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I'm trying to format an arbitrary length decimal so all of the numbers to the left of the decimal point are displayed but a maximum of 2 to the right are ...

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Can someone please help me solve this? The number should be variable and not constant. The output should be:

Timestamping In 6 Digit
Average In 6 Digit
class Timestamp1 extends Average1
  public static void ...

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I have several strings of different length

I need to convert them to string of the same size such as:
How can I automatically add the correct number of 0s in front of ...

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The built in DecimalFormat only allows you to specify number of digits to the right of the decimal place. Because of the limitations of representing numbers as double, number formatting needs to ...

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It is more of a memory management thing than execution time. I think it is just a good habit to get into. When you start to work on larger programs, you don't have any unnecessary strings floating around. I think it in a bad practice to get into. Strings are used a lot in code. Using StringBuilder in every possible ...

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Hey all I'm using NumberFormatException to parse a string, that is suppose to be a phone number (including area codes). Now when i try to parse a string that is greater then 10 digits it brings an exception. Any ides on how i can solve this? i thought of using a double, but i don't want the user to enter decimals. ...

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