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1. Convert a string into a long time format

2. How to specify format string to parse exponention with plus sign?

DecimalFormat decFor = new DecimalFormat(); decFor.applyPattern( "##.###E0" ); //decFor.setPositivePrefix( "+" ); double dd = decFor.parse( "3.30E+3" ).doubleValue(); but it does not work for me. The above code returns 3.3 instead of 3300. Can someone please inform me how to parse exponential double value using DecimalFormat? I have tried this Double.parseValue and that works fine but i would like to use DecimalFormat ...

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6. String format error

There is no problem in the IDE and JRE u r using...Firstly I will like to make you to say something on "System", "out" and"print" "System":-its a public and final class so that its accessible everywhere but u cant extend "out" is a "static" method defined inside this class and it has the return type of "PrintStream".Now as we know ...

7. String encoding into unicode format

You're welcome. I don't think you can get URLEncoder to use %20. You could try the output of URLEncoder with the + and see if your application works with that. An application I'm using claimed it needed +, but %20 works fine for it, too. So, yours might work the other way around (if you didn't write it yourself to only ...

8. Help needed with String formatting

9. can i convert a string to particular encoding format + urgent

Also note that by default when you open a file for reading in java, the default is not UTF-8 which you might have expected (which I also expected) so you need to make sure when you open files that you pass the string format as UTF-8 as an argument to ensure the file is opened in UTF-8.

10. Use of formatting when printing strings

My apologies, I thought the question was transparently posed within the 'Java Programming' forum implying "within Java". Indeed, I want to print to the console selective italicized print; that's the IDE console I am using and not a console such as a hand-held game or an actual terminal as part of a client/server configuration -- I jest of course but help ...