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1. Java equivalent of register int?    stackoverflow.com

In C, I can allocate a register for a variable, for example:

register int i = 0;
I am aware that Java is an interpreted language, and is many many abstractions away from ...

2. Code for displaying the smallest power of 2 greater than or equal than the integer    stackoverflow.com

I need a code in Java that can find the smallest power of 2 greater than or equal to any non-negative integer entered by the user. Can anyone help?

3. Why byte b = (byte) 0xFF is equals to integer -1?    stackoverflow.com

Why byte b = (byte) 0xFF is equal to integer -1? Ex:

int value = byte b = (byte) 0xFF;
it will print -1?

4. C++ equivalent of java.lang.Integer.MIN_VALUE    stackoverflow.com

How can I get an equivalent of java.lang.Integer.MIN_VALUE on C++?

5. Help with string equality in Java    stackoverflow.com

The following function accepts 2 strings, the 2nd (not 1st) possibly containing *'s (asterisks). An * is a replacement for a string (empty, 1 char or more), it can appear appear (only ...

6. C/C++ equivalent to java Integer.toHexString    stackoverflow.com

C/C++ equivalent to java Integer.toHexString. Porting some code from java to C/C++, does C have a build in function to Integer.toHexString in java? UPDATE: Heres is the exact code i'm trying to port:

String downsize ...

7. Checking For Equal Instances of 2 Different (Included Example)    stackoverflow.com

I use the == in the code below and prints out "Equals!", why? Can someone explain why these two different strings a and b are equal?

public class test

8. How do you find a roman numeral equivalent of an integer    stackoverflow.com

How do you find a roman numeral equivalent of an integer. Is there a java library which provides this capability? I did find a similar question, but I would prefer an ...

9. Why Java does not see that Integers are equal?    stackoverflow.com

I have integers that are supposed to be equal (and I verify it by output). But in my if condition Java does not see these variables to have the same value. ...

10. int main(); C - java equivalent    stackoverflow.com

I'm an University student and new to java. Last year, second semester we did some programming in C. I test a lot of stuff before truly understanding it. In C I ...

11. Does int.class equal Integer.class or Integer.TYPE in Java?    stackoverflow.com

Let's imagine one retrieves the declaring type of a Field using reflection. Which of the following tests will correctly indicate whether one is dealing with an int or an Integer?

Field f = ...

12. Java not saying that two Strings equal when they do?    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
String comparison in Java
heres my script:
public class euler4 {

     * a palindromatic number reads ...

13. Why are autoboxed Integers and .getClass() values ==-equal, not only .equals()-equal?    stackoverflow.com

Maybe I've been working too long on Java without really understanding some of its basics.
I do understand that == is for object reference equality and .equals() is for object value equality.

  1. Comparing ...

14. Integer == int allowed in java    stackoverflow.com

I was wondering if java automatically turns a Integer into an int when comparing to an int? Or will the == try and compare references on primitives? Is this always true or ...

15. How is -Integer.MIN_VALUE Equal to Integer.MIN_VALUE    coderanch.com

Can any one tell me how do we decide whether a number is negative or positive just by looking at the binary representation 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 = 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 = 1 and System.out.println( 32 >> 37); // output: 1 System.out.println( 32 >> 5); // output: 1 How is this ...

16. Int equals void    java-forums.org

Int equals void I am building a applet that can read inputs from the user to make codons for DNA, so my teacher can use it. It reads the first three characters to make a codon, uses those characters to get a value (1, 2, 3 or 4), takes those character values to make a codon value (1 - ...

19. String equivalent of Integer.parseInt()    forums.oracle.com

Incrementing a variable (but better names than x and y please!;) seems the right way to count the number of each sort of answer. If there's a problem with that, say what "it doesn't work" means: what your code is - or at least where the variables are declared, initialised and assigned values - and how the output differs from what ...

20. Equality (==), .equals() and String equality    forums.oracle.com

21. blah.equals() for ints?    forums.oracle.com

String and int are completely different data types. String is an object and extends the java.lang.Object class in Java. The Object class defines the method equals() which compares references between two Objects and returns true if the references are equal. The String class overrides this method to return true if the content of the Strings being compared is the same. To ...

22. Integer.equals(Object) acting flakey in JDK/JRE 1.5    forums.oracle.com

I am having a problem with java.lang.Integer.equals(Object). Here's the code: class Address Integer id; // Other fields... class AddressDTO Integer id; // Other fields... // Remove all Address Domain objects that are not represented in the UserDTO's address map. l1: for(Address address : user.getAddresses().toArray(new Address[0])) { for(AddressDTO addressDTO : userDTO.getAdderssDTOs().values()) { if(address.getId().equals(addressDTO.getId())) continue l1; } user.removeAdderss(address); } My problem is, when ...