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I'm trying to write a program for my class that computes the sum off all odd integers between 0 and n, a user defined arbitrary variable. Everything should be ok except these blocks, which is where I'm guessing I'm having the issues... ... global variables Java Code: int n = 0; int result = 0; int newnum = 0; int count ...

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I shouldn't have replied without checking why I didn't know this thread already. Please don't bring back old threads -- we'll be glad to help if you ask a question yourself. The code in this old thread wasn't working, why would you expect to be able to copy it? Edited by: JEisen on Jun 16, 2009 2:48 PM

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Hi Folks, How to accomplish the below mentioned? 1) Suppose I have an array of integers in which only one integer is repeated twice. How to find that integer without using any of the Collection classes, efficiently? These integers are jumbled; they are in no particular order. 2) Suppose I have an array contains integers in pair, but only one integer ...