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1. how to format currency in displaytag

I am getting the value of amount like 4567.00 , 8976.00 etc. Now while dispalying this value in displaytag i would like to print it as $4567.00 instead of just ...

2. Java Currency Number format

Is there a way to format a decimal as following: 100 -> "100" 100.1 -> "100.10" i.e. if it is round omit the decimal part otherwise always show 2dp. Thxs.

3. Parse Japanese currency String with java.text.NumberFormat

HI, I face problems parsing a Japanese currency string in Java. Seems that the Yen symbol is not matching what java think it should be. Here is my code:

NumberFormat f = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance(Locale.JAPAN);
String ...

4. Arbitrary Currency String - Get all parts separated?

I have arbitrary String with currencies like 100,00€ or $100.00 or 100.00USD (arbitrary lenght, any valid Currency on earth both Symbol and ISO-Code )...(=like 100.000.000,00 EUR). There is no guarantee that ...

5. NumberFormat / currency

I'd like to format the price in a Euro sign, I tried without an argument and also with argument Locale.GERMAN. Result is no format. When I use Locale.UK as an argument it works fine, then the Pound-sign appears...... also with the Locale.US (Dollar-sign appears) NumberFormat currency = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance(Locale.GERMAN); return currency.format(price); price is defined as a double by the way..