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1. .add(obj,int) question

Okay, so this program will read from a file which is a huge list of numbers, I add all those numbers to an array. Im trying to find the MODE of this list of numbers... the mode would be the number that occurs most within an instance of numbers. So then i create another array to ADD 1 to every position ...

2. combine multiple ints into one int w/o adding

I have several ints (gotten by casting from some elements of a char array). I want to put them into a single int, but not add them. If ary[1] is 1 and ary[2] is 4, I want the result to be 14 not 5. It is a battleship program and i am getting the coordinates (like a5). The problem is that ...

3. Integer VS. int

5. Paliandrome of an integer

7. Question about Integer object

8. \t problem with int

I have a question about the \t escape sequence. I am still learning but I can get it to work just fine in literal strings then when I try to use it with an int I keep getting illegal character \92. Here is what I am trying to do class Display { public static void main(String args[]) { int x = ...

9. individually pass on ints from int list

I've got an integer list, for example this one: int [] usedIDs = {1457,2371,6745,etc}; Then I'd like some loop to retrieve every int of that list and store it, which goes like this: for (int i=0; i < usedIDs.length; i++) { System.out.println(usedIDs); } Then some other part of the program retrieves some information about the userID, so I would like the ...

10. Wrong Integers

11. Meaning of "int ...j"

12. integer display program

If your code doesn't compile, there must be an error message from the compiler that tells you why. Read that message carefully. If you don't understand the message, post it here. Hint: the one error that jumps out at me has to do with what BufferedReader.readLine() returns and what the constructor of your Show class expects. When posting code, please use ...

13. big integer problem

14. how to use "or" || with integers ?

hmm. are you sure coprime's the problem? the ones im missing when i input 100 are (16, 63, 65) (33, 56, 65) (36, 77, 85) and then those sets of numbers to be the same as all the other ones. i cant figure out why i'm missing those. i dont think i need the coprime thing (*think*, youre probably smarter than ...

15. big integer class

My code only prints "5 13" but not "563". in order to determine if 563 is a wilson prime you need to calculate the factorial of 562. i assume i have to use big integers for this but i'm not sure how to go about it, can anyone show me how i could get the output of my code to be ...

17. IntBuffer vs int[]

18. questions about how to declare integers etc

Cause i'm not making progress.. How should i learn this on my own? I think that i learn more if make a start myself and than if i get errors, somebody says what's not correct , but i think we have a different oppinion Of you don't want to help me with it, it's ok too Anyway thx for your comment ...

19. int j = new Integer(6);

Yes well sure, I am using Eclipse so this is a solution... but I am also using maven2 in combination with cruise control, ie automatic compilation and packaging on a remote machine. Probably I should think about some code checker like purify or such... maybe these have a more explicit way... just thinking loud... its off-topic though...

20. why do I have to declare my int outside the function?

I get this message: HTTP Status 500 - type Exception report message description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request. exception org.apache.jasper.JasperException: 2 org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper.service( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.serviceJspFile( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.service( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( root cause java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2 org.apache.jsp.grammaire_002dresults_jsp._jspService( org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper.service( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.serviceJspFile( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.service( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat/5.0.28 logs. ...

21. Simple one... int cannot be dereferenced

22. Big Integer UPDATED

23. Summing of an integer

the other thing I really need help for is if the user enters a number less than 0, they should be told it is not good and that they must enter a positive number ..would that be something like if (Integer < 0) { System.out.println ("The integer must be a positive number, please try again.") }

24. Prepend to Integer

25. Finding Median of 5 Integers

You should use an array and take a look at Arrays.sort(). This is one way of doing it, if-else and ternary are no good. If this is an assignment then you should look to deliver code that will work for any number of values even if your assignment works only with five numbers, the same algorithm should work with any amount. ...

26. Naming integers

27. how to stor an integer inside an object

28. Combining Integers!!

29. Is Integer an object????

Hi i am new to java According to what i have read in books Integer is an object the wraps the primitive int values.Also it is true that an object is passed by reference.Now if i pass the Integer object to some method and change that object in that method ,it should be reflected in the calling method.But it is not ...

30. How to scan for integers

Hi, I'm trying to make a program that scans for multiples of tree. When the program is executed, you have to give the lower and upper limit and the program tells you how much multiples of tree are in the limit. I thought of making a loop where in the number is devided by tree, it can result as an integer ...

