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1. The width of an integer type should not be thought of as the amount of storage it consumes, but rath

The width of an integer type should not be thought of as the amount of storage it consumes, but rather as the behavior it defines for variables and expressions of that type. The Java run-time environment is free to use whatever size it wants, as long as the types behave as you declared them. -------- from the Java Complete Reference Integers ...

2. Integer and int

3. Integer vs int

in the first case, when you create primitives, they are stored on the stack. So, once you start 'unwinding' your recursive calls, when that method ends, those values are automatically popped off and memory is instantly recovered. in the second case, you create an object on each successive call. when you unwind, the reference is popped off, but the object still ...

4. returning int from the main....

Well, what do you expect the application to do with the int that is returned? If you are expecting it to return as the exit code, as in a C application, then you can accomplish the same thing with using the system exit() method. The parameter passed to the exit method is the exit code. Henry

5. missing Integer class

6. Big Integer

Your program does not appear to hang at all. It appears to take a very long time to complete its loop. Assuming 10 nanoseconds for one iteration of the loop, then going from 9.99999999999999999999 10^99 to 10^100 requires 10^80 iterations which will take 10^72 seconds which is approx 3.17 10^64 years. Don't hold your breath!

7. substring ints.

I need to define a 10digit phone number as an int, then extract the area code, the middle three numbers, and the last 4 numbers. I'm not entirely sure how to do this, because I can't use substring, as it is obviously for strings. Is there such a command as subint? If so, should I use it? This is what I ...

11. Integer

12. int cannot be dereferenced

I am trying to implement a search method in my program but the error int cannot be dereferenced is continuously arising. What should i do? the code is : import java.util.*; class Search { public static void search(MedicalProducts [] MedicalProducts, int j) { Scanner sc = new Scanner (; sc.useDelimiter("\n"); System.out.println (); System.out.println ("Please specify by which criteria the search is ...

13. Integer class

14. Returning object and returning integer

class Test { private Integer obj = new Integer(4); public Integer returnObject() { return obj; } public int returnInt() { return 4; } } public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { Integer o; int j; Test test = new Test(); long t = System.currentTimeMillis(); for (long i = 0; i < 10000000000l; i++) { o = test.returnObject(); } ...

15. Ran into int cannot be dereferenced

i ran into int cannot be "dereferenced" when i tried to call scanner and fileread from another method. so i could use the second method to read from a file and write it to an array... I had the same issue with the first method as well, ended up making a new scanner and file read inside the Average method This ...

17. Integer Object Comparision Confusion

Can anyone please explain why the following piece of code is behaving in this manner public class IntegerDemo { public static void main(String args[]){ Integer num1=20; Integer num2=20; Integer num3=150; Integer num4=150; if(num1==num2){ System.out.println("num1 and num2 are equal"); } else{ System.out.println("num1 and num2 are not equal"); } if(num3==num4){ System.out.println("num3 and num4 are equal"); } else{ System.out.println("num3 and num4 are not equal"); ...

18. Integer object - intValue()

Hi All, I have a method that takes an Integer Object, can i pass intValue() to that method instead of new Integer()- it should work the same way From what i understand, if Integer is passed then the memory location is passed, whatever value there is in the memory location will be used as the argument (actual value at run time) ...

20. class Temp1 { int d[]; int a[]={43,34,344}; d=a; } what is the problem in the given code

Hi Sean, i am not a professional code stylist In the context of the problem arised in this thread it was not a matter of style, but to see if the code compiles or not. The most important thing is that you always know what you are doing. In your case, as far as i know, you can freely use static ...

21. int cannot be dereferenced

22. how can i fix this:x(int) in the class can not be applied to (int[])?

import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class Test{ static String A[]; static String S[]; static int C[], M[]; static int count1=0,count2=0,count3=0,count4=0; public static String[] isim(int N){ for (int i=0; i

23. List with a sublist of Integers

I need a data structure, that can hold such datas: [[0, 92], [12, 85]] You see, I have a list and in this list I have a list of Integers. But the sublist needs a size of 2 elements. How can I declare such a datastructure? Is this the best way? // declare a list with a sublist that holds integers ...

24. if one int is less than or greater than another int by one

I'm trying to create a boolean that will return true/false based on if one int (which is a variable) is less than or greater than another int (which is a variable) by one. What I'm thinking of coding seems overly complicated and I was wondering if there was something that could do those calculations for me, like a method of some ...

