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1. Java Integer: what is faster comparison or subtraction?    stackoverflow.com

I've found that java.lang.Integer implementation of compareTo method looks as follows:

public int compareTo(Integer anotherInteger) {
int thisVal = this.value;
int anotherVal = anotherInteger.value;
return (thisVal<anotherVal ? -1 : (thisVal==anotherVal ? 0 : 1));
The question ...

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How does Java handle integer underflows and overflows? Leading on from that, how would you check/test that this is occurring?

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I am looking for an efficient formula working in Java which calculates the following expression:

(low + high) / 2
which is used for binary search. So far, I have been using "low + ...

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i know this is an old question, asked many times. but i am not able to find any satisfactory answer for this, hence asking again. can someone explain what exactly happens in ...

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When doing this:

    int x = 100;
    int result = 1;

    for (int i = 1; i < (x + 1); i++) ...

6. How Java handle integer underflows and overflows?    stackoverflow.com

I understand the overflows in java, but what is called underflows? and how can java handle it ?

7. integer overflow    coderanch.com

Hello, Considering that Java does not automatically throw an exception (or otherwise object) to integer overflow (it just "wraps around"), what is the best/preferred/whatever style to handle this condition when it is unknown that the inputs and subsequent calculations will for certain stay within bounds (of Integer.MAX_VALUE and Integer.MIN_VALUE in the case of type int)? Should values first be stored as ...

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[Lambert Stein]: Simply checking against the same result done in long doesn't help - it's got the overhead of casting. I think this attitude is impractical - anything you do here will be slower than a single unchecked addition or subtraction. You can't reject a possibility because you think it's slower than you'd like - you can only choose the best ...

10. integer overflow - > unpredictable ?    coderanch.com

On a daily base, making sure that my values don't overflow anywhere in my code gives me the biggest headache. Even if the language threw an exception in this case, it wouldn't change that you have to check everywhere whether there's a possibility for overflow. Still, using unchecked exceptions would have been much much better than silent overflow. If your program ...

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