31. returning more than one integer

32. int can't be dereferenced

if someone could point out the errors and tell me what the correct line should be, or things i have to add, or have to delete, that would be awesome. You already have something that does that for you, the compiler. It tells you the error, and what line it occured on. Granted, some errors aren't caused by the line it ...

33. Integer and int?

34. Problem returning an Integer

35. int cannot be dereferenced

I keep getting this error and when i try to convert the int into string to make the comparison i get "unreachable statement" Can someone please give me an answer on this one , maybe the full code, i know that int is a primitive and cannot be dereferenced but i can`t seem to find another way to compare a int ...

36. integer comparision

I am reading an article which says .. ..... write conditionals in reverse order, for example... if (0 == i) instead of if (i == 0) The purpose of this is to make sure I was never bitten by the accidental assignment bug. I do not understand what it means...Anyone can help ? Thanks. Ivan

37. Counting integer lengths

Hello, I'm having some problems counting the number of integers entered into a scanner object. Say I enter 10 20 30 into a scanner, are there any functions I could use that would return the number of integers (3), or the number of digits (6), much like using length() with a string? Thanks Jim

38. Why int

You need to provide a method in the Counter class to reset the count variable. Although, the calling classes do not need to know that this is what is going on in the background; therefore, the method could be something like Counter.reset(), Counter.initialize(), or etc. Thanks a lot! I created a method and it worked. The only question I have here ...

39. need help returning an Int!!!

here is the code for my sport quiz class: import javax.swing.*; public class Sport { public static int main (String []args) { Object[] sportValues = { "Freddie", "jimbo", "the destroyer" }; Object sportq1; Object[] sportValues2 = { "David Beckham", "Alessandro Del Piero", "Michael Ballack" }; Object sportq2; Object[] sportValues3 = { "6", "10", "14" }; Object sportq3; int sportScore = 0; ...

40. Integer Bugs !!!!

Hi Can somebody help me with this BIG problem ? I have a system, and we work fine with java 4, and we have migrated to java 5, and all is fine, but, recently, we realized about something really strange, I don't know why is this happend, but, this makes me crazy: Integer i3 = 10; Integer i4 = 10; if(i3 ...

41. need to keep a 0 in front of an int

42. how to conver object into int

43. help with integer class

The othe messages also tell you the problem, and if you read the API docs for MAX and MIN, you'll see that they're not methods that take arugments, and they don't do whatever it is you think they do. They're just names for the largest and smallest possible values that ints can have.

44. Integer class

Hi..... I'm trying to find a way to validate that a value returned from an input dialog is an integer. I read that there is an Integer.isInteger method, but when I try to access it using Integer. , the pop-up list comes up and I do have parseInt, but no isInt. Any ideas? Thanks, Christine

45. Help with setting limits for subtracting integers.

package timetravel; /** * * @author Jeff */ import*; import java.util.*; public class Main { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { int hours, minutes, seconds, hoursback, minutesback, secondsback; Scanner keyboard = new Scanner (; System.out.println("Hi Marty!"); System.out.println("Enter current hour:"); hours = keyboard.nextInt(); System.out.println("Enter current minute:"); minutes = keyboard.nextInt(); System.out.println("Enter current second:"); ...

46. difference between nArray1 = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4 } and nArray2 = new int[5]

Honestly, posting a new question here every time you come across something you aren't sure of isn't the way to go. Do some googling. Read through the tutorials. If you've already done some research, post it here. What parts of your research confused you? And post what you think. What do you think the difference is? Did you write any code ...

47. Trying to write a table that prints the multiplication table of Integers

Now, here is what I am doing.... If someone wants to get the multiplication table, my program will ask them to enter a numbr i.e. 2 and it will give him/her multiplication 2 until 12 times... like 2*1 = 2 2*2 = 4 2*3= 6 etcc (I think I am definitely on a wrong track) Anywhoo, this what I tried...

48. Object Integer and int

1. Object Integer refers to the memory area on the heap and int refers to the memory area on the stack. 2.Object Integer (Integer) is a class in java.lang package. int is a standard data type. 3.Integer wraps int as its instance variable as shown below. Integer io=new Integer(100) ; //io object wraps 100 as its instance variable value.

50. Integer VS int

JavaMessi wrote: the value would be protected and only see the value when it is used through un-boxing No, auto-boxing has nothing to do with "prection". Auto-boxing is a way to tread primitive values as if they were objects by automatically boxing them into their respective wrapper classes when they are used in a context that would expect an Object. So ...

