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1. How to multiply 10 to an "Integer" object in Java?

How do I multiply 10 to an Integer object and get back the Integer object? I am looking for the neatest way of doing this. I would probably do it this way: Get int ...

2. Are Integers in Java little endian or big endian?

I ask because I am sending a byte stream from a C process to Java. On the C side the 32 bit integer has the LSB is the first byte and ...

3. Left padding integers with zeros in Java

How do you left pad an int with zeros in java when converting to a string? I'm basically looking to pad out integers up to 9999 with the leading zeros. E.g. 1 = ...

4. How can I tell if a Java integer is null?

Greetings, I'm trying to validate whether my integer is null. If it is, I need to prompt the user to enter a value. My background is Perl, so my first ...

5. Java: dividing 2 ints makes an int?

In another Bruce Eckels exercise in calculating velocity, v = s / t where s and t are integers. How do I make it so the division cranks out a ...

6. In Java, why is the call foo() not ambigious given 2 varags methods foo(int... ints) and foo(Object... objects)?

If I declare just the 2 varargs methods as follows:

public void foo(String... strings) {
    System.out.println("Foo with Strings");
public void foo(int... ints) {
    System.out.println("Foo with ints");
and then ...

7. 09 is not recognized where as 9 is recognized

I am using quartz for schedulling. TriggerUtils.getDateOf(0,40,18,09,06); it accept 5 parameter. (seconds, minutes, hours, daysOfMonth, month). When i pass fourth parameter as "09". Eclipse give me error "The literal Octal 09 (digit 9) ...

8. Pattern to create class instances by integer id?

I am reading a Stream, which provides an identifier (a simple int). Depending on the int different data follows, which i need to turn into objects. So far i created classes ...

9. Problems with createImage(int width, int height)

I have the following code, which is run every 10ms as part of a game:

private void gameRender()
    if(dbImage == null)

10. java int comparation

How does Java know/evaluate the comparison of two int values; for example:

int a=5;
int b=10;
How does it evaluates whether a > b or a == b or a < b Please give an elaborate ...

11. Integer Linear Programming Java: Multiple Open Source and Commercial tools are available. Which one to use?

I need to use Integer Linear Programming API/Tool for my application. Though my application is in Java but I don’t mind calling an EXE (Tool) from Java providing input using file ...

12. How to enforce an integer limit in an argument hint in Java

I'm new to Java after working for a few years in PHP and I'm trying to get an idea of some of the best practices and norms when working with Java. I'm ...

13. Integer counter - What to do when Max-Value?

How do you solve the max value problem when using an integer counter, that looks like

counter = counter + 1;
When this reaches the max value, how do you know this happened? ...

14. Integer as primitve type

Why there is primitive type for integer(int) even though we have an object for integer as Integer.? but the same is not with string type. There is no such primitive type for ...

15. Java object Equality

The two cards c1 and c4 seem to be equal...but they are not why. I want them to be equal so that only one of them is allowed in the Set. ...

16. Can an int be null in Java?

Can an int be null in Java? For example:

int data = check(Node root);

if ( data == null ) {
 // do something
} else {
 // do something
My goal is to write a ...

17. A textbox class only accept integers in Java

I just want to do a textbox class only accepts integers.. I have done something, but ? think it's not enough. Can anyone help me, please? Thanks...

import java.awt.TextField
public class textbox extends TextField{

18. What Java method takes an int and returns +1 or -1?

What Java method takes an int and returns +1 or -1? The criteria for this is whether or not the int is positive or negative. I looked through the documentation but ...

19. Method return type

In my company, a system is designed to have 3 layers. Layer1 is responsible for business logic handling. Layer3 is calling back end systems. Layer2 sits between the two layers so ...

20. GMP Vs java BIG INTEGERS,,,

Which tool is the best one for accesing large bit numbers for testing Crypto systems..either GMP library or JAVA big integers..?? in terms of speed, memory, functions, flexibility towards crptosystems(mathematical functions like ...

21. JNI how to access Java Object (Integer)

I have a JNI method to access java method which returns an Integer object. I do not want to return the primitive int type because this code will be modified to ...

22. Problem in inferring instances that have integer cardinality constraint

I have created an RDF/OWL file using Protege 4.1 alpha. I also created a defined class in Protege called CheapPhone. This class has a restriction which is shown below :

(hasPrice some ...

23. Integers caching in Java

Possible Duplicate:
Weird Java Boxing
Hi guys, Recently I saw a presentation where was the following sample of Java code:
Integer a = 1000, b = 1000;  ...

