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1. Tricky number sorting question in Java. How to sort ascending using if's?

So I am in a Java class in school, and I have a relatively simple assignment that I just can't figure out. It's not a problem to research the answer, so ...

2. How do I sort strings that contain numbers in Java

I want to sort a String that has nr. How do I do that? Lets say my integers are

in main I do class2.Sort(); Thanks in Advance.

3. bubblesort from highest to lowest number in java

I'm looking for a bubblesort code in java that is opposite of the usual thing that I'm seeing when I search the internet. I don't really understand the code below, all ...

4. how can i know the number required to sort this(selection sort)

import java.util.*;
 public class Thamer
 // controls the index in the array of the next
 // valued to ...

5. java sorting string with numbers including symbols <,>=

what is the best way to sort a string with numbers containing the >,<,>=,... symbols in it.

String[] v = {"<0.5",">0.5","0.5","<0.5" };

output: <0.5,<0.5,0.5,>0.5

6. How do you sort numbers in ascending order from a for loop?

i have a for loop that multiples 3 and 7 by all numbers between 1 and 100. It only shows the numbers that are less the 100 after the multiplication though. ...

7. Sorting numbers using Compare method

Hello, I have implemented a Doubly Linked List to sort elements (integer or character) into ascending order. My problem is that it reads 34 as 3, 56 as 5, 78 as 7 and so on. It also behaves the same for letters like AB is A and TY is T...etc. I have converted the object elements into strings so that i ...

8. Help with sorting numbers

Hello, If you're just trying to learn the concepts of different sorting routines, then this is a decent place to begin (it does use arrays, but their use is not required, especially if you have just five numbers to sort): Chapter 4 of Handbook of Algorithms and Data Structures The Bubble Sort is a good starting point. The basic concept of ...

9. sort number

I have a question regarding a sorting number, I can't figured out to make prompt users for the number and search. here is my code: import java.awt.*; import*; import java.lang.*; import java.util.*; import java.text.*; public class Sor { public static void sort(float[] nums) { float finput ; String inputline = " 67.000"; finput = Float.valueOf(inputline).floatValue(); NumberFormat nf = NumberFormat.getNumberInstance(); String ...

10. Sorting 10 numbers

I'm basically looking for a good algorithm or method to do the following: I have 10 numbers, you can use List or int[] or what ever you want. I want to sort the 10 numbers so the sum of the first 5 is approximately (or exactly if possible) equal to the sum of the last 5. The sum of the first ...

11. sorting numbers

13. Sorting Numbers

14. Sorting Numbers stored in variables....using if/else

If you want to learn then you do so by writing code yourself not getting others to do it. So post your code and any errors you get. Make sure to ask a specific question, don't just say "it doesn't work". Anyway what was wrong with the suggestions made in that old thread you ressurected?

15. Sorting numbers stored in variables

I'm completely new at java and would like some help with a certain problem. I have 5 numbers, num1, num2, num3, num4, and num5. I have them stored in variables as listed. I'd like to know, is there a way to sort them using array.sort or would I have to use another method?

16. Sort Three Numbers.... Alternate Way to Write Code

That sounds wonderful, but I haven't gotten to those yet. All I've studied so far has been primitive data types, loops, conditional statements, methods, and the very very surface of arrays. That collection sorting sounds very simple compared to hand-coding all of those conditional statements though hahaha. :] Thanks for the tip though, I just need to figure out how to ...

17. program help with sorting numbers

18. input three numbers and sort them ........

as before, you have to give more information: what is the program doing that it's not supposed to be doing, and what is it not doing that it's supposed to be doing. Don't make us guess! edit: answered above by prometheuzz, but I still stand by my recommendation here regarding your future posts. Edited by: Encephalopathic on Sep 20, 2008 12:26 ...

19. concatinating numbers with a string...sort of

string1=new StringBuffer(string); if (number<2){ return string1; }else{ while(number!=1){ string1.append(string);//here string is String and string1 is StringBuffer tehn only we can get coorect data.then u will get output hihihihi for input hi,4 //try it by keeping both of type stringBuffer, u will get out put hihihihihihihihi for input hi,4 --number; } return string1; } } } class FirstProgram { public static void ...

20. Sorting Numbers Objects

21. sort strings ending with numbers correctly

Hi All How to do this in java For following Strings ABC1 ABC3 ABC2 ABC21 ABC12 If u sort using string u will end with. ABC1 ABC12 ABC2 ABC21 ABC3 But I'm expecting, must be sorted like this ABC1 ABC2 ABC3 ABC12 ABC21 Is there any JAVA api's to do this? Hope some one can help on this. Regards Bala

22. Sorting the respective account number at the top

class ParentAcctNumber implements Comparator { public int compare(AcctNumberVO firstVO, AcctNumberVO secondVO) { int compare = firstVO.getAcctNum().compareTo(secondVO.getAcctNum()); // will display in descending order. How to display the parent acct nbr at the first element followed by the other acct numbers? return compare; } } I am bit confused. Please share your thoughts. Thanks for your time.

23. Displaying the sorted acct number as the first element

Hi, I have list of account numbers , say 5 account numbers (2300,5200,7689,1234,4566) from which I found which is the parent acct number by invoking a query. Here the parent acct number is say "1234". Now i need to make sure that parent acct number records should always display at the top part of the screen followed by other child acct ...