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1. What is the most efficient way to convert an int to a String?

Say I have:

int someValue = 42;
Now I want to convert that int value to a String. Which way is more efficient?
// One
String stringValue = Integer.toString(someValue);

// Two
String stringValue = String.valueOf(someValue);

// Three
String stringValue ...

2. How to convert from TimePrimitive to int?

I have some data values(of type TimePrimitive) which i need to write out to a file , but the method out.write() takes only the parameter as int so i need ...

3. Help converting input string into Unicode integers in Java

I've been set an assignment which requires me to capture the input of 5 strings, convert them to uppercase, output them as a string, convert them to their Unicode integers (using ...

4. Java: Convert scientific notation to regular int

How do I convert scientific notation to regular int For example: 1.23E2 I would like to convert it to 123 Thanks.

5. Java: charAt convert to int?

I would like to key in my nirc number eg.S1234567I and then put 1234567 individualy as a integer as indiv1 as charAt(1), indiv2 as charAt(2), indiv as charAt(3), etc. However, when ...

6. Should convert String to Int in java @ 1.5 or use other method?

I'm writing a program in which I want to terminate program by pressing any key(whether character or numbers), so I did a conversion from string to int using Integer.parseInt(variable) method and ...

7. Cannot convert String to Integer in Java

I am newbie to Java and I have written function to convert string to integer

   if ( data != null )

8. How to convert Integer to int?

Now, i am working on a web application in which data will be transfer between client & server side. I already know that JavaScript int != Java int. Because, Java int ...

9. integer to string conversion

i want example for integer to string conversion in java...

10. Convert a String into an Integer starting with 0

I have to convert from Strings the first 2 characters into an int. The problem is when a string starts with 09 that it get converted in 1 and the year looks ...

11. How to convert from int to String?

I'm working on a project where all conversion from int to string made in such manner:

int i = 5;
String strI = "" + i;
I'm not familiar with Java. Is this usual ...

12. I can't convert string to int

I want the result no:5 but I get no:23

public class Assignment3
  public static void main(String args[])
    String str1 = "2";
    String str2 ...

13. convert int color toto int components

I obtain pixel color by

int color = image.getRGB(x,y);
then i want to acquire red, green, blue components separately. How to do that? Maybe using some bitmask?
int green = color&0x00ff00;
apparently not working... ...

14. Type conversion of int and string, java

last exam we had the exercise to determine the output of the following code:

System.out.println(2 + 3 + ">=" + 1 + 1);
My answer was 5 >= 2 but now I realize ...

15. Why Integer.getInteger does not work?

I have the following code:

game.log.fine("HERE" + bestMove.get("score"));
Integer bestScore = Integer.getInteger(bestMove.get("score"));
game.log.fine("THERE" + bestScore);
As an output I have:
Dec 9, 2010 11:34:17 AM game.Agent getCloud
Dec 9, 2010 11:34:17 AM game.Agent getCloud
Probably I ...

16. Efficient Method of Converting int to String in Java

Which one among the above two methods is the efficient way of converting an int to String? Thanks in advance.

17. How to convert substrings to integers simultaneously and storing them for future use?

I am reading certain parts of a text file and displaying it on the command window. The substrings are actually numbers. I want to convert that text to Strings when I ...

18. Converting string types into integer types in Java

I know of this

though in some other code I noticed this counts[(int) B.get(file,rank)]; where the (int) is supposedly converting the returned value from B.get into a Integer. I can ...

19. How to convert an Integer[] to an int[]?

// how to convert this
Integer[] array = {1, 2};

// to this
int[] array = {1, 2};
I'm working on code that has the second form, and I need to modify how the array ...

20. java convert string with units to integer

I want to convert strings like '1g' or '100k' or '15.3m' to integers. I suspect this is floating around some library in maven central, but I'm not quite sure where to ...

21. Converting string to int in java

How does one convert a string to int in java? I have a string which contains only number (1- 4 numbers to be specific) and I want to return the number which ...

22. method to convert from a string to an int

Possible Duplicate:
Converting string to int in java
Hi , i am trying to write a method that returns an int from a string variiable. my method ...

