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1. How to add total page number on every page with iText?

How to add the total page number on every page with iText?

2. Putting Page Numbers in a Document

How do you add a page number from java without using any third party library in a document and which can be treated as a new page in MS Word? Can ...

3. Why does the java Printable's print method get called multiple times with the same page number?

From sun's documentation "The printing system might request that a page be rendered multiple times before moving to the next page." The examples always show something like this:

Printable print(Graphics g, ...

4. Number of pages in a word doc in java

Is there an easy way to count the number of pages is a Word document either .doc or .docx? Thanks

5. How can I get the total number of pages to be printed?

This is the basic printing program example from the Sun tutorial:

PrinterJob job = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();
job.setPrintable(new HelloWorldPrinter());
boolean doPrint = job.printDialog();
if (doPrint) {
    try {

6. Problem using Java's Math functions to come up with a page number for view pagination

If I have 2 database records and 25 records per page, then the following code:

System.out.println("page count: " + (double)2/25);
results in this output:
page count: 0.08
But because I am using this figure for ...

7. Getting Table-of-Content and Page Number to work in Pentaho

I am developing a reporting application where a user can select(and order) reports from a list of 100 reports and ask for a master report. This master report should contain all ...

8. Generate PDF from other PDFs with page numbers

As part of a project I'm undertaking, I need to try and merge a number of PDFs I have and place consecutive page numbers on each (which may not start from ...

9. Show page numbers in PDF using ITEXT

We are using Itext for generating the PDF's in our web application. The PDF's are getting generated properly. I need to show some copyright information in the footer along with page ...

10. Jasper insert page number when pagination is ignored

I would like to insert page numbers in an Excel report (only when it is printed) generated with Jasper 3.7.5. The problem is that I have isIgnorePagination set to true, therefore ...

11. Add page number option in footer of Dynamic jasper report

I am creating report from

FastReportBuilder fr = new FastReportBuilder();
I want to add page number in footer of each page like. page 1/3 page 2/3

12. copying a page n number of times with pdfbox

I have made a single page pdf template file. I then use pdfbox to create a pdf with "n" number of pages (depending on report size). I want all ...

13. Control Page Number in Display Table

KusoYumi Hi everyone, I have met a problem here regarding the display table. Let me explain my problem 1st. Assume that I want to display a list of data in a ...

14. Number of hits per web page

16. How to get the number of hits of a page

I had the very same problem too. it took me a long time to work it out because I always thought that a serialized bean could do this for me but alas or maybe i didn't know how to code it. So I resorted to using a database. In my index.jsp page i have a small scriptlet which says sth. like: ...

17. How to display variant number of record each page based on user's request ?

On one shopping cart jsp page it displayes the records retrieved from database in table format. Now I find I have so many records (rows) to display, so I want to give user an option to choose how many rows they want to view on each page, e.g. they can choose to view 10 rows, or 20 rows, and if they ...

18. displaying the number of times a page has ever been accessed

better use a memory cache for the number and update the file only during server shutdown. You may elect to have a separate thread update the file more often (say once an hour) to prevent data loss in case the server goes down without writing the file (read: server crashes). That way your code will perform a lot better. Not making ...

19. Number pf pages from a Word document

20. To get a number from html page

Hi, In my html page,if i click a number,that number should be captured in my java program.Is it possible? For ex :my html code is

Click This Number 5101
I should get that 5101 in my java java code follows: public void run() throws IOException, AuthenticationFailedException, TimeoutException { try { ...

21. how to keep track of a number of visits to a particular page in a website

Hello Ranchers, I am new to post a question in here, but not new to Java Ranch. This is a very helpful site for people like me. Thanks to everyone responsible to keep this site up and running. Here is my problem I have user with multiple contracts. Depending on the contract, i need to display an offers page. So the ...

22. JasperReports - total number of pages problem

24. page Numbers

Hey Thanks for your reply. But I can't determine what number of pages it's going to have, because it depends on the query I run. So if there 5 persons in database it will print 5 pages. How can I make my logic right to count them? Page number ,I can count right by adding 1 each time but how do ...