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1. Why can't you assign an int to an Integer in a loop without curly braces?    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
Why this is not compiling in Java?
In java, curly braces are optional for one line for loops, but I've found a case where ...

2. Which is better Java programming practice for looping up to an int value: a converted for-each loop or a traditional for loop?    stackoverflow.com

Given the need to loop up to an arbitrary int value, is it better programming practice to convert the value into an array and for-each the array, or just use a ...

3. How does "final int i" work inside of a Java for loop?    stackoverflow.com

I was surprised to see that the following Java code snippet compiled and ran:

for(final int i : listOfNumbers) {
where listOfNumbers is an array of integers. I thought ...

4. How do I design an int loop that starts with 1 and ends with 0 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0)    stackoverflow.com

My problem is to use nested for loops in order to create this output:

         |         ...

5. Why for-each loop does not allow increment Integer?    stackoverflow.com

I mean in this code:

List<Integer> list = new LinkedList();

for (Integer i : list)

returns 1 not 2. In for-each loop Java creates new object (i) and copies fields ...

6. Simple Java Query - Getting a Result from a Integer    stackoverflow.com

I have been set an assignment where I must find the average of a list of positive numbers enterd by the user, the amount of numbers entered is unknown. So far ...

7. How do i go pass an integer's value of 2^62 -1 in a for loop    stackoverflow.com

How may i actually specify a for loop with an iterator value larger than an int's max size? i.e. i would like to loop 2^62 -1 times. EDIT: 2^62 -1

8. Dereferencing the integer value of a for loop in java    stackoverflow.com

I just figured out that when I do this in Java:

for(int x = 0; x < 3; x++)
    String bla = "bla";
    bla += x.toString();
It ...

9. Java: perform for statement until given variable has reached a certain value?    stackoverflow.com

I want to have a for statement that repeats until a given int reaches a certain value. Example:

for (int variable = 0; variable < other_variable; variable++) {
The problem with this is that ...

10. Incompatible types, found: void, required: int    stackoverflow.com

For college I need to create a lotto program. The brief is as follows:

Develop an application that simulates a lottery draw. The lottery will randomly draw 4 distinct ...

11. an int outside a for loop, which is printed after the for loop    coderanch.com

What will happen if you attempt to compile and run the following code public class TimDig{ public static void main(String argv[]){ TimDig td = new TimDig(); td.samcov(); } public void samcov(){ int i=1; int j=2; if((i==20) && (j==(i=i*2))){ } System.out.print(i); if((i==20) & (j==(i=i*2))){} System.out.print(i); int x = i & 2; System.out.print(x); } } What is the deal with the variable int ...

12. What is the scope of an int in a for loop?    coderanch.com

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13. Problem with = integer in a for loop    coderanch.com

I will paste the complete code because I want to get to the bottom of this now. public class FibonacciTester { public static void main(String[] args){ Fibonacci tester = new Fibonacci(); tester.bereken(150); System.out.println(tester); } } import java.util.*; public class Fibonacci { ArrayList reeks = new ArrayList(); int i = 0; int waarde = 0; ArrayList bereken(int getal){ if (getal < 1){ ...

14. need to create loop to force user to input integer    java-forums.org

I wouldn't say useless. It's often used to avoid unecessarily deep nesting, but that is often in a situation where you are bug fixing, and refactoring a loop is more pain than gain. In other words, you've found a situation where you don't need to process item x so, rather than "if not whatever" and then indenting a score of lines ...

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18. Incrementing Ascii and integer loop    forums.oracle.com

19. accumulating int variable; do-while loop    forums.oracle.com

I am generating with every loop a new random number ("newY"). Every new "newY" should be added to the variable "accumulatedY". 1st loop: accumulatedY = 0 2nd loop: accumulatedY = newY (1st loop) 3rd loop: accumulatedY =new Y (1st loop) + newY (2nd loop) 4th loop: accumulatedY =new Y (1st loop) + newY (2nd loop) + newY (3rd loop) etc... The ...

20. For Loop - Add Integers ???    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I have an array which contains 18 numbers, these numbers are written to individual text boxes which are also created by a for loop. Is it possible to add the values of the text box or the value of the for loop to get an answer? For example if i had 18 2's the anwser would be 36.

21. Need help. Integer in a loop not resetting    forums.oracle.com

// //Enter a number and a letter. The letter E will set that number as the value in the accumulator. The //letter M will multiply, D will divide, S will subtract, P will raise the accumulator to the power //of the number. The letter T will terminate the process and print the final result. //