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1. convert hexadecimal character string to integer in java

I'm begginer in java I'm reading data from serial port and I have stored the data in string array data is 24 byte length. Data I'm getting as output: 12120814330006050.0 data also ...

2. can we convert integer into character

we can convert character to an integer equivalent to the ASCII value of the same but can we do the reverse thing ie convert a given ASCII value to its character ...

3. Casting int to char in java- must I use ASCII?

Q: When casting an int to a char in Java, it seems that the default result is the ASCII character corresponding to that int value. My question is, is there ...

4. Conversion between character and int in Java

You cannot convert from int to char, so this would be illegal int i = 88; char c = i;, However this is allowed char c = 88;. Isn't a plain number and int ...

5. Detecting characters after symbols

I'm trying to write a method going in two ways - if a character after the symbol $ is an integer, then I want to go to the second if statement ...

6. Extracting characters and integer from a string

I have this String p="V755D888B154" and i want to split it to have this form

  • V
  • 755
  • D
  • 888
  • B
  • 154
How can i do it ? thanks in advance

7. Encrypt an integer to get only numeric characters in JAVA

I have a database id that start from 1 to ... and I need encrypt this number to use for pursuit number.
how to generate numeric string by encrypting the database id ...

8. How do I get Java's hasNextInt() to stop waiting for ints without inputting a character?

I was given the following code and asked to write the Solution class extending from TestList. I wrote a constructor for it (which just called super) and the printSecond2() method invoked ...

9. converting string to int if string has other characters in it

Hi I have a string "72\n" When I try to use Integer.parseInt("72\n") it gives me a log error, unable to parse'72 ' as integer. What can I do to filter out ...

10. In Java, why does type casting of a character to an integer NOT extend the sign bit

In Java a bitwise operation causes type casting to integer and also causes sign extension. For instance the following is expected:

byte b = -1;
System.out.println(b >> 1);//-1
In Java chars are encoded in ...

11. How can I verify that a user enters an integer or alphabetic character in Java?

I am accepting an input from user as an integer using Scanner.nextInt(). How do I verify that he enters an integer, and not an alphabetic character?

12. Type casting a character to an Integer

Hi I'm currently studying from an excellent book but I'm confused about one thing (already)! Could anyone offer a simple plain english explanation of the following, I do understand the concepts of Type casting a character to an Integer but I can't get my head around this problem and its probably staring me in the face. anyway here it is. Question: ...

13. Integer and Character Representation

14. Association of characters with unicodes, integer values

Since Unicode characters are 2 bytes, the minimum value is zero and the maximum value is 2^16 - 1. I believe the Java syntax uses hexadecimal values to represent Unicode characters. This means that the minimum value is \0000 and the maximum value is \ffff. Is this the same as the answer you already found? Layne

15. convert character to integer

17. Addition of characters and integers in Sysout

Hello, I can't understand why 111/112/114 or any such number is being printed for the following line of code System.out.println(12+'c'); If I print this System.out.println(Character.getNumericValue('c')); The output remains constant but I can't understand what happens in the former print statement. I was expecting compile time error or exception, but I get a perfectly working piece of code. Please explain!

18. Convert integers into ACSII characters.

19. prints characters in one case, but in another it returns integers. Why is that?

ASCII value for R is 82, for J is 74. 82 + 74 = 156. You get that result because you are using addition. Since chars are represented by integer values under the hood it applies integer addition instead of concatenation like Strings. So to achieve your desired ouput try using different print statements for each initial or use a StringBuilder ...

20. How to add characters that have integers stored in them

Write a Java program that may be part of a game, scoring points for words. It should: 1. Ask the user to type in a word, using a JOptionPane.showInputDialog(). 2. Look at each letter in the word and add up the points for each letter. The points for letters are: a. Vowels (a, e, i, o and u) are valued at ...

21. String to int (without the use of Integer or Character classes)

Hi, I have an assignment which requires me to manipulate a string that only contains number and to transform it into an "int". Unfortunately I can't use the very cool Integer wrapper class nor the Character wrapper class. Can anyone point me in the right direction (I assume I'll need to take the string into a char array at some point)? ...

23. Convering character to ASCII code int

24. Character has an int value???

25. How to extract an integer or a float value from a String of characters

how do i store 700.0 in a float variable remember the string is obtained from an inputfile so far i got the program to store the inputfile data line by line in a String array..i tried tokenizing the string to get to the the float value but since i have mulitple spaces within my string, the token method only gets "numberItem" ...

26. Counting of byte / character / int

I didnt make myself clear, I think. In the first method: I'm using a CharsetDecoder - ignoring invalid characters for the specified charset - in the InputStreamReader. And a CharsetEncode - also ignoring invalid characters for its specified charset (UTF-8) - in the Writer. So, each time I write to the new file I want to count the bytes written (bytes ...

27. How to convert integer to character