51. Required: int[][], found: void

The error is telling you what is wrong. Your placePCShips returns void, nothing, and yet you're trying to set an int[][] array, spot, to refer to whatever is returned by this method; in sum you are trying to set spot = to void. This simply won't work. I second the recommendation to study the tutorials and texts if you don't understand ...

52. Integer Object vs Int

I want to update a variable(in this case the Integer i) in the main through a method (in this case test). As my method test will return true or false only i dont want to return the integer object to the main. I believe if i declare i as a static int i ; all changes to the variable will be ...

53. == of integer

54. new to Linked Lists, need help finding second largest integer

Please use code-tags when posting code (simply select your code and push the CODE-button right above the text area). This will make it much easier to read your code. You can't simply cast ListNode to an int, because they are not the same thing. You need to either access a field or call a method on ListNode to get the value ...

55. Trying to get ints..

Ah, someone did not get [the memo|].. Many programmers, including those familiar with the style of the Java programming language, will object that the original design of the implementation was wrong-headed: if we want iterative behavior, we should use an iterative statement such as while rather than method calls. While the point he was trying to make does not really apply, ...

56. int immutable and methods question

So I've learn that int are immutable. Does that mean if I have X = 1, then I assign X = 2. The memory location of 1 will be updated to contain 2, instead of creating a new memory location like String? So X = y + 1, updates the memory location for X to contain y + 1? Am I ...

57. Regarding spilitting an Integer

58. Program that decides wether an integer is odd/even, and then divides itby x

Sorry for my not so good english. This is an assignment for my class "programming". The assignment consisted of 5 things to do, and this is the only one i cant figure out how to do. Create a program that reads an integer and determines whether the number is an even or an odd number. If it is an even number, ...

59. Reference equality for X and Integer

You are trying to compare references of types that are incompatible. Here is the relevant part of the Java Spec on == (Section 15.21.3): "A compile-time error occurs if it is impossible to convert the type of either operand to the type of the other by a casting conversion (5.5). The run-time values of the two operands would necessarily be unequal." ...

61. java.lang.Integer behaviour

It seems reasonable to conclude that they're using a a 256-position array to hold the cached values, but so what? If your code relies on that fact, it would be awful code. This is probably an implementation detail which is never specified, so basing your code off it is bad. If the SCJD test demands that you know the exact range ...

62. Turn List into int[]

63. 2 integers

64. java int problem

65. Pad int with 0s

66. Java << for int starting at 0

67. Method to insert ints onto a stack in order.

The first thing that occurs to me, looking at your code, is that that's not a stack. If the thing you add last is not the thing you get out first, it's not a stack. I can't help wondering if what he meant is that you should write a method that takes an existing stack, and using pushes and pops, creates ...

68. Integer versus int

69. ints separated by spaces

Yea for this assignment I have to make a program that reads 5 ints all inputted by the user but they are separated by spaces. and Example being: 1 2 3 4 5. But with this info i have to take the numbers that are read in the input and add the together and do a number of mathematical functions with ...

70. scanning int without using nextInt

javaistoohardfornoobslikeme wrote: umm sry i only want to parse the first line in the txt Abbreviations like "sry" and the lack of punctuation marks and capitals make your messages hard to read. I am trying to write my replies in proper English so that you and others reading my replies can easily understand them. I would appreciate it if you do ...

71. Integer instantiation

72. backwards compatibility problem, Integer class

That did the trick, at least for my complicated primary .java source file. Thanks! All I had to do was change: * Color h = new Color(Integer.valueOf(hexExact, 16)); to * Color h = new Color(Integer.valueOf(hexExact, 16).intValue()); in two places. My "simpler" sorter class is full of generic stuff like: * public class colorName implements Comparable That looks to be more problematic. ...

73. Max integer combining/splitting

aeternaly wrote: The user has 6 items which are worth a total of 800 million, adding those together gives you 4.8 billion, valueOf returns 505,032,704, which of course is wrong. I'm guessing that you're first doing your addition and then setting that number with its overflow error as a BigInteger.... but I hate guessing. Please show us your code (simplified but ...

74. Passing int[][] into a different class

You have 2 ways to pass any Object to a class To do it, you need to declare class variables 1. You can declare a constructor like this public MyClass( Object a, Object b){ // do set the Objects to the class variables } 2. Create an instance of the class then set the Objects to the class variables One thing ...

