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I have time in milliseconds for ex. 1308700800000; I need to convert it to something like Jun 9'11 at 02:15 PM. I tried using

SimpleDateFormat format ...

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I know how to determine IF a time stamp is "greater than" "equal to" or "less than" using the date function, but I don't know how to determine HOW MUCH greater ...

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I'd like to know how to make a simple program where user can gave 2 input time(hh:mm) format ---and receive the elapsing time as the output. the program will run and enable user ...

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I'm tearing my hair off my head on this one. Trying to parse this string into a Date object:

Fri, 28 Oct 2011 07:43:18 GMT
But it will not work. Instead I get ...

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What is the date format to get only hours in 12-hours format from this time

 Thu Oct 20 13:12:00 GMT+02:00 2011


using this code
Date eventDate = tempAppointments.get(i).mStartDate

// date pattern
DateFormat ...

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I am having trouble displaying the year in a 4 digit format. My code is as follows: long measurement; Calendar TimeStamp = Calendar.getInstance(); SimpleDateFormat TimeStampFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy:dd:hh:mm:ss"); TimeStamp.setTimeInMillis(measurement); System.out.print( "\n" + this.getName() + TimeStampFormat.format(TimeStamp.getTime()) + "\t" + Double.longBitsToDouble(measurement)); The display is as follows: 1229798184808538385 38972723:04:10:15:38 Sun Feb 04 22:15:38 EST 38972723 1229798184808538385 38972723:04:10:15:38 Sun Feb 04 22:15:38 EST 38972723 1229798184808538385 ...

7. help with SimpleDateFormat and time    forums.oracle.com

A Date object represents a moment in time, which can have different textual representations. A Date is represented in Java by a number of milliseconds counted from a fixed moment in time: 00:00 UTC on January 1, 1970 AD (using the Gregorian Calendar), which is the same as 01:00 CET. If that is not the time you mean, you should create ...

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I am trying to parse into a Date "April 15 1999" with "MMM d YYYY" using SimpleDateFormat. This string parses w/out error and the resulting Date is: Thu Apr 15 00:00:00 PST 1999. This is correct in that I am in California. The problem is that 4/15 is Daylight Savings Time in 1999. The getTimeZone result for the parent DateFormat is ...