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1. Prevent java from localizing SimpleDateFormat output

Basicaly I want to format a Date object using a specific pattern and the output should be in English. How can I prevent java from translating the output in the system ...

2. Why am I getting a ParseException when using SimpleDateFormat to format a date and then parse it?

I have been debugging some existing code for which unit tests are failing on my system, but not on colleagues' systems. The root cause is that SimpleDateFormat is throwing ParseExceptions when ...

3. forcing 4 digits year in java's simpledateformat

I want to validate and parse dates using a simpleDateFormat with the format "yyyymmdd" This also allows 100624, which is parsed to the year 10 (54 years after Julius Ceasar died). The ...

4. SimpleDateFormatter won't parse!

Hello I am trying to use the SimpleDateFormatter to parse the date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 15:07:06 CST I am using the following code

public static SimpleDateFormat postedformat = 

5. SimpleDateParser produces incorrect date?

Good morning! I've been working with the following bit of code for the last two hours, scouring forums, Google and the JDK 1.6 docs for any idea what is going ...

6. Date Parsing from one format to another format

I want to change date format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.SSS ( which is stored in database in string format) to mm/dd/yyyy for their comparison


7. problem related to date format

hi I have 2 input dates in different format,so please tell me how to iterate through them and convert them into new format using if-else. Here is ...

8. How can I utilize SimpleDateFormat with Calendar?

I've got GregorianCalendar instances and need to use SimpleDateFormat (or maybe something that can be used with calendar but that provides required #fromat() feature) to get needed output. Please, suggest work ...

9. Format milliseconds to simpledate format

I'm facing a weird result when formatting milliseconds to a SimpleDate format: Output is:

    Start date time: 11/06/30 09:45:48:970
    End date time: 11/06/30 09:45:52:831

10. Issue in Date Format in JAVA

I am using SimpleDateFormat class in JAVA to convert string value to date format. Below is the code

SimpleDateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat(pattern);
Date newDate = format.parse(value);
if(newDate != null)
return newDate;
return null;
My input ...

11. Weird behavior in java.text.SimpleDateFormat

I have encountered a very weird behavior while using SimpleDateFormat for parsing a string to a date. Consider the following unit test:

public void testParse() throws ParseException
    DateFormat dateFormat ...

12. need to show date in yyyy/mm/dd format in java

i am using Nebulla DateChooserCombo. i have used it as dateChooserFrom.getText();. it is Producing the result like 7/31/2011 which is in m/dd/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy format. i need the result in yyyy/mm/dd ...

13. SimpleDateFormat fail to raise exception when last character is non-numeric

Why this code doesn't raise a 'ParseException' ?

DateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/mm/yyyy");
try {
     String date = "01/01/200'";
} catch (ParseException ex) {

14. Java date - 12am is stored as 24?

So me and my partner have been working on this project for a while now. We work with dates A LOT in this project, and we recently noticed an issue, and ...

15. Formating Date with SimpleDateFormat

I want date output in this format 20th December 2004, when I format my date with SimpleDateFormat I get 20 December 2004. My code is below ....... SimpleDateFormat fmtd = new SimpleDateFormat("dd MMMM yyyy"); ....... So, I want to add 'th' like '20th' or 'nd' like '2nd', let me know if this is already done in the API, I didn't found ...

17. formatting problems with SimpleDateFormat

Hello friends I wrote a TagClass for displaying fullmonthname in pulldown list. In Class MonthTag , I use and attributes for getting the months. If I set both attributes. It displays the fullmonthname successfully. The months nummer I get from getStart() and getEnd() Method. These getter-Methods function successfully. But if I dont use those attributes it should display me ...

18. SimpledateFormat format

19. Formatting and parsing a text using SimpleDateFormat

if (test2.before(test1)) { System.out.println("test2 is before test1: " + test2.toString() + ", " + test1.toString()); } And here is the output: Tue Oct 26 16:14:11 BST 2010 Tue Oct 26 16:14:11 BST 2010 test2 is before test1: Tue Oct 26 16:14:11 BST 2010, Tue Oct 26 16:14:11 BST 2010 Can someone please explain why test2 is before test1? Thanks

23. SimpleDateFormat format parse bug

24. java.text.SimpleDateFormat -- formatting my date

Hello, I want to generate a date in following format; "Dec, 5th 2007" or "Dec, 1st 2007" or "Dec, 3rd 2007" So far, I have, SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat ( "MMM, dd yyyy" ); return sdf.format ( new Date () ); but I have not been able to get day of month in the "th", "rd", "st" format. Anyone know ...

25. Formatting date with SimpleDateFormat

26. How to format date faster than SimpleDateFormat

At times when we declare formatter again and again, the SimpleDateFormat's performance is less as compared to the apache's FastDateFormat.. 1) Decaring it wouldn't be what makes it slow. Instantiating it would. 2) As already stated--simply don't instantiate that many of them. Create a few and reuse them. 3) So what if the other one is faster? Have you run into ...

27. SimpleDateFormat does not handle leading blanks for HHmmss format

import java.util.*; import*; import java.text.*; public class SDFTest{ public static void main(String[] args) { try{ System.out.println("\"102030\" --> " + getTime("102030")); System.out.println("\"002030\" --> " + getTime("002030")); System.out.println("\" 12030\" --> " + getTime(" 12030")); System.out.println("\" 2030\" --> " + getTime(" 2030")); System.out.println("\" \" --> " + getTime(" ")); }catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); } } private static String getTime(String time_str){ SimpleDateFormat sdf = new ...