24. Integer Type && Null in java

I have a class such as :

class node 
    Integer id ; 
    double lon;
    double lat ; 

25. problem with integers

can anybody look at this code and tell me why the exception happens?

public static void main(String[] args)
    int total =100;
    int discount_Ammount = 20 ...

26. Java : Best way to pass int by reference

I have a parsing function that parses an encoded length from a byte buffer, it returns the parsed length as an int, and takes an index into the buffer as an ...

27. How can I pass an Integer class correctly by reference?

I am hoping that someone can clarify what is happening here for me. I dug around in the integer class for a bit but because integer is overriding the + ...

28. int does not override Integer in Java

I had a function in Java with method signature

public void myMethod (int someInt, String someString) 
in my abstract class and I had over-ridden it with method
public void myMethod (Integer ...

29. Basic question on Java's int

Why does the below code prints 2147483647, the actual value being 2147483648?

    i = (int)Math.pow(2,31) ;
I understand that the max positive value that ...

30. Getting a function to return two integers

I am writing a function and I want it two return two integers as results. However, I cannot get it to do this. Could someone help me? Here is my best ...

31. Java Int & ASCII Question

String source = "WEDGEZ"
char letter = source.charAt(i);
for (int i=0;i<source.length();i++){
if (source.charAt(i) >=65 && source.charAt(i) <=90 )
  letterMix =(char)(('D' + (letter - 'D' + shift) % 26));
Ok what I'm trying to do ...

32. How to check whether a int is not null or empty?

I really dont know this is possible or not. But I am strucking in a place where i want to check a int value is null or not, to call different methods. Is ...

33. Uninitialized int vs Integer

I was just studying up on my Java in preparation for an exam and I ran into a sort of problem with uninitialized int/Integer values.

class A

34. Function that swaps two integers

Possible Duplicate:
How to write a basic swap function in Java
Hi. I don't know java at all, and in the near future have no wish ...

35. extending java Integer cahce

Why YOU should use Integer.valueOf(int) In particular, why you should use Integer.valueOf(int) instead of new Integer(int): CACHING. But in JDK 5+, you should really use valueOf because Integer now caches Integer objects ...

36. More about rotateLeft method in java

please tell me examples of [rotateLeft][1] method of Integer class in java [1]:, int)

37. Passing Integer to int and vice versa

Just wondered why is it possible to pass Integer as argument where method parameter is of int type and vice versa?

public class Salmon {

 public static Integer foo(Integer a, int b){

38. Can't check if int is null

I'm trying to use a dictionary. Whenever I want to check if an element is present in the dictionary, I do this:

int value = results.get("aKeyThatMayOrMayNotBePresent");

if (value != null)
  // ...
But ...

39. How to handle “int i != ""” or “int i != null” statements in Java?

As we know int is a primitive data type and cannot be null. In my program i want to do a condition check like int i != "" but it says ...

40. binarySearch method issue, not accepting int paramater

I am using the Java 2 Platform to practice different algorithms. I am getting two errors and I think the first one is that I am passing the integer "5" ...

41. Is this Java program legitimate? /newbie

i'm doing some exercises in my Java book. I'm very new to programming. Therefore, notice (in the code) that i'm still on Chapter one. Now I already did everything, I just ...

42. cannot find symbol-method add (java.lang.integer)..whats the problem actually?

public class ArrayList
    // instance variables - replace the example below with your own
    public void processinput (String s)

43. Display three non-negative integers in increasing order

Prompt the user to type in three non-negative integers. Display the integers in an increasing order.

import java.util.Scanner;

    int number1,number2,number3;
         Scanner ...

44. common divisiors of two integers

in java, I want an efficient program to find all common divisors betwen two integers... for e.g. if there are two integers:- 30(2*3*5) and 45(5*3*3) Program should retrun 3, 5 which are common divisors between 30 ...

45. Enumerations vs int flags?

Just wanted some opinions on the matter. I have always used int flags, and was just curious on possible performance of ease of use if I were to use enumerations? Thanks in ...

46. Pointer to an Integer in Java

So the problem is: I have a code like this

int a,b;
    case 1:
    case 2:

47. Does the "switch" statement in Java only work with integers?

Possible Duplicate:
Switch Statement With Strings in Java?
Does the "switch" statement in Java only work with integers ? Can't I write something like this instead ? switch(string) ...

48. Cannot find symbol method drawImage(SlidingBlockModel, int, int, int, int, )

I'm trying to make a sliding block game. In this class I've used the drawImage method to display the blocks of the "puzzle", using the drawImage method of the Graphics object ...

49. Java - Change int to ascii

Is there a way for java to convert int's to ascii symbols?

