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1. Rounding a double to turn it into an int (java)

Right now i'm trying this:

    int a = round(n) ; 
where n is a double but its not working. What am i doing wrong?

2. How to round integer in java

I want to round the number 1732 to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. I tried with Math round functions, but it was written only for float and double. How to ...

3. Will typecasting a float (say 3.56) to an integer in Java round to the nearest integer or just truncate the decimals?

Will typecasting a float (say 3.56) to an integer in Java round to the nearest integer or just truncate the decimals? Say you have: int b = (int)3.75; what will be stored in b? ...

4. converting double to integer in java

very simple question: I know that if you do this:

double x = 1.5;
int y = (int)x;
you get y=1. If you do this:
int y = (int)Math.round(x);
You'll likely get 2. However, I am wondering: ...

5. How does conversion from double to int work in Java?

For the following code (Java):

double d = (double) m / n; //m and n are integers, n>0
int i = (int) (d * n);

i == m
Is the last expression always true? If it's ...

6. how to round up integer division and have int result in java

i just wrote a tiny method to count the number of page for cell phone sms.i had not option to round up using Math.ceil and honestly it seems to be very ugly. here ...

7. Integer round in java

In Java, I want to round up to the closest integer value eliminating the last 2 digits from 54321 -> 54300 or 8765 -> 8800

8. Rounding a the nearest Integer, Tenths place, Hundredths place, etc..

Hello. I need some help! I am trying to have a program where the user can input a value, say 7, and have the code round the value to the nearest integer, nearest tenths place, nearest hundredths place and nearest thousandths place. Here is my code. import java.awt.Graphics; import javax.swing.*; public class RoundingApplet extends JApplet { double number1; float result1; float ...

9. howto round integer ?

10. Rounding 'int' values to nearest Tens

Oh my goodness, what a lot of complex solutions to a simple task! (Yes, I know, starting my post like this will doubtless mean my solution is wrong and I will be made to eat humble pie, but anyway...) There is no need to use floating-point or any Math methods. Stick to integer arithmetic, which is faster, simpler and less prone ...

12. Round up int

Integer arithmetic always rounds down (towards zero). If you look at the documentation, those methods that you use take floating point. You can't round() or ceil() a number, when it is always a whole number. If you want to control rounding, I would suggest that you convert to floating point before you do the operation. This way, you'll have a floating ...

13. round an integer to nearest 1000

15. Rounding error from int -> byte cast

LOL, sorry. I've been up all night coding on this project, and my thoughts are very scattered, Ted. My question is simply: can you see anything that could be causing a rounding error? I don't see what could be causing any problems with my bit operations; I can't see any calculational discrepancies that are made possible by my code. Sadly it ...

16. how to check and round down an Integer?