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1. Why is the resulting type of a division of short integers in Java not a short integer?    stackoverflow.com

Consider this code:

public class ShortDivision {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        short i = 2;

2. Java - How to avoid loss of precision during divide and cast to int?    stackoverflow.com

I have a situation where I need to find out how many times an int goes into a decimal, but in certain cases, I'm losing precision. Here is the method:

public ...

3. Java Integer Division, How do you produce a double?    stackoverflow.com

int num = 5;
int denom = 7;
double d = num / denom;
this results in 0, I know you can force it to work by doing
double d = ((double) num) / denom;
but ...

4. Why does the division of two integers return 0.0 in Java?    stackoverflow.com

int totalOptCount = 500;
int totalRespCount=1500; 
float percentage =(float)(totalOptCount/totalRespCount);
Why does this always return value 0.0? Also I want to format this into 00.00 format and convert into string?

5. Java: division between integers    stackoverflow.com

I need to perform a division between integers in Java, and the result should be a float. can I just use "/" symbol for it ? integer1 / integer2 ? thanks

6. java division: Inconvertible types found: int    stackoverflow.com

What's wrong with this code

int numOfPrimes=pf.FindNumPrimes(10000);
Double frequency=((Double)numOfPrimes)/10000d;
inconvertible types found : int required: java.lang.Double Double frequency=((Double)numOfPrimes)/10000d;

7. How to check if an integer can be divided by 3    stackoverflow.com

How to check if my integer can be divided by 3 as below:

for(int i=0; i<24;  i++){
   //here, how to check if "i" can be divided by 3 completely(e.g. ...

8. Applying casts to the results of integer and floating point division: what's going on here?    stackoverflow.com

I'm a beginner and there's something that's not making much sense to me. Please could be so kind as to explain where I'm going wrong. I'm sorry if this has been ...

9. List any integer that is divided by five or six    stackoverflow.com

The directions are the following: read in the starting and ending integer number , display all numbers (inclusive) divisible by both 5 and 6 print 10 per line. The tenth ...

10. Integer division, Urgent Please    coderanch.com

Read up on how conversion works in Java. You get 0.0 because 8 and 2000 are both seen by the compiler as integers. The result of integer division is always an integer. Java also truncates the result. Thus the result of (8/2000) is the integer value 0 which is then automatically converted to a float (0.0f) and assigned to the variable ...

11. clarification on int division    coderanch.com

The simple Logic behind it is that whenever you perform any operation like X/Y where X and Y both are integers, and if the answer is not a perfect interger then simple the digits after the decimal point . are removed. so if answer of 5/2 is 2.50 then .50 is removed and 2 is given as a answer in interger ...

12. int division    java-forums.org

When you divide two integers, the result will be an integer. In other words, you will lose the decimal places. If you want to keep the decimal places, then cast one of them to double (as stated). The other value will get promoted to double and you will get a double result.

13. integer division and remainder operators help    forums.oracle.com

I am having problems trying to get the numbers to roll over I can get them to carry but when they hit say 60 for minutes I don't know how to get it to go to zero I can get it to add 1 to the angle or I can get it to roll over but not add to the next ...