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You need to give more information. What is the possible range of the random numbers you are looking for. nextInt(1) gives you 0 and only 0 if I am not mistaken. Also, where are you initializing your Random class variable? I don't see you declaring generator as a variable of Random, nor initializing it w/ the Random constructor.

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Dealer's cards are 3 10 Dealer Stands Dealer's total was 18. The Dealer Wins It doesnt add up the dealers hand properly and and random numbers like tis appear 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 ...

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thanks kikii and dr. well the question was simple. if you see reply1 i posted the output. 1) My program asks how many numbers ? means 1000 or 2000 2) how many values to be generated? means if a user enters 6 then all the 6 values added should come to 1000 got it? well thanks for the ideas. let me ...

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I think ejp has a problem with the statements inside your innermost while loop. Why don't you just generate another random again? I don't have issues with your algorithm. It's random and it's a little faster than using a for loop for iterating over an array to see if the last generated number was already generated before.

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When you cast a floating point number to an integer type, the fractional part is thrown away. And since Math.random() always returns a number between 0 and 1, 0 inclusive 1 exclusive, the value of (int) Math.random() is always 0. To get a random number between 1 and 90 you need int n1= (int)(2+Math.random()*88);

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random() function generates a double number between 0 and 1. As u want a random number between 1 and 3. so multiply the number with 2 and add 1 which will give u a number betwen 1 and 3. code: import java.util.*; public class randomtest{ public static void main(String args[]){ double a; a=(Math.random())*2+1; System.out.println(a); } }

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I'm not certain what you're trying to do. You're creating a wrapper around Random that makes the numbers less random, but which stores the random number a while. You can also specify the initial value of the "random number" when you create the object, which isn't really an example of randomness. Is this what you want? Note by the way that ...

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I don't like the idea of discarding attempts with the wrong digits and then trying again, because there is a small but finite probability that the loop will never end. I would do it by generating random ints from 0-7 three times and adding that to the total, multiplying by ten each time to put them in the right position.

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how do I generates 6 pairs of random integer (int) values with values between 1 and 100. For each generated pair, i want to use an if-else statement to classify the first value as greater than, less than, or equal to the second value. my output will display BOTH generated values as well as the classification in the format "Number 1 ...

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jverd wrote: No, but the real question is, would it matter for your application even if it did, and the answer to that is almost certainly no (which you could very easily test for yourself), AND more importantly, regardless of whether it takes more time or not is irrelevant. If you need 10, you'll pass 10, and if you need 1000, ...

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if ( ( tort >= 1 ) & ( tort <= 5) ) { tort1 = tort1 + 3; System.out.printf( "Tort1 = %d %d\n", tort1, tort ); } // end if statment if ( ( tort >= 6 ) & ( tort <=10) ) { tort1 = tort1 + 1; System.out.printf( "Tort1 = %d %d\n", tort1, tort ); } // end ...

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Prompt the user to enter a word. Using your error proofing skills, deny the user if: ? The word has characters other than letters ? There are spaces in the word ? Nothing is entered Once a word is accepted, the word is the scrambled. ? Use an array that will match the size of the word ? Place each letter ...

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Assignment Write a program that uses the Monte Carlo sampling method to estimate the average number of bottles of Boost someone would have to drink to win a prize. There is one in five chance that a bottle cap will have a prize. I cant get the program to keep generating numbers and im having some trouble with the count. import ...

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Take a look at the methods in the [String |http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/lang/String.html] class. charAt is a good start (and might be all you need), but there are a bunch of useful methods in there that might help you. Also, I'd bet you could do this in a single for loop (as opposed to the while inside a do-while you have now).

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As I newbie you should not worry your pretty little head with "does my code look nice". What you should be worried about is "does my code work". How your code looks is highly subjective. What one person may think is best will be completely different to how another person thinks. As shown above, 2 people have opposing views about the ...

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anotherAikman wrote: Its not a "real" random value because there is no mathematical way of getting to such a value. Thats possible only in real life, for example by flipping a coin or throwing dice. Computers cannot do that. Not mathematical but in the early 1970s I saw a final year project of a tray with two dice which was vibrated ...

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I want the program to generate N different random int numbers in a limit between [10 - 100], and then the program must tell the greatest common divisor between the first and the last number, second and penultimate number, third and antipenultimate number, and so on, till it cover all the N numbers. You guys know how to do that in ...