23. java joption and convert string to integer

I am not quite sure what i am doing wrong with this code. I am trying to import the joptionpane and then convert the string into an int my error comes at

**start = ...

24. Convert ascii to int?

Hii i am getting an ASCII value and i want to convert it into an Ineger Cause i know its an Integer ASCII value..

int a=53 
This is an ASCII value for ...

25. Convert ascii to int?

Possible Duplicate:
Convert ascii to int ??
int a=53 
This is an ASCII value for 5 i want Convert it to Integer

26. convert month name into integer

Possible Duplicate:
Convert month string to integer in java
hello, how do i convert String monthName into int monthNumber?

27. Convert Set to Set in Java

Is there a simple way to convert Set<Integer> to Set<String> without iterating through the entire set?

28. Conversion from null to int possible?

I know that when I read the answer to this I will see that I have overlooked something that was under my eyes. But I have spent the last 30 minutes trying ...

29. Is there a library or utility in Java to convert an integer to its ordinal?

I want to take an integer and get its ordinal, i.e.:

1 -> "First"
2 -> "Second"
3 -> "Third"

30. Converting Integer to String with comma for thousands

I want to convert an Integer 35634646 to have the thousand "," so it should be 35,634,646. What would be the quickest way to doing that?

31. How to (efficiently) convert int[] to Integer[]?

Is there any direct way to convert int array to Integer array with out looping element by element. Brute force way will be

int [] a = {1,2,3};
Integer [] b = new ...

32. Is using int + "" bad for converting Java int's to Strings?

So our computer science teacher taught us how to convert ints to Strings by doing this:

int i=0;
String s = i+"";
I guess he taught it to us this way since this was ...

33. Convert Integer?

Actually, you led me in the right direction, but this is what I did and program ran; System.out.print( "Enter radius: " ); // prompt radius = input.nextInt(); // read first entry ...

34. Converting a String to an int

35. Converting string to int

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung: I guess he may pass all params into the method for coversion, and only those who can convert to numbers are those necessary data, as we dont have any ideas of whether a series of params are strings or numbers, unless we check it digit by digit before passing to the method. Nick

36. Convert Integer[] to int[]

I agree, there is no "compact" solution in the API, AFAIK. I was playing around with some java.util stuff and I wrote the following code. Not surprising in retrospect, but it caught me off-guard. import java.util.*; public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { Integer[] a = {3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9}; int[] b = {3, 1, 4, ...

38. String to integer conversion

I have a question about type conversion/arrays. It is relate to following code snippet: String _today; String [] _date; if ( match != null ) { if ( line.indexOf("disbursement") <= 0 ) { int fromInd = line.indexOf("from "); int throughInd = line.indexOf("through"); addToXML(match.StartDateKey, line.substring(fromInd + 5, throughInd)); _today = line.substring(fromInd + 5, throughInd); _date = _today.split("/"); //System.out.println(_date[0] + " " + ...

39. Hexa to Integer Conversion not happeing

41. string conversion to int

I don't understand why you want to convert a string to an integer, without using either of the two standard methods provided for just that purpose. Sure, you can do it yourself by expanding the string into an array of characters and walking along it converting each one to the appropriate digit, multiplying by the appropriate power of 10 and adding ...

42. Conversion to String to Integer

Thanks a bunch Stephanie, I just want to confirm if i used Integer.parseInt(String s). Integer is object. How's I can deallocate the object i mean it will automatically deallocated at the end of the method,if it is not automatically how can i deallocate manually at the end of the method? Example public int getNum() { String mesg = "1234"; int number; ...

43. Conversion from String to int

You can use the Integer class to convert a String (containing digits only) to an Integer object. You can then get the primitive int value from the Integer object, e.g: String s = "1234"; Integer intObject = new Integer(s); int i = intObject.intValue(); [This message has been edited by Thomas Berglund (edited May 14, 2001).]

44. Integer Conversion

45. converting a string to an int

46. Converting int to String

47. Conversion from Object to integer.

I'm implementing a Comparator class. Enclosed is a subset of what I have. I need to know how to convert something of type Object to a type integer so that I may compare. I'm getting an error on line: if (a.intValue() < b.intValue()) Please send help! public class IntegerComparator implements Comparator { // Compare if < public boolean isLessThan(Object a, Object ...

