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1. operation with integer: result is only zero - Java

I have to do an operation with integers, very simple: a=b/c*d where all the variables are integer, but the result is ZERO whatever is the value of the parameters. I guess that it's ...

2. checking an integer to see if it contains a zero

Given an integer, how could you check if it contains a 0, using Java?

1 = Good
2 = Good
9 = Good
10 = BAD!
101 = BAD!
1026 = BAD!
1111 = Good
How can this be ...

3. Bounding this program to determine the sum of reciprocal integers not containing zero

Let A denote the set of positive integers whose decimal representation does not contain the digit 0. The sum of the reciprocals of the elements in A is known to be ...

4. Java int zero prefix?

Possible Duplicate:
Integer with leading zeroes
Hi. How does Java deal with bytes, ints, shorts and longs prefixed by zeroes, e.g.
// Prints 8.

// Prints 64.
So, 8^(n-1), I ...

5. Why do integer div and mod round towards zero?

Unlike in C, in Java is the result of x/y and x%y well-defined even for negative operands. Surprisingly, it's defined by rounding towards zero, and not by rounding down (i.e., towards ...

6. Java subtract two ints, result should be a minimum of zero

I want to subtract one integer from another, and the result should floor at 0. So 2 minus 4 should equal 0. I could just do

int result = x - y;
if ...

7. Why dividing an integer by zero and type casting it to float results infinity?

I had already searched through different questions on this topic but not get a clear idea. Check this code:

class Test{
    public static void main(String[] s){

8. Int with leading zeroes - unexpected result

Given the following sample:

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

9. Converting String to Integer without losing leading zero's

Your question here about passing "bits" doesn't seem to have anything to do with the original question about preserving leading zeroes in integers. If you're having a problem with the number of bits you're passing, then you must not be passing an integer. Would you like to display the code you're using to pass those bits?

10. Counting digits in an integer value, including zero

Hello, I'm curious if this is possible at all. Imagine if a user enters the number 00005 from his keyboard, and we were to count all the digits, including zeros, in this number, how would we go about doing it? I see that any value entered from the keyboard that includes a zero in the beginning automatically cuts off. How can ...

11. How to add leading zeroes to int

12. Integer.parseInt - zeroes on the left are lost - How to fix this?

You do realize that Integer.parseInt produces an int value right? And that 00004 is the same integer value as 04 or 004 or 4 are, right? If you want to "preserve" the leading zeros, then don't turn it into an integer value -- keep it as a String with that formatted stuff already in it.

13. finding odds, evens, and zeroes in an integer

to the first reply, thanks but i still can't figure it out ha because sure it prints that but when i try to use user input like i did it doesn't work out so well.., and second thank you for that tip about seeing what y is, question, is that the char's number ? and how would i make it so ...

15. HTML input integer zero

16. How to add Zero to an integer value from left (like 999 to 0999)

hello, any body please tell me how to add "0" to an integer from left i just want to make my value 999 to 0999 and i tried with converting it to strings but after adding zero i have to make the string to integer again because my method accepts integers onli. thanks in advance ranadheer