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1. Does AS3 have a similar class to Java's NumberFormat

I have always used the NumberFormat class in Java to do simple number padding ie. turn 1, 2, 3... into 0001, 0002, 0003.... Is there a similar utility in ActionScript to do ...

2. How can I make java.text.NumberFormat format 0.0d as “0” and not “+0”?

Need result with sign, except for 0.0d. Ie:

 -123.45d -> "-123.45",
  123.45d -> "+123.45",
  0.0d    -> "0".
I invoke format.setPositivePrefix("+") on the instance of DecimalFormat to force ...

3. Use NumberFormat or DecimalFormat

In most case, how can we justify, when shall we use

When shall we use
new DecimalForamt(...);

4. Java add leading zeros to a number

I need to return a string in the form xxx-xxxx where xxx is a number and xxxx is another number, however when i have leading zeros they disappear. I'm trying number ...

5. How to format long numbers?

If I have a number that is 100,000,000 how can I represent that as "100M" in a string?

6. NumberFormat problem i have number 1.23 and i want to format it to 1,23. But if i have just 1 then i do not want format it to 1,00. With ##,##0.00 i ...

7. Number format exception

String tableChFlag=" ";   
alert("Validation/Process in Progress for the Uploaded list.Please do the Uploads post        Validation/Process");
return false;
this is the code i am getting ...

8. How to go about formatting 1200 to 1.2k in java

I'd like to format following numbers into the numbers next to them with java:

1000 to 1k
5821 to 5.8k
10500 to 10k
101800 to 101k
2000000 to 2m
7800000 to 7.8m
92150000 to 92m
123200000 to 123m
The number ...

9. Java: How to format String number with tenth exponent

I have a number as a string like this: "9.756088256835938E-4" but I only can use a specified number of characters (in this special case 9 char). So I want to have ...

10. need help on numberformat exception error

import java.lang.System;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Scanner;
public class SubMat {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

        File file ...

11. java: default number-formatting

I have a program that does algorithmic calculations with some number-output. I want this output to look nice and the program still being fast. I used the DecumalFormat but this makes ...

12. Any way to avoid results containing "9.223372036854776E18"

I'm making a program that turns a large number into a string, and then adds the characters of that string up. It works fine, my only problem is that instead of ...

13. How to pad numbers with underscore in Java?

How to pad numbers with underscores in Java, instead of the usual zeros ? For example I want

  • 123.45 to be formated to ___123.45 and
  • 12345.67 to be formated to _12345.67
  • 0.12 to ...

14. How to format a number depending upon locle

I have an input box and my webpage support english and German. In the text box the user should enter only integer. So how can I format the number from let say ...

15. NumberFormat Parse Issue

I am quite confused about this peculiar 'error' I am getting when parsing a String to a Double. I've already set up the NumberFormat properties and symbols. When passing a String with 15 ...

16. Flexible number format in Java

I have a question how to write code that will convert double numbers into string using different decimal number formats based on criteria.
For example
1) if number of integer digits < ...

17. NumberFormat Exception errors! Ugh!

P: 1 JavaNut I am working on a program that computes postfix complex numbers (specifically addition, subtraction, and multiplication) and I keep getting the NumberFormat Exception error when I call my ...

18. how to avoid numberformat Exception

19. NumberFormat

Probably the space between 123 and 456 is not a normal space, but some special character, which the DOS prompt is unable to render properly. How does the Euro () symbol appear in the command prompt and how does it appear in the notepad? DOS character set is different from the ANSI character set.

20. NumberFormat question

I just wanted to have a generic handler that I could pump in numbers and get the result for the given pattern, but in certain instances it's a requirement that if a number is -ve, it should be returned as blank, and other times if it's +ve it should be blank depending on where the number is being used, eg Accounts ...

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25. MIA NumberFormat class

26. NumberFormatException and NumberFormat

27. Regd. NumberFormat

28. Getting NumberFormat Exception

29. numberformat.parse Vs str.replaceall ... which one is preferred?