48. Converting String -> int

Ok one way will be following: String num = "12345"; Integer in = new Integer(num); int val = in.intValue(); This will provide you the int value of your string. This is available in Integer class of java.lang package, check it for more detail. Hope it will help. Arun [ September 02, 2002: Message edited by: arun mahajan ]

49. Convert int to a string

Ernest, thank you so much, that's exactly what I'm looking for, i do lots of conversions from int to String - you have no idea how relieved i am. Kathy, what a great suggestion. I never knew i could do that. I will do it for other code i have doubts with. Thanks to both of you for your time.

50. Converting an integer into a string

51. Converting an int to a String

52. Converting Strings to ints and other impracticalities

I'm working an an exercise which was assinged to me. I have to use the to accept a numeric value. When I use to put a 1 in a variable which I use to control iterations of a loop, the loop runs 49 times. I've figured out that 1 on the keyboard is equivalent to a decimal 49. My ...

54. Have a question about convert int to string

But the easiest way to convert an int to a String is: int x = 1; String sx = (x+""); by concatenating any primitive with an empty string you cast it as a String double y = 1.2; String sy = (y+""); Other casting examples: public class Conversions { public static void main(String[] args) { String strQuantity = "5"; //simulating the ...

55. converting String[][] to int[][]

56. converting string to integer

57. string to integer conversion

58. converting string to int - help!

Well, there's Integer.parseInt(), to convert a string to an integer. An important thing to do in this type of problem is to find out exactly what format(s) the text lines will be in. Are pounds and ounces always given, or are ounces omitted if they are zero? Is there always exactly one space character between elements of the line, or does ...

59. String to Integer Conversion

60. convert string into int

hi there!!! i have one problem.... i have a string which actually an integer...because it was selected from a string... eg : i buy 2 cakes the selected substring is 2(name as select) i need to compare it...if select is less then 0....then it will instantiate to 0....where it will the gives the output as i buy 0 cake... the problem ...

61. conversion from int to String

62. How to convert String to int ?

If you're looking for a numeric identifier for that String then you can use the hashCode() method. This just returns an integer "hashcode" for the string. This code will appear to be an arbitrary value for your string. The only thing you're guarenteed concerning this hashcode is that two equal strings will have the same hashcode. This is a one-way function. ...

63. How to convert string to int ?

64. how to convert string to int

Depends on what you mean by standard functions. Off the top of my head you could take a String, examine it to be sure that is contains all digits (simple if you use a regular expression, but is that allowed?), reverse the String, examine each digit, convert it to an int (or Integer) using some sort of mapping, multipliy it by ...

65. integer to string conversion

66. int to String conversion

67. Any good method to use when converting Integer List to int[]?

The thing is like this: I have a method which has int[] as its return value (the method signature cannot be changed), but in the implementation of this method, I found very hard to define the length of this return value until the end. So I used List to contain return values first and thinking I could extract this list to ...

68. Help with int Conversion to String

69. Converting string to int

70. Converting String to Integer

Hello everyone, I'm having a little bit of trouble converting a string a an integer: public class StringToInt { public static void main(String[]args) { String string1 = " 5"; String string2 = " 4"; try{ int int1 = Integer.parseInt(string1); int int2 = Integer.parseInt(string2); int sum = int1 + int2; System.out.print(sum); } catch(Exception e){ System.out.println("Not possible, one of them or both isn't ...

71. How to convert a string to integer

I guess it depends on what you mean by "integer". An int, in Java, has a maximum possible value. That means there's a finite number of values that can possibly be represented. Same for a long. How many possible different Strings are there? Unless you limit the length of the possible Strings, I think there is an infinite number. So an ...

72. Convert string to integer without any API ?

I would also agree that there is no need to cast since the characters already have integer values in the ascii table. I'm going to try and clarify what Uj is doing here a little to see if it helps. First step: Look at the ascii table and determine the values for the characters 1,2,3,4,5 Second step: Still looking at the ...

73. Method to convert String[] to int[]

74. Conversion from ASCII to integer.

I think that Vishnu is getting 48 but wants 0. The solution is easy: 1) subtract '0' Yes that's right, you can use chars in mathematical expressions. 2) even better, use Character.digit(x, 10). This has better error checking; it returns -1 if the read character is not numeric, instead of, well, anything.