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So here is the problem: I want the program to generate N different random int numbers in a limit between [10 - 100], and then the program must tell the greatest common divisor between the first and the last number, second and penultimate number, third and antipenultimate number, and so on, till it cover all the N numbers. You guys know ...

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import java.util.Random; public class generatingASetNumberOfRandomsNumbers { public static void main(String[] args) { // run 20 random examples int numTests = 20; // create a new Java Random object Random random = new Random(); for ( int i=0; i

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I've missed some of my Java classes so I'm doing some random problems out of our book for extra practice, and I'm kinda stuck on one that I'm interested in learning how to do. It sounds simple, I just don't know how to do it and flipping through the chapter hasn't helped much. Basically, i need to create a program that ...

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Note that if you generate random doubles you will create numbers like this: 0.6787759359406641 0.9071493283285994 0.06185697703958071 0.49053292966982065 0.9962640326621838 0.10773559293402624 Also, Java's standard methods exclude the upper limit value of one [1.] from the generated values, as you noted. If full decimal doubles like above are what's wanted, and you can exclude the lower limit of zero from the generated values, subtract ...

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Hi, This is my first post so please help! I need to create a random set of numbers from an already established ArrayList object. Similar to the c++ 'random_sample_n'. I need a random set of 'n' amount of numbers starting at 'ArrayList.start()' and ending at 'ArrayList.end()' and output to 'ArrayList2.begin()' Please Help!

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2) level is already the length of the array (before you ask I remembered to subtract 1). I believe using a variable instead of the length method saves some time (or is that not the case for Java?) 3) why would I do that? 4) between 0 and 9 (hence the use of Math.random()) 5) I guess I assumed people knew ...

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This is what my code displays: 1: 9-4 2: 3+2 3: 4+1 4: 5-0 I have a random number generator that picks a random number from 1-4. Here is my problem. If the random number is 2 I want the code to display 3+2 also. Could someone please point me to the right direction? Thanks

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I tried that, and the problem is that I get the same random number every time (in this case I get 1 every time). To be more clear on what I want, I am generator 20 numbers, and I want a random distributions of 1's and 0's, but I want to get the same distribution every time I run the program. ...

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public square (int c, int setX, int setY) { Colour=c; x=setX; y=setY; } public void DrawSquare (Graphics g) { switch (Colour) { case 0: g.setColor(Color.red); letter = "A"; break; case 1: g.setColor(Color.green); letter = "B"; break; case 2: g.setColor(Color.blue); letter = "C"; break; case 3: g.setColor(Color.red); letter = "D"; break; case 4: g.setColor(Color.green); letter = "E"; break; case 5: g.setColor(Color.blue); letter ...

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while(on_off == 1){ System.out.print("Guess a number between 1 and 100: "); int guess = in.nextInt(); { if (guess < number but within 5) { System.out.println("Hot"); } { if(guess < number but within 10){ System.out.println("Warm"); } { if(guess > number but by no more than 5){ System.out.println("Cool"); } { if(guess > number but by no more than 10){ System.out.println("Cold"); } if(guess == ...

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** Load three random numbers between 0 and 100 into an array. Create another string array with the values "good, "bad", and "average". If the third random number is less than 70, continue randomizing until the value is greater than 70. Print the values with their index values and the appropriate String array message:

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thank you for your feedback and i completey understand your point, i will try it more times and post my attempts (code) and hopefully one can point me in the right direction as opposed to me just asking for it, which i realise does not really aid me in the long run.

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+*Program the following simulation: Darts are thrown at random points onto the square with corners (1,1) and (-1,-1). If the dart lands inside the unit circle (that is, the circle with center (0,0) and radius 1), it is a hit. Otherwise it is a miss. Run this simulation and use it to determine an approximate va Doing Tries/Hits is supposed to ...

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I think I have the issue sorted by looking back at the code I changed the following. 1. I partitioned the array incorrectly leaving out one position at each partition, which accounts for the 0 appearing. 2 I formatted the Math.random incorrectly based on this and examples found while searching. I've now changed the code for the Math.random to (int) (1+6*Math.random()); ...

