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1. Int String format problem

I'm returning this, it is similar to how you percieve dollars, $"32.95" etc. I calculate it in cents which is an int, but the problem is the second half cuts off ...

2. How do I format a long integer as a string without separator in Java?

Simple question, but I'll bet that asking on here will probably be more straight forward than trying to understand the documentation for MessageFormat:

long foo = 12345;
String s = MessageFormat.format("{0}", foo);
Observed value ...

3. Left padding integers (non-decimal format) with zeros in Java

The question has been answered for integers printed in decimal format, but I'm looking for an elegant way to do the same with integers in non-decimal format (like binary, octal, ...

4. Which API can I use to format an int to 2 digits?

What API can I use to format an int to be 2 digits long? For example, in this loop

for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
   System.out.println("i is ...

5. Java convert time format to integer or long

I'm wondering what the best method is to convert a time string in the format of 00:00:00 to an integer or a long? My ultimate goal is to be able ...

6. Integer gets formatted with commas when it gets fetched from a ResourceBundle

year.of.birth={0} was born on {1}

If I pass 2000 or 2008 to {1} the value gets parsed as 2,000 or 2,008. 
I don't want the commas as part of my translated string. ...

7. Convert signed int (2bytes, 16 bits) in double format. With Java

I've got a problem. In Java I need to read samples from a wav file. The file format is: wav, PCM_SIGNED, signed int of 2bytes = 16bits, little endian... The object reads the ...

8. How can i print a integer in binary format in java

How can i print a integer in binary format in java. example i have a number , i want to print it in binary, i dont want to do it by writing ...

9. How to print byte in unsign format in Java

I need to print a variable of type byte in an unsigned format. How do I do that?

10. Format of TYPE_INT_RGB and TYPE_INT_ARGB

Could anyone explain for me how java stores color in TYPE_INT_RGB and TYPE_INT_ARGB ?
Do these lines of code work properly for calculating red, green and blue ?

int red= (RGB>>16)&255;
int green= (RGB>>8)&255;
int ...

11. Format an Integer using Java String Format

I am wondering if it is possible, using the String.format method in Java, to give an integer preceding zeros? For example: 1 would become 001
2 would become 002
11 would become 011
12 would become ...

12. Java convert any integer to 4 digits

This seems like an easy question. One of my assignments basically sends a time in military format (like 1200, 2200, etc) to my class. How can I force the integer to ...

13. Java: have integer, need it in byte in 0x00 format

I have an integer used to seed my for loop:

for(int i = 0; i < value; i++)
Within my for loop I am seeding a byte array with byte content values that ...

14. Using Javas System.out.format to align integer values

I am trying to produce right aligned numbers looking a bit like this:

but I clearly does not understand the syntax. I have been trying to follow ...

16. Formatting integers - should be easy?!

import java.text.DecimalFormat; import java.text.NumberFormat; public class Temp { public static void main(String[] args) { DecimalFormat d = new DecimalFormat("######"); write(d.format(100)); write(d.format(10000)); d = new DecimalFormat("000000"); write(d.format(100)); write(d.format(10000)); //d = new DecimalFormat("0#####"); /* Illegal */ NumberFormat n = NumberFormat.getInstance(); n.setMinimumIntegerDigits(6); write(n.format(100)); write(n.format(10000)); } /* To see exact bounds of string */ private static void write(String s) { System.out.println(">" + s + "<"); ...

17. formatting integer to include commas

18. int formatting???

19. format integer into string with comma

20. Formatting an int value

I have an int ID which is a unique identifier within my code, within lists I would like consecutive IDs to appear as 001,002, ... 009,010 etc how do I go about adding preceding 0 placeholders to an int value? The value must remain as an int, my specs do not permit me to parse it to a String value I ...

21. how to print integer result in binary format

22. Convert hexadecimal data to Integer format

Yes, very easily, but that is not what the OP asked for, may times this type of question is in response to a homework problem and they have to work the problem the specific way it was asked. Teachers will do this to emphasize and clarify what the student knows or may not know about a number system.

23. Problem formatting string with ints

24. Need help to convert this format of string in a int value?

1.Create a java program named which will require the user to enter his/her whole name, then display the 1st, 3rd and 5th characters of the name. If the character happened to be a space, display the word "SPACE". (Note: Use the charAt method) Example: Enter your name: Val Guarin First character of your name is V Third character of your ...

25. Parse integer from String of known format

I am reading from a file trying to read various settings by somewhat parsing lines of interest. A line of interest, here, is a line that begins with "var " followed by a variable name of interest (such as "mm" or "janYear"), followed by an equals sign (=), the value (an integer), a semicolon, and any amount of text afterwards. In ...

26. Formatting Integers in a Line

27. printing integer in a 32 bit format