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1. Convert a String to Number - Java

What is the easiest and correct way to convert a String number with commas (for example: 835,111.2) to a Double instance. Thanks, Rod

2. How to convert a string 3.0103E-7 to 0.00000030103 in Java?

How to convert a string 0E-11 to 0.00000000000 in Java? I want to display the number in non scientific notations. I've tried looking at the number formatter in Java, however I ...

3. Reason for NumberFormat Exception(converting String to long)

Friend's, I'm trying to convert an string into long type,here i'm getting NumberFormat Exception,how can i fix this problem.

4. converting numbers to string with some formatting

hello consider i have the following four numbers. int i = 0,j=2,k=12,l=233; i want to convert this to string. the following are the rules. 1. the length of the string must be "seven" 2. the number inside the string must be "right aligned" 3. Use "space" as prefix and NOT zero as prefix So, the after conversion, the string should be ...

5. How to convert millisecond number to time format

I had to do the same thing just yesterday. I looked around a bit for a premade solution, then gave up & did it myself (wasnt that hard, but I wanted to avoid re-inventing something that might already be there): long seconds = milliseconds / 1000; String s = String.format("%1$02d:%2$02d:%3$02d", seconds / (60*60), (seconds / 60) % 60, seconds % 60); ...