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1. How to rewrite this block of code using a StringBuilder in Java?

Given a word, I've to replace some specific alphabets with some specific letters such as 1 for a, 5 for b etc. I'm using regex for this. I understand that StringBuilder ...

2. Java StringBuilder huge overhead

I read somewhere that the Java StringBuilder uses around 1 mb for 500 characters. Is this true and if so, isn't that a bit extreme? Is the StringBuilder doing some incredible ...

3. Most efficient solution for reading CLOB to String, and String to CLOB in Java?

I have a big CLOB (more than 32kB) that I want to read to a String, using StringBuilder. How do I do this in the most efficient way? I can not ...

4. Scoping a StringBuilder inside a for loop

When would you ever want to scope a String Builder inside a for loop? Sample Code:

for (int i=0; i<cnt; i++) {

5. String Object. Clarification needed

Guys, help me clarify. Say i have the following line in my program:

In the case above where jobSetupErrors is a StringBuilder(), what i see happen is:
  1. New String Object is created and ...

6. Gracefully remove "\n" delimiter after last String within StringBuilder

Have following Java code,that creates StringBuilder with "\n",i.e. carriage return delimiters:

while (scanner.hasNextLine()){
It's occurred,that after last String(line) had "\n" symbol. How to gracefully remove last "\n" from resulting StringBuilder ...

7. Stuck on my Java homework -- Hangman game with StringBuilder -- help?

*NOTE: I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO DO MY HOMEWORK. I am just stuck. I am designing a Hangman class right now. Apparently, we need three StringBuilders (a) one to display hyphens: ...

8. How to clear/empty Java Stringbuilder

I'm using a StringBuilder in a loop and every x iterations I want to empty it and start with an empty StringBuilder, but I can't see any method similar ...

9. Why StringBuilder when there is String?

I just encountered StringBuilder for the first time and was surprised since Java already has a very powerful String class that allows appending. Why a second String class? Where can I learn more ...

10. Passing and Returning StringBuilders: Java

I was referred to this site by a friend. I like that I was able to look at some similar threads before I started this thread. Unfortunately, I didn't ...

11. Where are Stringbuilder objects created?

Strings are immutable because they are stored in a constant string pool. So, where are stringbuilder objects created ? Say, I create two string builder objects

StringBuilder s1 = ...

12. StringBuilder vs Ropes

Good morning, I am writing a language parser, and am looking for the best structure to use for a rollback cache which currently does the following:

  • When requesting a new character from the ...

13. How to search in reverse order using String or StringBuilder in Java?

Can you please tell me how to search in reveres order (backward search) in Java? I need to do same for searching in HTML file as text.

14. Passing values between methods

I've got method where I read value into variable

public void displayFromExcel(String xlsPath) {
pole[i] = cell.getNumericCellValue();
pole1[j] = richTextString;
Then I have method where I build a String using StringBuilder

15. inject bytecode into java.lang.StringBuilder

I'm doing some experiment with StringBuilder, and I intend to inject some bytecode into the class using ASM. But I could not find the location of the class. Can anyone point ...

16. Difference between String and StringBuilder and their internal organization

This is a very basic question. The extent of the answer i know to it is that Strings are immutable. Stringbuilders are not, so you can append characters at the end. So ...

17. No reverse method in String class in Java?

Why there is no reverse method in String class in Java? Instead, the reverse() method is provided in StringBuilder? Is there a reason for this? But String has split(), regionMatches(), etc., ...

18. When should we change a String to a Stringbuilder?

In an application a String is a often used data type. What we know, is that the mutation of a String uses lots of memory. So what we can do is ...

19. how to get the String from StringBuilder fast?

I have a feeling that using the: StringBuilder.toString() is slow and very resource-consuming.. So I'm thinking about something like this:

public static void doSomething(String data){ ... }

public static void main(String[] args)

20. Use StringBuilder or String in the following case?

String address=null;
String body = "";
String date = "";

for(int i = 0; somecondition; i++)
    body = cursor.getBody(i);
   //and so on all strings get ...

21. Java string concat in stringbuilder call

As far as I know, StringBuilder helps to reduce memory usage by not creating temporary string instances in the string pool during concats. But, what happens if I do sth like this:

StringBuilder ...

22. what is the difference between using StringBuilder instead String

Possible Duplicate:
String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder
what is the difference (advantages, disadvantages) between using StringBuilder instead String
StringBuilder text = new StringBuilder();
String cadena = "";
Scanner scanner = ...

23. What is so good about StringBuilders?

Possible Duplicate:
StringBuilder vs String concatenation in toString() in Java
Why are StringBuilders better to use than normal String Concatenation?

24. java: string builder

I want to append , to a string builder if the variable a is less than the length of array
And i am incrementing "a" everytime . I am using ...

26. StringBuilder and String

I understand the difference between the two but I have always used Strings in my code instead of StringBuilders. I am wondering how to set a stringbuilder object = a new string, not to append, not to insert, but to set it to a new string without the overhead of creating another object. for example, with strings I would have done: ...