Hi All Can you please advice me that which option is more preferred in this particular problem: we have to remove comma (,) from the string(always conatins a number) before convert it into BigDecimal option 1: use replaceall() i.e. str2 = str1.replaceall(",","") ; BigD = new BinDecimal(str2); option 2: use numberformat BigD =new BigDecimal(numberFormat.parse(str1).floatValue()); As far as the requriment concern --> ...

30. Numberformat exception

I am having this error when going to the menu of remove or delete can anyone help where is the problem? Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "S8470017G" at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString( at java.lang.Integer.parseInt( at java.lang.Integer.( at Travel.compareTo( at Travel.compareTo( at java.util.Arrays.mergeSort( at java.util.Arrays.sort( at java.util.Collections.sort( at lab6Ex1.main( Java Result: 1 main method import*; import java.util.*; public class lab6Ex1 { ...

31. NumberFormat exception for null

32. using numberformat

Hi , I am trying to use number format in java to achieve the same functionality of that of Integer.parseInt(String s) String s = "845"; int x = Integer.parseInt(s); System.out.println(x); NumberFormat formatter = NumberFormat.getNumberInstance(); Number n = formatter.parse(s); // I get an error here. What is the issue here. So how do we use numberformat to get the same function?

33. at java.lang.NumberFormat.Exception.forInputString?

at java.lang.NumberFormat.Exception.forInputString? Hey i keep getting these messages about this problem and its annoying. The name of the post explains the problem that keeps appearing. Please tell which part of the codes I'm going to show it the problem and how to fix. import*; public class ShopHandler { public static int MaxShops = 101; public static int MaxShopItems ...

34. NumberFormat Class

35. NumberFormat exception

I have run program withot any error with french locale. You write "after doing the calculations" - may be in these calculations you have an error? Could you please also write which calculation you do? This is a sample of program: /* * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. */ package ...

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38. Formating negative zero with NumberFormat

39. NumberFormat Exception

yes, i realized that and changed the Integer to BigInteger . It is working now for large values but in programming contests they use input cases for really huge nos ,so it's giving wrong answer there .Is there any way by which i can increase the range of the input nos to something greater than a BigInteger value?

40. NumberFormat Error

thanks , it is not showing that error on trying to debug that way , but it is working only for input nos <= 12 . so if i am trying for 13 and above nos , it always gives an answer = 0... what should i do ? If i change the return type of factorial function to BigInteger then ...

41. MessageFormat with NumberFormat parts

42. Can I achieve this with NumberFormat?

Hi everybody, I need to format / parse decimal numbers represented as string integers, with the rightmost N digits representing the decimal digits. Just like a regular decimal number, but without the decimal point. Eg. Assuming that the rightmost two digits represent the decimal digits: I need to parse "12345" to 123.45d And format 123.45d back to "12345" Is there any ...

43. NumberFormat rounding issue

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46. Parsing Exponential Number using NumberFormat

47. NumberFormat problems

48. Handling Consecutive NumberFormat Exceptions

49. NumberFormat Exception

Hi , I am trying to run the following code which reads a text file's last line (will be of the form "5 Dir(s) 2,617,622,528 bytes free" for example) and using string tokenizer i got the string "2617622528" . But when i try to convert it to integer as i need to perform some calulations on this number i am getting ...

50. NumberFormat question

what about multiply by 100 truncate the number then divide by 100 and do your set value ? That is the best thing that comes to mind there are likely better options though. Why would you want to do that ? (Just curious what situation that would be useful ) Yes, multiplying by 100 then divide would be an option. But ...

52. NumberFormat getInstance

54. Not able to reproduce NumberFormat Exception

Hi All, I am trying to reproduce the following NumberFormatException.But I was not able to do reproduce the Exception.I am passing a Date String in MM/DD/YYYY.In that way I am not able to reproduce it.Even I tried DD/MM/YYYY and other formats.I f I pass blank string or null or other formats it is returning null but not the exception. java.lang.NumberFormatException: at ...