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Argh, I am a moron. Although the situation presented itself as I described, this was what was happening. I assume it was running the loop so often and so fast once it got locked in that it started getting a lot of hits by sheer numbers, which looked like a constant behavior to me. Which tells me it runs really fast, ...

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hi all, Consider that I'm generating 50 edges randomly using Random class. The format of the edge will be (source,destination). So if I randomly generate the pair (1,2), it means that my source node is 1 and the destination node is 2 for my edge from 1 to 2. I have a function to randomly generate say 50 edges and as ...

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Nothing can generate truly random numbers, because computers are all about logic which means that under the same conditions the result will always be the same. I'm not sure about Java's random algorithm but most of them usually get the time in milliseconds and apply it to a large equation resulting in a seemingly random number.

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The thing is, its pretty easy to understand what OP meant. There is really no need to point out every tiny flaw in a post, which is why many people get turned off by forums. We should be encouraging people to post because the more people who are constantly posting the more knowledge is shared.

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No it doesn't. It clearly says it cannot find the symbol random() in the class java.lang.Math. Not that it can't find a class called Math. And if it couldn't find it how would it know it was java.lang.Math? Evidently J2ME doesn't contain that method, or at least the profile the OP is using doesn't.

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Doesent this mean that this function depends on a long being atleast 64bits? What's the function of the remaining bits? (since we're just using 48 / 49 bits, during the computation). Are they used as a "overflow-buffer"? Edited by: Drogin on Jun 28, 2009 5:33 PM Edited by: Drogin on Jun 28, 2009 5:33 PM

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Hi everybody. I'm programing a mini game and i think i have to generate diffrent random numbers to do it. I think that each time i generate a random number, i should store it and the next time generate random number, i check it out wheater it is exist or not. But i don't know how to check. Can you help ...

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That helped a lot, but only thing is that the random number is all a certain number. For example all 3s. I think it has to be a different random numbers for the 1000 times in the loop. It is still withen 1 through 5. And the random generator can only choose a 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or ...

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Haha thanks! so much!!!!!! So now i just need to create a while or a do while loop to compare and see if any of them are the same. Sadly I did not learn this all I learned is if numA = numB and so on. So how do I check and print to the screen if there are some repeating ...

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You can find shuffle() in class Collections. From the API documentation: "Randomly permute the specified list using the specified source of randomness." I guess you needed random numbers to pick random cards from your deck, right? Well, using shuffle(), there's no need to code all the tricky random stuff yourself, because it will - well - shuffle your deck for you. ...

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Hello Guys I want to generate a random number that should have values of either 1, 3 or 4. It means that 0 and 2 should not be generated if I use the java.util.Random class. Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to do it? Thanks in advance, - Raj

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Perhaps I could use this table method to around N=10,000 (10k doubles in memory isn't too bad), then somehow scale it and interpolate to whatever size I want. But I've yet to determine how the error will affect my final simulation. Fortunately, the error rapidly gets smaller and smaller as you go higher, as the harmonic sum grows incredibly slowly...so linear ...

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%8.8d But that will give you a number with leading zeros some of the time. If you don't want that you'll have to filter them out, or add 100000000 and then take the number modulo 100000000. Also you shouldn't keep creating a new Random for every number. It's wasteful and also not as random as re-using the same one.

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Random number possibilites Eg: input we given 2 3 4 The Output will be 234 243 324 342 423 432 this is output. The possiblities will come how many input numbers u r enter that Ex: u entered 3 digits that factorial is 6 u entered 4 digits that factorial is 24 possiblilites will come This is the Problem i am ...

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The numbers are random, but they're all the same. For example, all 4 of the VicAnimation objects have a zOrder of 63. Or the next time I run it, they all have a zOrder of 82 (or whatever). So it is successfully generating a random number, it's just choosing the same one for every iteration of the loop for some reason. ...

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I know how to use Math.random for this, but how would I generate random numbers using the random class? Say I want a number between 40 and 50, inclusive--how would I do this? What i have in mind is: int randomNumber = random.nextInt(max) + min; where max is 50 and min is 40. Is this correct?

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I think that the primary help that you need (and nearly any other newbie needs) with code is to learn to use many little functions to simplify what it is that you are doing. Notice in the code that I wrote, which is pretty simple, the one line functions, like mass and mid, are much easier to understand (and debug!) than ...