50. Java integer list

I am trying to make java go trough a list of numbers. It chooses the first one, gives this as output, waits/sleeps like 2000 milliseconds and then give the next one as ...

51. How to add a group of integers

Can some one tell me how to do this and explain it to me: Write a program that reads a text file that contains groups of integers that start with the ...

52. (Java) Is Integer Immutable

I know this is probably very stupid, but a lot of places claim that the Integer class in Java is immutable, yet the following code:

Integer a=3;
Integer b=3;
Executes without any trouble giving ...

53. Fastest method to calculate difference between two ARGB ints in Java?

Given an int from a DataBuffer which has ARGB data packed in it with the masks A = 0xFF000000 R = 0xFF0000 G = 0xFF00 B = 0xFF I'm doing the following but wonder if there ...

54. java integer handling

When I run this program, it outputs -43.

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        int a=053;

55. java vs c integer

Possible Duplicate:
++i + ++i + ++i in Java vs C
Using Java:
public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

56. integer handaling in java

Possible Duplicate:
java vs c integer
public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

57. Integer construction variations

Hey all, I ran into an interesting occurrence and am looking for an explanation. In Java 1.6:

Integer a = new Integer(5);
Integer b = new Integer(5);

System.out.println(a == b);

Integer c = 5;
Integer d = ...

58. C like while in java with integer?

is it possible in java to have a C like syntax for this:

            int counter = 10;

59. Best way to change an integer field in a compiled 1.6 Java class with no source

A class file that was compiled with java 1.6 settings has two fields which I need to set to higher values.

private Integer days = 7;
private Integer running = 30;
unfortunately, I don't ...

60. Java - Managing specific int[][]

Let's say I want to store three sets of 2D arrays that load up on int[][] board. An example set:

{ 67, 67, 118, 118, 118, 118, 118, 118, 118, 118, 118, 118, ...

61. How to handle not being able to store time in an int?

In some languages, time is stored as the number of seconds from the epoch and stored in an int (Correct me if I am wrong). So we will eventually hit a ...

62. Help to transform int to bool conditions

I have realized some logic using integers

import java.util.concurrent.locks.*;

public class MassageSalon implements Salon{

    //I want to transform this into bool
    private int customerOnCouch = 0;

63. Multiplication of two int's gets negativ

I'm currently coding a little download manager and I get a funny output when I try to calculate the download-progress in percent. This is what i use to calculate it:

int progress ...

64. How to push integer on Stack in BCEL

I am facing a problem in context of pushing a integer on stack in BCEL. I have a method _square of someClass i.e. "mathClass"

    ilist = new InstructionList();

65. Integer and int duality?

Can someone explain me this

 List<Integer> list = new LinkedList<Integer>();
when I used
then 1st element got removed
 list.remove(new Integer("1"));
then 2nd element got removed. so, can you explain behavior ...

66. How to left pad integers with a formatter with dots?

I know we can left-pad integers with a formatter like this:

String.format("%7d", 234);   // "    234"
String.format("%07d", 234);  // "0000234"
String.format("%015d", 234); // "0000000000000234"
But, how to replace the ...

67. Why int[] a = new int[1] instead of just int a?

Is there some hidden meaning in this code which I don't see in java? How can it be useful?

int[] a = new int[1];
than just
int a;
because from my point of view it's ...

68. Binding a Java Integer to JavaScriptEngine doesn't work

To see how binding Java objects to symbols in a dynamic language works, I wrote the following spike test, binding a java.lang.Integer to the symbol i to be changed ...

69. Having null safe checks using org.apache.commons.ObjectUtil class for custom objects

Ive been searching for a robust way to compare my objects, I came across the ObjectUtils , and had the immidiate doubt that would it be able to compare it efficiently ...

70. Hard to read integers in java? Is there any reason behind it?

I have to read integers more frequently in Java. So how i should do? What function i have to use? C/C++ too have buffering concepts but they has a single statement. But ...

71. java Integer reference

I've got a question.

public class Jaba {

    public static void main(String args[]) {
        Integer i = new Integer(0);    ...

72. f(int x) { return x == 0 ? 0 : 1; } in Java without conditionals

I want to implement f(int x) { return x == 0 ? 0 : 1; } in Java. In C, I'd just "return !!x;", but ! doesn't work like that in Java. ...

73. Java method returning List and a integer

I have a method which reads a file and returns the contents of the text file in a list of String array. Find the implementation of the method and how I ...

74. n Choose k using an integer type of n and k in java

I have been given a task that requires to use n and k to work out the n Choose k problem. The condition I have is I can not use other data ...