26. What is the difference between Integer and int

What I was trying to demonstrate is that you can't change the value of an Integer object. This is what value++ means: value gets unboxed to an int that int is incremented that int is then boxed and assigned to value. But because value is final the reference can't be changed thus it doesn't compile. In your example the Integer after ...

27. What does (int) mean?

I was very happy to find these forums and see that not only was it newbie friendly but had 170k+ posts in the beginner section. I'm glad to have this resource in my pocket. That being said I just, last week, picked up a copy of a Sams Teach Yourself JAVA in 21 Days at a used book store in an ...

28. match(int arg0) function of parser class

hi all, does anyone know about the match(int arg0) function and predicate function of parser class. currently i am working on parser and this is my first time with parser so i got stuck at these functions...........i tried googling but didn't get any reference. please help me modifying my parser. thanks and regards, prateek sharma.

29. BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB is producing a black background

Hi everybody, I am trying to create a jpeg file and then write text on to it. When I try to create a jpeg file with BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB it is producing a black background instead on white, they said BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB will produce black and BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB will produce white backgrounds, but its not happening in this case, please tell me what I have ...

30. int cannot be derefrenced

import java.util.*; public class Main { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner kybd = new Scanner(; int [] numArray; int n; System.out.println("Enter the Array spaces needed"); n=kybd.nextInt(); numArray=new int[n]; System.out.println("enter " + n + " integers"); for (int i = 0; i

31. Auto-Naming of references with integers

Hello community, I am fairly new to programming languages and am currently working my way through the HFJ book. At present I'm working on a snake project (guess there's no need to explain the game Snake) for excercising a bit. I think i have a rather solid concept as well as a sufficient understanding of the language itself. However, there is ...

32. Positive integer data type in java

This is exactly what a constructor is for - to validate the data you store in your object. You will need to decide what is the appropriate thing to do if someone tries to make an object with a value of -4. Will your program crash? set a default value of 0? return a null object (which may have other consequences...) ...

33. Why does- int maximum = UKX[0][1]; not work?

Hello I'm new here but it seemed like a good place to ask my question. I have an array of arrays (or multidimensional array as I would call it). I want to find the highest value of all the elements at location 1 and the lowest of all the elements at location 2. So I wrote the following: int[][] UKX = ...

34. question regarding integer type

could you please look at my question,and let me know where I get wrong? I am greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions. The question is asked to give the last value of i where a[i] output correctly. my solution: a[i+2] = 2^{i+2} - 1, and a[i+2] is a integer so that it is stored in 32 bits. 2^{i+2} - 1 <= ...

35. java integer data types

James Gosling wrote: For me as a language designer, which I don't really count myself as these days, what "simple" really ended up meaning was could I expect J. Random Developer to hold the spec in his head. That definition says that, for instance, Java isn't -- and in fact a lot of these languages end up with a lot of ...

36. ( int a = 2147483648 ) vs (int a = 2147483647 ; a=a+1 )

Whenever you add something to a variable, it could potentially cause an overflow, because the compiler doesn't know what the value will be (it won't try to trace the value through multiple steps). So the second example has to be accepted by the compiler. But the first example is definitely an error. The compiler knows the variable can't take that value. ...

37. Why is Integer.rotateLeft() implemented in this way?

i >>> distance shifts all bits to the right, and uses zeros to fill the gaps on the left. But that's not what the method should do; it should take the bits that were cut off by the shifting, and use those to fill the gaps. That's what i << -distance is for. The result is then joined using the |. ...

38. integer command line arguments?

To be a little more explicit... Everything passed in from the command line is done as a string. How would it know what to expect otherwise? You then need to 'convert' the input into whatever you need. If you know the second param should be an int, then you convert it to and int (and probably save it in some new ...

39. Ways to box an int

40. Generating compound interest with integers

I am trying to change this code to use only integers to calculate the compound interest. // Compound-interest calculations with for. public class Interest { public static void main( String args[] ) { double amount; // amount on deposit at end of each year double principal = 1000.0; // initial amount before interest double rate = 0.05; // interest rate // ...

41. How to invoke a new Integer object using reflection?

Hello, I am very tired right now, I hope this makes some sense. I was wondering, how do I invoke a new Integer object using reflection. I am using reflection to find out what type parameter primitive type I need to supply to a method. So I get a property to test, parse out the primitive class type for the parameter ...