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If you think about it a moment, almost all the numbers between + and - infinity are too long to store in a finite computer. So selecting a linear random number in that range can't be done. You can go for something like a guasian (normal) distribution. That has an open range, in theory it will eventually throw out a number ...

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uj_ is right (never thought I'd say that). ANYTHING "uniform" is by definition not random. Therefore a "uniform random number generator" can't exist, it's either producing non-uniform or non-random sequences (and that at random). A TRUE random number generator is utterly unpredictable after all. It might produce a completely uniform sequence running into the thousands or millions of numbers only to ...

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//Gather the Random numbers for the final output var1 = (int)(56.0 * Math.random()) + 1; var2 = (int)(56.0 * Math.random()) + 1; var3 = (int)(56.0 * Math.random()) + 1; var4 = (int)(56.0 * Math.random()) + 1; var5 = (int)(56.0 * Math.random()) + 1; var6 = (int)(56.0 * Math.random()) + 1; //Double Check that none of the numbers repeat in the final ...

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i was tryoing to get this to work but it the whole thing wont work if i pu this with the rest of the code import java.util.*; public Class TestRandom { public static void main(String args[]) { Random r = new Random(); int count = 0; int temp = 0; int arr[] = new int[100]; boolean newValue = true; while (count ...

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I am new to Java and don't quite understand the Random Number generator. I am trying to generate numbers for 4 different lottery games and display them. I have declared the generator as // create a new Random object private Random generator = new Random(); I need to display 3 random numbers for one game, 4 numbers for another, 5 for ...

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random numbers in java are so compared to some other languages like C/C++. You can use a random object like you do or simple use the Math.random function to generate a number between 0 and 1 and multiple it by a certain number (but that doesn't sound like what you need...I don't know).

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well what im trying to say is, a random sequence of numbers i guess, i am doing a project on steganography, and i would like a sequence of numbers to be used as pixel offsets in order to hide data in, so it isnt just done from top to bottom, but instead in a sort of random manner depending on a ...

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Part of them being random, is the fact that they repeat. If they couldn't repeat, then they wouldn't be truly random -- each new number you select would provide new information about what the next number could be, if only information in the form of what the number couldn't be. Anyway, I know what you mean. The canonical way to solve ...

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Why you get negative is simple. You create a random 32 bit integer. That can be either positive or negative. Then you divide by a positive number that just happens to be the largest possible 16 bit positive number (not that that matters - except that you have named 0x7fff MAX as if it is the max of something in some ...


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But you know, I'm going to use my amazing psychic powers now....OK...I'm remote viewing your skull....there's an echo here... OK. My remote viewing has told me that what you're really trying to accomplish is to generate globally unique identifiers, and you're trying to roll your own solution by misusing and misunderstanding currentTimeMillis() and the meaning of randomness. Try Googling "globally unique ...

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I need to figure out how to generate random numbers and store them to memory. I am relatively new to java, and I'm not sure how to do this. do i need to download a class file somewhere? i have seen something like this somewhere, but I don't know how to implement it: Random r = new Random(); int i = ...

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I m in a big problem and want a urgent solution. I want to randomise numbers with specified limit and the total of all the randomised numbers should be desirable. e.g. if i m generating random number 24 times in a loop then the total of all the gerenrated numbers should be 100 and each randomised generated number should not be ...

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Yes i run that code. I did the test run several times and it gave me random number between 1-50 and for all my test run i didnt get any 0. So in my opinion, the above method works fine. My confusion is that, is the method a valid way to produce a random number of engineering simulations? Sorry in my ...

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Ok, I don't have a problem generating the random numbers in a set. I am working on generating random for a pill draw at a racetrack. So, I have my set (30) I want to generate a random, once that random has been generated I don't want it to be able to be generated again until I restart the program. Any ...

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Hi, I want to know how I can write a Java program for Random Image Rotation. Now I have looked online, spent time researching, however I cannot find exactly what I need. I need a Random Image Script that will Display an image on my webpage (which when clicked on, links to the image). The image will change on Refresh. I ...

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When one looks up "geometric distribution" on Wikipedia one finds something like this: ..."For example, suppose an ordinary die is thrown repeatedly until the first time a "1" appears. The probability distribution of the number of times it is thrown is supported on the infinite set { 1, 2, 3, ... } and is a geometric distribution with p = 1/6."... ...