64.encodeBase64String("Hello".getBytes());
byte[] decode = Base64.decodeBase64(encode);
I can't tell whats wrong here. I've tried every possible combination there is. Set the charset, toString, no toString. The encode works ...

17. AES using Base64 Encryption

my target is to encrypt a String with AES I am using Base64 for encryption, because AES needs a byte array as input. Moreover i want every possible Char(including chinese and german Symbols) ...

18. base64url in java talks about base64Url - Decode

a modified Base64 for URL variant exists, where no padding '=' will be used, and the '+' and '/' characters of standard Base64 are respectively ...

19. Unicode base 64 encoding with java

I am trying to encode and decode a UTF8 string to base64. In theory not a problem but when decoding and never seem to ouput the correct characters but the ?.


20. Base64 decoding using JDK6 only

This question with regard to JDK 5 says, there is no implementation provided with JDK 5, but JDK 6 is supposed to have a sun.misc.Base64Decoder. As far as I can tell ...

21. Java Base64 Image String and EXIF Metadata Reading

I'm using in order to extract image metadata from a jpeg file. I'm being passed a base 64 String from an application that was generated from a ...

22. Java: Base64 Encode a String using a key

Hi I have data and a key (both strings). The data needs to be encode using the key using Base64. Can some one give me a sample code.

23. Base64 decoding returning junk

I am trying to decode a Base64 string from my authentication headers in Java. I am certain that the request being sent has a valid Base64 encoded string in the authentication ...

24. base32 image for img tag

I have faced an interesting thing as... if I use this code to download image as a string for Base64 encoded byte array it works fine

But I was tring to ...

25. apache common base64 string length and append newline to encoded string

byte[] serObj = getBytesFromFile(file);
final byte[] CLRF = { '\r', '\n' };
Base64 encoded = new Base64 (72,CLRF);
i am having problem with the output,which is shown as a single line and not according ...

26. Java BufferedImage to PNG format Base64 String

I'm trying to get a screenshot output as a base64 encoded string but not getting very far. The code I have so far uses a Base64 library ( ...

27. Overhead of creating a base 64 string from an image?

Im writing a base 64 string that i have made from an image to a text file and I'm getting files that are between 2-4 MBs and around 50,000 lines long ...

28. sun.misc.BASE64Decoder showing error in java application

In some java file there is a use of :

import sun.misc.BASE64Decoder;
import sun.misc.BASE64Encoder;
and when I put that java file in Eclipse IDE. It will not detecting these files. But these packages(sun.misc.BASE64Decoder , sun.misc.BASE64Encoder) ...

29. EncryptionException: javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: Input length must be multiple of 8 when decrypting with padded cipher

I have inherited an old java project from 2006 (the original dev is long gone, and I've never coded Java before) where I am getting this error:

EncryptionException: javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: Input ...

30. How to install Commons Codec?

How can I install the commons codec? I've downloaded but I've searched online and couldn't find an answer to this. I want to use the Base64 encoder and decoder. Also 1 ...

31. What is the fastest Java library for Base64 encoding images?

I am currently using a ByteArrayOutputStream to convert BufferedImage to byte[] and then the open source class Base64Coder to convert the byte[] to char[] and then appending to a String. This ...

32. Base64 / MD5 Encoding & Decoding

MD5 is a 'hash' algorithm with an output length of 128 bits. This means that the infinity of possible byte arrays that you can hash must ALL map on to the 2^128 possible hash values. Now infinity divided by 2^128 is infinity so that there are an infinity of possible messages for each of the 2^128 possible hash values. When trying ...

33. Base64 Encoding

Hi All Right, hit my bit level limit - I am trying to write a base64 encoder to improve my understanding of bit level operations in Java. I am clearly missing some fundamental understanding because I am having difficulty manipulating groups of bits. So far I have a byte arrray containing my characters to be converted. I am struggling with the ...

34. Parsing and Decoding Base64 Data

I'm modifying some Java code so that it can run an existing web service. The web service reportedly will send a response message in a Base64 format. The following needs to be done this Base64 response. 1.) Parse it to extract an 'attachment' component (probably a DOM object). 2.) Decode this Base64 'attachment' component to the type ByteArrayOutputStream. I might be ...

35. Base64 class

Ah, tricky sun. These classes are packaged with the rest of the standard java classes. The differences are that sun doesn't tell you about them or give documentation or support them. So it wouldn't be a good idea to have mission critical stuff relying on them. Heres what sun says: If you go to a prompt and type javap sun.misc.BASE64Decoder ...

37. Is Base64 considered as encryption

Hi Jim, I was in a position a while ago where we were told not to store the password required to connect to our backend systems in a readable from on our web/app servers. in the end i just used the base64 encoder becasue it satisifed their requirment but to be honest was a prettyweak measure. if someone is good enough ...

38. base64 conversion

39. Base64 Encoding Decoding java

Hi, I am receiving an xml through HTTPServlet request with a data element which is encoded base64 but am unable to decode the data string i even tried an online decoder for base64 but it did not work. Is there something wrong with the way i am getting the data? thanks Sanjay Clobdata

40. Base64

42. Base64 encode decode jars

Originally posted by Tony Morris: The important point is that it ties you to one particular implementation of the VM. Are you (anyone who wants to use base64) willing to accept this limitation at the expense of saving a few lines of code? Your call. True enough. It's more than just the "few lines of code", though - it's ...

