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1. Distributed sequence number generation?

I've generally implemented sequence number generation using database sequences in the past. e.g. Using Postgres SERIAL type I'm curious though as how to generate sequence numbers for large distributed systems ...

2. How do I count the number of times a sequence occurs in a Java string?

I have a String that looks like

"Hello my is Joeseph. It is very nice to meet you. What a wonderful day it is!". 
I want to count the number of ...

3. Generating sequence number in java

I want to generate a sequence number starting from 00000001,00000002....(i need all these zero as well)Please help me..Thanks in advance..

4. Java: Generate a sequence of numbers within a range?

I need to be able to generate a series of ascending or descending numbers within a range.

public int nextInRange(int last, int min, int max, int delta, boolean descending) {

5. Sequence number of an enumeration litteral in Java

Given the following definitions:

public enum SampleEnum1 { Uno, Dos, Tres }
public enum SampleEnum2 { One, Two, Three, Four }
I need two methods doing this:
  • Given the integer 2, return Dos if applied ...

6. Incrementing the number in a specified sequence

I need a sequence of a Numbers to be generated through incrementing. For Ex if it starts with 001 goes till 999 next no should be A01 again goes till ...

7. Generation of the same sequence of random numbers

I want to generate random numbers in java, I know I should use existing methods like Math.random(), however, my question is: how can I generate the same sequence of numbers, each ...

8. Predict Sequence of Numbers?!

I have the following qn and I am in doubt how to get started. I have a few formulas but the problem is I am uncertain how to equate in Java. From the start program, I would provide a series of numbers and based on the numbers, I have to equate to see which best fits into the formula. It has ...

9. Missing numbers from a sequence

Hi All, Can anybody give me a code where I should have the output of missing numbers from a sequence. For example if I have a list 12340 12342 12343 12345 12346 12347 12348 12350 then my output should be 12341,12344,12349. I know this's a homework assignment, but I would appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks for your help, Divya ...

10. Unique sequence number

this is what i have tried initially but the error which i got is that when i restarted the server. after restart, the number again starts with the same number making duplicate entries in the database. we can use the number again if it is 24 hours old i.e we can use a number once in a day as sequence number. ...

11. Generating the Alphabetic Sequence Number

Hi All. I need to generate the Alphabetic sequence in the following order 1AAAAAAAAA 1AAAAAAAAB 1AAAAAAAAC . . . . 1AAAAAAAAZ 1AAAAAAABA . . and so on In the above sequence the 1 digit is fixed as 1 and then we have the Alphabetic sequencing Request you to kindly provide some help on this.

12. Auto Generation of Sequence Numbers

My question is similar to generating ID number for each record in database; however, it is to generate a sequence number for every client request received over the web. I heard that there are 1. idempotent sequence number, which has to be thread safe, and 2. global sequence number. Are there code examples that I can follow? Thank you.

13. sequence number problem

hi, I need to write a program for following data. consider a sequence of numbers 10,1,1,11,1,12,13,14,1,1,15,1,16,1,1,1,1,1,1,17,18 ,1,19,1,1,1,1,20 and so on i need to remove redundant values,and replace them with single value.. like ones in the above case, one is redundant and occured more than one time. If it is single 1, it shouldnot be modified, if there are more that single ...

14. please help in sequence Number.....

15. number sequence problem

Using something like an ArrayList may not be a bad idea, depending on how you implement this. For instance, I got bored the other day when this thread was fresh, and decided to code up my own KeithNumber search function. I decided to use BigInteger so that it would be able to find Keith numbers of arbitrary size, and I think ...

16. Squaring and summing a sequence of numbers

System.out.println("Enter your first number?"); System.out.flush(); while (console.hasNext()) { firstNum = console.nextInt(); System.out.println("Enter your second number?"); System.out.flush(); while (console.hasNext()) { secondNum = console.nextInt(); if (firstNum > secondNum) { System.out.println("First number can't be larger than second number, try again."); break; } else { System.out.println("Odd numbers between " + firstNum + " and " + secondNum + " are:"); } for (counter = firstNum ...

17. loop with number sequence

Hi, i have been trying to get a sequence code working. While i have a public method that differentiates between odd and even numbers i cannot seems to get the loop working. When the method report that the given int is a even number it divides the number by 2. If the number is odd it multiplies the number by 3 ...

18. Generate unique number sequence without storing previous values?

No, I cannot use a simple sequence of non-repeating values. I need a RANDOM sequence of numbers... of course, not really random, just very non-sequential. Bad examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 Good examples: 24, 65, 1, 3000, 726 100, 28, 6231, 5106, 2 18, 21, 4, 621, 651 Aquaflight

19. Guaranteed Sequence Number

Umm, references aren't meaningful outside of the JVM which created them. True. But a hashcode... Yes it most certainly can be meaningful... The same input run through the same hashing algorithm produces the same hash, anywhere, anytime. What are you trying to do? A mirrored-list (or map)... where changes in the observed collection (on a server) are automagically propogated to the ...

20. Number sequence

I'm using a custom table model to produce a table. The data is held in an arraylist, so I need to get the index number from the row and column number. I know I'm close but I can't find the right number. This is more of a maths problem really, but maths was never my strong point... Eg: Row Col Index ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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