75. converting from String to int

76. Cannot Convert String to Int. Clock question.

Hello folks, back again. The book I'm reading had me create a simple clock program, and it works fine. However, when it displays the time, if the minutes are below 10, it doesn't show a zero in front, and it doesn't look right. e.g. if it's 10:09, it shows up at 10:9 in the window. It's not a big deal, and ...

77. Converting an integer to a string

78. How to convert Integer[] to int[]

Yes, you save 5 characters. But why USING CASTS? If you have a "regular" OO way to do that, simply invoking a method... I have to repeat, nowdays there's no real need to use casts in Java code... At least in simple exercises... It's a C practice to convert from a type to another one with a cast.

79. how to convert a string to an integer

put it in an array of Strings and then increment the index of the array. Use the mod operator (%) if you want to be able to loop through the array. For instance if you have an array of week days, you'd increment the index then mod it by 7 so that when you went past 6 (Saturday), you'd next hit ...

80. convert from roman numerals to integers and vice versa

Hi! I have a question. I have to write a class that takes roman numerals and returns their integer value and vice versa. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Here is what I have so far: public class RomanNumerals { //Return the integer value of a roman numeral digit private static int digitValue(char digit) { switch ( digit ) ...

82. cannot convert from int to int[][]

public **** Modify(xxxx){ for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++){ for(int j = 0; j < 10; j++){ compute average for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++){ for(int j = 0; j < 10; j++){ { matrix[][] = m - matrix[][]; check if the value is < 0, if < 0 then make it positive SOP(.....); } } return ...

83. Converting ints to Strings Problem

Is it possible to convert an int to a String such as an int with the value of 1 to a String with the value of "Ace"? Ive tried using the Integer.toString command but it just outputs the integer of 1 converted to the String of "1" The coding I have done so far in this class is shown below: Java ...

84. Converting a 2's complement to the proper integer

So my question accepts an input as an 8 char string that is a 2s complement of an integer, and then prints the right integer out. I cannot use any classes that do the conversion but i can use any I/O facilities. Now i am still new to Java terms and not very knowledgeable of terms yet, so what does it ...

85. string to integer conversion

hi, i am working with excel and java. by default, value extracted from a cell of excel sheet is string. In a column i have 3000 numerical values. As excel sheet cell is returning string, i created a string array to store column elements. when i try to convert those string values to integer, 1.It is throwing an exception of array ...

86. Convert jpeg image to int

87. Converting J001 to integer

88. A problem with converting String to Int.

I have a ArrayList of strings. I need to convert them to integer if possible and compare to certain value witch is also integer. Here is what i do: for(int j=0;j

89. convert integer to string

90. Integer to String Conversion

It's very simple actually. You just need a properties file with the numbers from Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY up to Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY as key and the respective string as value and you're set to go...If you want to restrict your application to use only integral numbers use Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE instead... Edited by: abenstex on May 20, 2008 1:07 PM

91. convert Object[] to Integer[]

Hi All, I actually have a dynamic Object array. As par my knowledge an Object can be of any type for example String, Integer or any other type .Please correct me if I am wrong. Now, ill tell you my problem I have a logic to be performed in case when the user enters the values in the object array , ...

92. convert type object to integer

93. Converting from Roman Numeral to Integer

94. help needed to convert substring to int

Hi - a couple of things: If you post code, could you use the code tags? The idea is that you put {code} at the start of your code and the same thing again at the end. That way your code is readable. And secondly it would help if you said what the problem is. As far as getting the integer ...

95. Converting String to int

97. converting string to int

Hi, i'm picking up values from a text file into an array of Strings String[] words = strLine.split (","); the text file contains: b f 2 3 1 2 a 3 2 2 2 3 3 2 2 b i want to validate the elements in the first column so that they are integers and not string. How do i apply ...

98. convert int to String

99. Convert string to int without library functions

I can say what I like. You have no control over that. If you want help from people here you might consider dropping the attitude. "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" "You catch mor flies with honey than vinegar" In other words, If you behave nicely, we will behave nicely to you. Asking people to give you code is rude ...