75. Difference between System.exit(int code) and Runtime.getRuntime().exit(int code)

I'm working on the Java batch program that should exit with different codes based on various conditions. The program will be triggered and monitored by CA7 scheduler which will use exit ...

76. JDK Issue with Integer Comparision

In jdk 1.6.0_24 comparison of two Integer Objects with same int value is failing? Issue :

Integer x = 2;
Integer y = 2;

If(x != y){
 //Control should not come here, but ...

77. Java Int to Represent an Class

I need to get an variable from one of the 100+ Classes I have. the Class from which I get the variable is determined by an Integer. I didn't find a ...

78. Simple calculator program in Java. No. of integers read and Average

I have a task that requires me to print out the following quantities: I need to write a java program that can calculate: 1. the number of integers read in 2. the average value—which ...

79. How does Robot's getPixelColor(int x, int y) method work?

How exactly does the method getPixelColor(int x,int y) from the Robot class work? I tried this code fragment:

     Robot robos = ...

80. int with leading 0's behave strangely

Possible Duplicate:
Integer with leading zeroes
Can someone please tell me what is going on here? When I initialize an int with leading zeroes the program ...

81. using new(Integer) versus an int

In my Java class, the professor uses something like:

integerBox.add(new Integer(10));
Is this the same as just doing:
? I've googled a bit but can't find out one way or the other, and the prof ...

82. Java int equality inconsistency?

This is driving me insane because it completely violates my attempts to de-buggify it:

int k = keyCode; //keyCode being a variable declared by a keyPress
//in the Processing library
//k and keyCode are ...

83. how to delimit integers in java?

I have a integer value coming from command line. Its like 12345 or 2343455435 without any delimit characters. How can I get individual pieces of that integer, say like for 12345 ...

84. How can it be determined if one integer is divisble by another?

So for this problem the question asks

a number x is divisible by y if the remainder after the division is zero. Write a program that tests whether one ...

85. Java - Select object by int

How do I select an object by the an int inside it? Here is code:

String FolderName = result.getString ("name");
String FolderId = result.getString ("category_id");
String ParentId = result.getString ("parent_id");
int intFolderId = Integer.parseInt(FolderId);
int intParentId = ...

86. Stack returning Objects instead of Integers

I'm trying to implement a program that involves an array of stacks. Each stack takes in Integer objects, but the problem is when I try to get an Integer object from ...

87. Java ternary allows you to return an int or null. How is this correct?

Possible Duplicate:
Conversion from null to int possible?
I found that the following expression compiles in java.
int i = false ? 3 : null;
When the ...

88. Reading integers from a line

I'm trying to read two integers on the same line.

Scanner a=new Scanner(;
Now, if I input
3 4
3 4
x = 3 and y = 3. I ...

89. Can JSON Object Attribute Names Be Integers?

I am just getting started with some Jackson JSON data here. This section is giving me trouble.

    "1":"32.1093904, 66.7065216", 
    "2":"33.1236854, 67.8128443", 

90. If ... is not an int {

I am trying to get the program to recognize if an int is not entered . I have seen everything from:

   if  (v % 1) 

91. Java: returning two ints from a method call

I do this a lot in my code that works with lots of 2 dimensional coordinates:

int[] getSize() {
    int[] res = {gridRows, gridColumns};
    return res;
I ...

92. Integer manipulation in Java

I have an assignment to be done in college, a piece asks for the instructions below to be done. Please don't give away the answer, simply leading me in the right ...

93. Resolving "The method must return a result of type int" in Java

I'm very new to Java. Eclipse is giving me the error

The method must return a result of type int
for the following code:
public class firstprog {
    public ...

94. Int Nullpointerexception Java

I have the below code running and it is throwing a nullpointerexception on the if statement line.

int answered;
answered = 0;
        if(answered == '0'){

95. Returning an int[] from java to C using JNI

I have a C program that invokes a java program but I have a problem: my java program returns an int [], how can I use JNI to get the result ...

96. Integer class object

I'd a code snippet:

public class Test{
    public static void main(String args[]){
        Integer a = 100;

97. Big Integer - What is this code doing?

I understand this questions is strange, not my usual style. I am currently doing a project using a chord implementation in peersim. The code below shows a big integer and some ...

98. How do I express NaN for integer types in Java?

I have a method returning long and there are cases where a valid result can not be computed. Double has the NaN constant, which is not expressable in long. I can think ...

99. Transfer of Integer!

Hello guys......I have a problem with my code, its more like I am stuck to continue further if I cannot find a way or an alternative. The problem is I have ...

100. need program that finds smallest of several prompted integers

I need to write a java application that finds the smallest of several integers. I need it to prompt the user for the number of integers that will be input, then ...