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1. Extract Integer Part in String

What is the best way to extract the integer part of a string like

How do you get the 123 part. You can sort of hack it using Java's Scanner, is there ...

2. taking integer input in java

I am actually new to java programming and am finding it difficult to take integer input and storing it in variables...i would like it if someone could tell me how to ...

3. Problem with parsing String convertion to int in java

Please help me for conversion my line of codes are mention below:

String deptName = "IT";
String dept_test = request.getParameter("deptName").trim();
System.out.println("Dept name vlue is"+dept_test);
// problem here for casting...
int dept_id = Integer.parseInt(dept_test);

4. how can I parse "30.0" or "30.00" to Integer?

I using:

String str="300.0";
return an exception: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "300.0" How can I parse this String to int? thanks for help :)

5. Storing 4 int32 values inside each PB message as 4 different variables 'instead of using repeated' to avoid parsing back as ''List of Integers''

For my usecase of Protocol Buffers, I need to serialize 4 integers(at max.) inside each protocol buffer message. I want that when I retrieve those 4 integers from message, I get ...

6. Parsing integer strings in Java

Possible Duplicate:
How to convert a hexadecimal string to long in java?
I know that Java can't handle this:
Instead you have to do this:
Integer.parseInt("64", 16)
Is there ...

7. Parse JSON string to Dictionary with Gson

I have a JSON string which looks as following: {"altruism":1,"amazon":6} What I want to have is a HashMap<String, Integer> with two entries afterwards.

Key: altruism Value: 1
Key: amazon Value:6
I really can't figure out ...

8. how to parse a jsonObject using JsonArray that have dynamic id's in start as integer

sorry but i amm not a player of Json it's my first time. so please tell me how can i parse a the following rsponse using jsonArray. As JsonObject need an ...

9. Problem parse integer within JSON response

How to convert number values in json string to string format. such as

100 - "100"
i am getting the result from response and set to a string (in java). anybody suggest the right ...

10. parsing empty string to integer in java

if(jsonArray.getJSONObject(i).get("SECNO").toString()!=null && jsonArray.getJSONObject(i).get("SECNO").toString().trim()!="")
                        appointment.mSecNo =Integer.parseInt(jsonArray.getJSONObject(i).get("SECNO").toString());

11. how do you read ints in a String then reference them

I'm trying to read in a string with the ability for the computer to read in a word like math. The code then goes on to look for numbers which were ...

12. Parsing String to Integer

Hi, The String API has methods that you can easily use to find any characters you want from the string. Once you have for example found a number use the String.parseInt() ...

13. Parse a string to int.

14. Parsing an Int

Kassi, Thomas is correct in that you only need to perform a cast to convert the number. He also points out the downside to the "narrowing conversion". If you are concerned that the number is converted correctly, you can check that the long value is not greater than Integer.MAX_VALUE before attempting the cast, or you can verify that i == lg ...

15. Parse a string to int

You don't need to import java.lang.Integer, as every class in java.lang is implicitly imported. The message is telling you that this method returns "int", but you're assigning the result to an Integer. "Integer" is a kind of object, while "int" is a primitive type. You most likely watt to use "int" here instead -- i.e., pa should be an int, not ...

16. parse int to string???help!!!!

17. problem with parse int method

dittmer, craig and campbell, how are you? i just wanted you to know firstly that the tips did help alot and you know what, that long coding that i had, worked beautifully, as far as displaying the screen. however, i am at a standstill. i am trying to convert some string input into values by using the parseInt method but i ...

18. Help with parsing integers from a string

Hey guys, basically I'm trying to create a program that loops indefinitely until the user enters "exit" for the input. Except whenever I enter anything other then an integer value, the program will throw a NumberFormatException error. I'm a little unsure why this is because it shouldn't parse anything except the integer part of the input...which is why I don't understand ...