42. Read an integer line by line

I have a text file with some row of integers . 75 95 64 17 47 82 18 35 87 10 20 04 82 47 65 19 01 23 75 03 34 88 02 77 73 07 63 67 99 65 04 28 06 16 70 92 41 41 26 56 83 40 80 70 33 41 48 72 33 47 ...

44. int cannot be dereferenced

45. Trouble with a final int

46. [ask] Integer Linear Programming with Java.

Code: 1. Complete the following integer program problem by using branch and bound? Min f = 4 x1 + 5 x2 Constraints x1 + 4 x2 5 3 x1 + 2 x2 7 x1, x2 0 and integers. 2. Complete the following integer program problem by using branch and bound? Max f = 4 x1 + 5 x2 ...

47. [SOLVED] [newbie] The method GBC(int, int) is undefined for the type FontFrame

Do you see the problem here? The method GBC.setInsets() exists. See error below. :confused: Java Code: [B][/B] package; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; @SuppressWarnings("serial") public class FontFrame extends JFrame { public FontFrame() { setTitle("GridBagLayout Test"); setSize(DEFAULT_WIDTH, DEFAULT_HEIGHT); GridBagLayout layout = new GridBagLayout(); setLayout(layout); ActionListener listener = new FontAction(); //construct components @SuppressWarnings("unused") JLabel faceLabel = new JLabel("Face :"); face = ...

48. Using if statements to determine integers.

More general information you check out the topic scope of variables, every programming language has own scope implementation and there are various type of scope and binding. In java every code block, in other words matching curly braces defines a scope and all the definition maded in this scope are valid in this scope. i hope i can be helpful

49. Integer troubles

I am constructing a program in which you enter eight numbers. At the end it will display the sum of these numbers. But when I run the code, it simply displays the numbers side by side each other. My IDE is eclipse. Here is the code: Java Code: import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { String ...

50. I'm new to JAVA, stuck on "int"...Need some help getting this stuff straight, thanks!

Asks the user to enter a 5 digit positive integer Calculate each digit using integer operations / and %. Calculate and display the sum of the digits. Heres what I got so far: import java.util.Scanner; /* Mike * Testing Digits Program * This is my work */ public class Digits { public static void main (String [] args) { Scanner keyboard ...

51. Integer troubles again...

I have just built a new computer, so I was installing Java and I'm trying the NetBeans IDE for a change instead of Eclipse. I haven't used Java much, so I'm kind of rusty. I tried making a simple program to refresh myself, and I failed epicly. There were no errors in the code below, but when I ran the code, ...

53. Calculating compound interest using ONLY integers.

I have an assignment to alter a previous assignment (compounding interest over 10 years at 5%) by only using integers. So i know that 5% is equal to dividing by 100 and multiplying by 5. And I know I have to convert it back from pennies to dollars. I tried using the Math.pow but it just gave me a lot more ...

54. Object to Int

55. Integers and Lists

56. Problem with int method ..!!

That's not how to read numbers; the read() method reads a single char value. Also the key leaves a character in the input buffer which will be read by that method as well. It seems that you can't type another number; there are still characters in the input buffer that are read by that method. kind regards, Jos

57. Set of Integers

Hello there! H0w can i make a java program using Queue that would print a set of Integers..for example; Union.,. Qa = 123 Qb = 456 output = 123456 Intersection Qa = 123 Bb = 135 output = 13 Cartesian Qa = {1,2} Qb = {3,4} output = 1, 3, 1 ,4 ,2 ,3, 2, 4 I can't visualized this. Can ...

58. Index of an int

59. Help with ints

Help with ints Well, I did previously as for help on making Slayer (Runescape Skill). I had a few errors that occured from not having the main method, and I can't belive I forgot that -.- Now I have a problem with these: Java Code: /tmp/jc_30206/ illegal start of expression public int slayerLevelNeeded = 0; ^ /tmp/jc_30206/ illegal start ...

60. Help with deficient, perfect, or abundant integer

I am trying to write a program that will allow me to see if a number is deficient, perfect, or abundant. I am having a horrible time and put in countless hours and have no idea what the heck I am doing. I am putting the program in : ----------------------------------------------------------- Classify Numbers