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1. i want to convert string and integer to unsigned byte

In java i have two variables String string; int integerValue; I want to convert these values to unsignedbyte that is How to convert string to UnsignedByte and integer to UnsignedByte

2. what int,float variables after the program is executed

In general, as for as objects, java reclaims the memory occupied by the object whenever it is no longer needed. But at the same time we are using int, float and ...

3. How much memory does an int take on Sun's 64-bit JVM?

I know that Java's implementation does everything it can to hide that information from developers, but I'm building a memory-bound algorithm which does not depend on third-party libraries, so that information ...

4. Java Integer memory allocation

Hey I am trying to understand the following code snippet.

public static void main(String[] args) {
    Integer i1 = 1000;
    Integer i2 = 1000;

5. Why does Point take less memory than Integer

I'm measuring the sizes of objects by checking how long their byte arrays are using ByteArrayOutputStream. When doing:

System.out.println(Utils.getObjectSize(new Integer(123123)));
System.out.println(Utils.getObjectSize(new Point(123, 123)));
They return 81 and 51. I belive Point consists of two primitives but ...

6. Regarding Memory Usage of Integer and Double

Thanks, This time I recompiled my code to output the difference of totalMemory and freeMemory but this difference comes exactly same for Double, Boolean,Long and Integer data type ,also even the memory usage displayed by windows task manager is same for each of them. I had tested my code for array size of 10^4 , 10^5,10^6,10^7 and the result displayed are ...

7. Java: Memory usage for types boolean and integer

"Yeah, you can. Just provide documentation or a startup script. " Are you saying that I can make a script on my website that will change the amount of memory usable by the virtual machine on my guests? How do I do that? I assume it is only temporary? The page is written in php/html and then there is the java ...