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1. Serial Number of a X.509 Certificate

I am programming a Certification Authority in java for a uni class, now I don't know what's the best option for the serial number of the Certificate.

  • Simple static counter from 0 ...

2. What is the general approach to implement the serial number and activation protection for Java Application?

I want to create a Java Desktop Application and want to employ some mechanism to protect my software from illegal copy. What is the general best approach to implement the serial ...

3. get X509Certificate serial number

I need to get serial number of x509 certificate. The result of usage "certificate.getSerialNumber()" differs from the expected. As I see X509 certificate file specs, it should go in following format:


4. how to get hard disk serial number using java

i need java code that get the hard disk serial number

5. How to increment serial number?

7. Hard disk serial number

You could write a non-Java application that gets the required information (you will need a version of the program for each platform you intend to run your Java program on) and then use Runtime.exec() or ProcessBuilder to call the correct program for the OS you are running on (use System.getProperty("") to find this). As long as all the programs return the ...

8. Volume Serial number

Yeah but VB only runs on Microsoft operating systems, so it is easy to know how the volumes are cataloged. Writing such a method that would work on MS and on Linux and on a Mac, etc. would be quite amazing. I would guess you would need to write or find some custom code.

11. Serial Number & key of Jbuilder

12. HD Serial Number

You can take some basic steps to make it somewhat inconvenient to use the software without permission, but you can't stop 100% of it, and there's no reason to try. Make sure you have a contract that doesn't allow your customer to make unauthorized copies. If there's a rogue employee that steals a copy here or there, so what? If this ...

14. how to get mother board serial number?

I've never seen entry points that will give board serial number. I've seen some calls back around 2000+ that will give CPU ID. If that is what you are looking for, you'll need to make a JNI call to do it--OS specific call. I do not know the address or interface point off the top of my head though, but would ...

16. Get Hard Disk Serial Number with Java

Hard Disk Serial Number i mean here is the one only hardware dependent, which won't be changed when hard disk is formatted or new OS install on it. So i think the "hard disk fails" you mean here is that the hard disk is demaged and can't be used any more(if i am right):). The chance is not very high i ...

17. How to get HD's serial number??