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1. how to parse a Date string to java.Date

I have a date string and I wang to parse it to normal date use the java Date API,the following is my code:

    public static void main(String[] args) ...

2. Why can't this SimpleDateFormat parse this date string?

The SimpleDateFormat:

SimpleDateFormat pdf = new SimpleDateFormat("MM dd yyyy hh:mm:ss:SSSaa");
The exception thrown by pdf.parse("Mar 30 2010 5:27:40:140PM");:
java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "Mar 30 2010 5:27:40:140PM"
Any ideas?
Edit: thanks for the fast answers. You were all ...

3. SimpleDateFormat format string with 00 causes Unparsaeble date

The following code causes an "Unparseable date" exception when executed. Is there any way I can tell SimpleDateFormat the date string must ends with 00?

public class Main {
public static void ...

4. Java String to Date, ParseException

I have a string named DateCompareOld, it has the value "Fri Aug 12 16:08:41 EDT 2011". I want to convert this to a date object.

 SimpleDateFormat dateType =  new SimpleDateFormat("E ...

5. SimpleDateFormat String

I have this code block where argument to dateFormat.format will always be a string thats why I did .toString() here. I am getting error "Cannot format given Object as a Date". Is ...

6. How to properly format unusual date string using Java SimpleDateFormat?

I've got date in following format:

Pon Cze 07, 2011 9:42 pm
It's Polish equivalent of English date:
Mon Jun 07, 2011 9:42 pm
I'm using following SimpleDateFormat matcher:
SimpleDateFormat("EEE MMM dd, yyyy H:mm a", new ...

7. SimpleDateFormat parses illegal date string

Call setLenient(false). By default, most DateFormat implementations are lenient. That means that they allow things like February 30th, or even a thirteenth month. It will just wrap these around - February 30th is March 2nd (or 1st in leap years), the thirteenth month will be January of the next year. In your case it will use 2010 as the number of ...

10. SimpleDateFormat to decide if a date string is a valid date?

Also I need to verify if the date entered is valid, meaning that if I use the pattern yyyy-MM-dd the string 2010-02-30 will be identified as invalid date. It happens that if I call setLenient(false) in a SimpleDateFormat instance before calling it's method parse("2010-02-30"), it will throw ParseException, identifying an invalid date.

12. a problem with parsing a string with SimpleDateFormat

I have the following date format : MMMdyyyy. When parsing the string Nov12009 everything is ok and the correct date is produced. But when I try to parse the string : Nov212009 then the produces date has : Day = 2 Year = 12009 . My question is how can I solve this ambiguity ?. (I cannot change the date presenstation ...

14. Returning the string from the SimpleDateFormat

DrClap wrote: Nope. Suppose you were on a construction site and the foreman told you to move a pile of concrete blocks from a truck into the building. What do you suppose would happen if you asked the foreman what a concrete block was, and where the building was, and whether you should drive the truck into the street, and then ...

15. SimpleDateFormat form passed in string