19. NumberFormatException thrown from parsing string to int

public static void loadScores(){ try{ File f1 = new File("C:\\Spelling Quiz\\scorecard.txt"); Scanner sc2 = new Scanner(f1); sc2.useDelimiter(":"); while(sc2.hasNext()){ String userName =; String questions =; String playDate =; String totalQuestions =; int questionsX = Integer.parseInt(questions); //Error occurs on this line, probably the next one as well int totalQuestionsX = Integer.parseInt(totalQuestions); Scoreboard tempScore = new Scoreboard(userName, questionsX, playDate, totalQuestionsX); ...

20. parsing string to Integer

Are you seriously becoming impatient after just 14 minutes? PatienceIsAVirtue Next time you post about a problem, be sure to include any exception you're getting, and any other salient details. Just posting a piece of code and asking "what is the problem" is unlikely to elicit helpful responses, especially if quickly followed by something with an exclamation mark. So: What is ...

21. Parse an int from a string

If the input is "Shirt @ 2" and you split using "@" you would have an array like this: qty1[0] ="Shirt "; qty1[1] =" 2"; You need to access the second value at the second index instead of the first: Example qty1[1] Remember to trim() your String as your numeric value contains a space.

22. problems with parsing a string into int,

Java Code: public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { String firstSlot, secondSlot, thirdSlot; int firstPiece, secondPiece, thirdPiece, payOff; System.out.print("Enter The Coins: "); int coins = Integer.parseInt(br.readLine()); System.out.print("\n"); while (coins != 0) { System.out.print("Bet(Max: 1 - 4 Coins): "); int bet = Integer.parseInt(br.readLine()); firstPiece = (int) Math.floor(Math.random() * MAX_PIECES) + 1; secondPiece = (int) Math.floor(Math.random() * MAX_PIECES) + 1; thirdPiece = ...

23. parsing integer part from a JSpinner

24. Trying to parse int from string. Need help please.

I'm trying to convert the string input from the gui input, into an int. However, the editor isn't letting me do this, as far as I know, I have everything set correctly. I'm only on chapter 4 of my Java book. O.o; Main Class File: Java Code: // Begin import import javax.swing.JOptionPane; /* import java.util.Scanner; * Used as fallback */ // ...

25. parsing group of string as integer

26. parse string to int

27. Parsing an int into a String

Should one prefer String.valueOf(arg) or Integer.toString(arg)? They end up executing the same code, so it doesn't make much difference, but I prefer the String method. It's overriden with versions for long etc... so if I edit and change arg's type to long, for example, I don't have to change all the Integer.toString's to Long.toString. I've done that enough to see the ...

29. Parsing Integers

ok, that makes sense because the user is prompted to input either a single name or an _ with a two named could you maybe explain how to split on a space? Sorry if I am dragging this out WAY too just really sucks that we can't use separate JOptionPanes or even separate JTextFields

31. How to parse if input by user is a int or a string.

Obviously by eye it's simple to tell from a number or a letter. i just want the program to look if the input that was written and stored as a string value, is actually a number or letter's and I really am short of ideas for this one part, I keep trying thing's I find in my java book or over ...

33. Parsing the integer/ double values

Eh? temp_predictions is an array of an array of doubles. Your code is printing out one of those arrays of Doubles. What you're seeing in your output is what an array of doubles prints as. If you already have an array of doubles, there's no parsing that needs to be done. Just array indexing. You say you want to convert to ...

34. parse double as integer

To convert a double into int it is correct to use casting like double d = 2147483647.0; int i = (int)d; System.out.println(i); but it will not work for greater than 2147483647.0 because max int value is 2147483647 public static final int MAX_VALUE 2147483647 for that you can try java.math.BigInteger like double d = 2147483657.0; System.out.println( new java.math.BigDecimal(d).toBigInteger());

36. NumberFormatException when parsing int

37. Any good way to parse unsighned int to Java Integer

My SQL server contains a data comlun with tinyint as data type, then my backend server(C++) retrieves the tinyint data and send it to Web Service stack(java). But Java does not have unsigned type, any good way to convert it to java Integer. The google result is like this: Therefore for an array of 4 bytes (buf[]), which represents an integer ...

39. Parsing string currency input as int

40. Error on integer parse