43. SecureRandom & Base64

public class TokenGenerator { private static String key; public static String getTokenKey() { try { SecureRandom sr = SecureRandom.getInstance("SHA1PRNG"); // Get 1024 random bits byte[] bytes = new byte[1024 / 8]; sr.nextBytes(bytes); key = new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode(bytes); return key; } catch (NoSuchAlgorithmException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } public static void setKey(String aKey) { key = aKey; } }

44. Converting a Base64 encoded String to an Image

Hey all! I am having a bit of difficulty here I was hoping someone could help me out with. As the subject line states - I am basically trying to take a Base64 encoded string and decode it then turn in into an PNG image. Problem is I keep just getting an empty file. String value= "Wyk+HjAxHTAyNzg3MDUdODQwHTAxOR0wMDAwMDAwMDAwMDAwMDAdRkRFQh0wMDAwMDAwHTA0MB0dMS8xHTUwLjVMQh1OHVcgMzR0aCBTdHJlZXQdQXVzdGluHVRYHSAeMDYdMTBaR0QwMDQdMTFaUmVjaXBpZW50IENvbXBhbnkgTmFtZR0xMlo5MDEyNjM3OTA2HTE0WioqVEVTVCBMQUJFTCAtIERPIE5PVCBTSElQKiodMjNaTh0yMlocWR0yMFogHDAdMjZaNjEzMxwdHgQ="; BASE64Decoder decoder = new ...

45. Base64 format to binary converter ?

46. Reading image and convert it to Base64 format

I am developing one android this application i am reading one image from phone and convert that image to Base64 format and save it in one txt file. public void readFile() { try { byte[] byteArray = new byte[102400]; fis = new FileInputStream(readFile); int bytesRead = 0; while((bytesRead = != -1) { str = new String(byteArray,0,bytesRead); base64String = Base64.encode(byteArray); ...

47. Convert Base64 String to JPG Without Quality Loss

Hi Everyone, I have a Flex application passing in a base64 encoding String to a Servlet. I am then taking that String and converting it to a BufferedImage so I can display to the user. I have tested with Flex encoding and decoding the image and saving it directly from the Flex application and the image looks perfect so I don't ...

48. Encode Image into Base64 value.

I thought the same. But I am having problem while decoding the encoded value in other platform. I have to use that base64 value to render image in PDF file. Because it only accepts base64 value. I try it in .Net & it works fine. But I have to use only Java & its not working.

49. Base64

You don't that is a Sun internal class and as long as you have Sun's (Oracle's now) JVM, and that class still exists (as the internal stuff can change at any time without warning as you are not suppossed to use these classes directly, anyway), then you have that class already. Why don't you, instead, look for another way to do ...

51. Help with base64.

10-31-2011 03:44 PM #1 enemakos Member Join Date Oct 2011 Posts 2 Rep Power 0 Help with base64. Hello guys , im new here and i need your help. I got a project for a Lineage 2 emulate server based on java coding. There is a java code that encoding ( Base 64 ) and has some encodes. What ...

52. Base64 Problem

53. Base64

54. base64 encoded String

55. base64 encoder, API generate warning

i try to encrypt and decrypt a string..and i found about this base64.encoder.. but eventually when i try to compile the class, it generates warning " warning: sun.misc.BASE64Encoder is Sun proprietary API and may be removed in a future release" is it ok still to use it for long term? the sun itself not encourage us to use it.. is it ...

56. Converting Base64 encoded String to String object

That's a good point, well Its starts as a normal string. So String X = "

57. Why don't Java have a usable class for Base64 encoding?

It's pretty clear there's more than one designer involved here. Quantum mechanics not compatible with general relativity? Looks like two silos to me. And that fiasco with not enough neutrinos coming out of the Sun? That patch with having the neutrinos oscillate between three states is an obvious quick and dirty hack. And this Higgs boson business? Looks like someone had ...

58. Yet another Base64 encoder / decoder

/* This is an implementation of BASE64UTF9 encoder and decoder. Common practice converts Java strings to UTF8 before Base64 encoding. UTF8 is not so space efficient in representing non-ASCII characters. While UTF9 is impractical as raw data in most 8 bit machines, it fits well within Base64 streams since 3 symbols can represent 2 UTF9 nonets. In this implementation, a modified ...

59. Base64 problem

60. Library for Base64 encoding & decoding

61. base64

62. Base64 Encoding and Decoding

63. Converting Base64 to jpeg or binary

65. BIgMAth from base64 encoded string

I'm trying to create a BigInteger from a source that is a base64 encoded string. The BigInteger seems to only support radix up to 36. I have a couple of questions. 1) Why does BigInteger not support higher radix? 2) Anyone have any advice on how to manually make the BigInteger from a base64 string? Obviously I can change the encoding ...

66. Conversion of Base64 Encoded REG_DWORD to ordinary string

How can i convert a Base64 encoded DWORD to a normal string using java. Actually REG_DWORD and REG_BINARY is the value obtained as value for a particular registry entry.So i have to decode it and display the actual result. I have used the following code but was not successful String strkey= new String(new BASE64Decoder().decodeBuffer(strencode)); OR String strkey= new String(Base64.decodeBase64(strencode)); OR String ...