75. Using Java API for integer search

I have an integer array and need to check whether a given integer is in the array or not repeatedly. If I need to code by myself, I likely would sort the array first and apply binary search against the sorted array. Since Java already provides some APIs to achieve this goal, I am wondering what is a combining API set ...

76. == behaviour int integer

77. Integer Object to Data

String mn = (String)jcbMn.getSelectedItem(); String dn = (String)jcbDn.getSelectedItem(); String yn = (String)jcbYn.getSelectedItem(); String dati = mn+dn+yn; SimpleDateFormat s = new SimpleDateFormat("mm/dd/yyyy"); try{ Date dt = s.parse(dati); System.out.println(dt); }catch(Exception de){ } it looks somethink like this , and i didn't have time to try , yet... if you have my data in Oracle is mm/dd/yyyy i will change latter that i'm trying ...

78. Integer in Strin

80. Integer multiplication problem

81. Reusing an int

82. How to multiply Big Integers

83. FileWriter write(int c) problem.

I was using this and for some reason when I call it with certain numbers it just writes 63 to the file (3F). This is the code I'm using: FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(new File("hello.txt")); fw.write(130); fw.close(); I've gone to the API and it says: "The character to be written is contained in the 16 low-order bits of the given integer ...

84. 0 at beginning of int

Hi, Im making a calculator and have the following problem int Int_pars = Integer.parseInt(Tx_som.getText()); Tx_som.setText("" + Int_pars + Int_nr); with this code I let him read the screentext and save it as Int_pars and than put it on the screen with Int+nr behind it. The problem is that when Int_pars is 0 there is an annoying 0 infront of the number. ...

85. passing Integer Object as Referance

86. making an int() return more than one method?

87. help with java coding and integers

88. Counting integers

I'm sorry, ok here it goes: This is the output i get from the program above. I need that the program wouldn't print these lines ( marked with x ) 1 2 1 3 1 4 2 2 x 2 3 2 4 3 2 3 3 x 3 4 4 2 4 3 4 4 x But with the program, ...

89. md5 as an integer

Scare you? I wasn't intending to scare you, merely to get you to see that it's silly to try to store 128 bits in 32. CRC32 may be good. However, did you really want MD5 in the first place? Its relative strength over CRC32 is that it's much more difficult at present to create two files with the same MD5 than ...

90. OMG I hate List

1. Its size complexity has got to be at least 10x larger (probably more - pointer + Object) than an int[] plus an int to remember its size 2. Performance hit: I have never tried to measure, but pulling an int out of an array is a bytecode level (ie fast, optimizable) operation, while List.get has to (a) get the Integer ...

91. searchine a list for an integer

92. System.out.print(int x & int y);

93. Add int statment programatically

Hellow, I would like to know if it is possible to add an int programatically say I have a string st and it's value is "examp" and now i want to do: public int "examp" = 0; Is there a way to typcast the string value so that it will be like writing public int examp = 0; My actual code ...

94. Issue with new Integer()

I have java.lang.NullPointerException at the last line of the code. Thinking that the value of "thisYear" might be null, i executed that part of code separately and found that it contains value. Can anyone help me why that the similar statement doesn't have any issues in "PART 1" but is giving NullPointerException in second? Thanks

95. What does int.class mean?

Reflection is well uhhm, (you guessed it) a Reflective type in programming. I don't see you'd have any use of it, I used it once, for this game called "Runescape" which is an online Java game. Basically I took values directly from the applet, and made a bot which automated tasks for me, I also used a AppletStub to minimize the ...

96. int return type

97. Object to Integer

I just had trouble converting Object result from table to Integer and saw comments on various forums that it was not possible, that the Object should be an IntegerObject. As I don't know how to make that happen I just bashed away at the code which is my normal attack and finally found it was possible to convert Object to String, ...

98. Integer class

Yes I agree I am comparing references here , not Integer objects But still i was expecting both of them to be true , or false Still looking forward for understanding the above code snippet .. as to why the output is so May be another aspect that can be added to ques is whats the diff bw Integer i1 = ...

99. A program to find the total of integers

output.close(); } } ___________________________________________________________________ import*; public class Ex18_3b { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(args[0])); DataOutputStream output = new DataOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(args[1])); String line; while ((line = input.readLine()) != null) output.writeUTF(line); input.close(); output.close(); InputStream input1 = new FileInputStream(args[0]); System.out.println(args[0] + "'s size is " + input1.available() + " bytes"); input1 = new FileInputStream(args[1]); ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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