27. Using StringBuilder in loop

I am trying to loop through a string type field from a recordset that I am extracting where if the length of the string value is less than 6 then pad the value with a "0" (zero). Sometimes the value may a length of 2, 3, 4 or 5 and I am needing the amount of zeros to bring the length ...

28. Unwanted StringBuilder reference at runtime

Thanks Henry for your reply. Ohh I see, some how I am using ver 5 ? Here is my results. What is teh difference between javac -J-version and java -version ? One is compiler and another is for JAVA ? How can I use 1.4 for both compiling and running ? Thanks very much for your reply. java version "1.4.2_12" ============================= ...

29. Why should we use StringBuilder?

who do you think wrote the javadocs but programmers? The class was probably created because of feedback from programmers. One of our goals here is to teach people to be better programmers, and not just hand them the answers. One of the ways to become a better programmer is to learn to read the documentation. If, after reading it, you have ...

30. Inserting break tag in a StringBuilder

31. insert() in StringBuilder

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder("01234567"); sb.insert(4, "---"); System.out.println(sb); // output is 0123---4567. Here the first argument is zero based ? I read this "The string passed into the second argument is inserted into the original StringBuilder starting at the offset location represented by the first argument(the offset is zero-based). " As per the above ouput how is it zero based ??? ...

32. Stringbuilder insight

This code snippet gives me the result of StringBuilder.codePointAt() for numbers 0 to 9: StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(myCode); for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { Integer cp = new Integer(sb.codePointAt(i)); System.out.println(i + ": " + cp); } However, whilst my output displays numeric codes, an article on Wikipedia, shows different values , any idea what the codePointAt() ...

33. StringBuilder

34. StringBuilder while loop problem

How would you do this "by hand" without using a computer? Pretend you have a friend who has no idea how to do this- what steps would you tell him to do? When you have those steps written out in English, you'll have an algorithm that should be pretty simple to convert to code.

35. StringBuilder

36. ensureCapacity in StringBuilder

37. StringBuilder to String.

38. javac compiler Error - cannot resolve symbol - symbol StringBuilder?

$/opt/java1.4/bin/javac cannot resolve symbol symbol : class StringBuilder location: class CharSequenceDemo StringBuilder sub = ^ cannot resolve symbol symbol : class StringBuilder location: class CharSequenceDemo new StringBuilder(s.subSequence(fromEnd(end), fromEnd(start))); ^ cannot resolve symbol symbol : class StringBuilder location: class CharSequenceDemo StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder(this.s); ^ cannot resolve symbol symbol : class StringBuilder location: class CharSequenceDemo StringBuilder ...

39. Why StringBuilder?

40. StringBuilder issues

41. StringBuilder

42. StringBuilder()

Sorry, I've realised just now a thing on StringBuilder that I don't want to tell to you because you'll probaably fool me even more. BTW, in the light of what I wrote here above, what's better to use Strinbuilder or just a String; don't know where/what is the border between them. thanks

43. How to sort elements of a StringBuilder?

If you have a sequence of characters or Strings, and you want to use that sequence as a List (in particular, sorting it), you're probably better off just using a List or a List than carrying around a StringBuilder and converting back and forth from other data structures, or trying to make a StringBuilder do something it really wasn't meant to ...

44. Split StringBuilder into String lines

There is a point becouse I need to put that Sring to database table. I'm creating program which crawls the web URL and store its content to database table. And the I need to read it from database, but I only can get String if I add it to StringBuffer, that is why I need to split it into lines and ...

45. StringBuilder in 1.4

karl_childers wrote: Why does this even compile? I am using javac 1.6.0_13 with target/source = 1.4 to compile. I end up with a version=48.0 class file using StringBuilder. This should not be possible because StringBuilder should only be seen in version=49.0 and above. Is this a compiler bug? At runtime, this creates a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when run in a 1.4.2 jre. However, ...

46. StringBuilder trim

47. StringBuilder crossing a 64K bountry

I am generating a very large report using the StringBuilder approx 700k characters. At each 64k boundary the characters it breaks up the data and adds a "" in to the string.

48. Bug in StringBuilder and its setLength ?

I was simply not used to this behaviour regarding '\0' when appending to some string. I see you are a moderator - Do you have rights/influence to add e.g. a warning to the javadoc of StringBuilder so people get a warning when reading about using setLength and/or afterwards appending? I guess I am not the only one able to make this ...

49. Why is there no efficient StringBuilder to String method?

As I recall, there were some optimizations built in originally to avoid needless copying, but they didn't work out. We had always been advised to discard a StringBuffer once we had called toString() on it, and if we needed to do more work, create a new one. But the premature-optimization reflex was too strong. People came up with various tricks to ...

50. StringBuilder Usage

51. Quick StringBuilder question

Hi everybody, This doesn't seem to be in the StringBuilder API, but I'm sure there must be a way to do this--can anyone tell me how to get the last index of a specific character before a specified index? So, it would be like this: Thisisastring So, if I wanted to find the last index of 'T' before index 1, I ...

52. point to using StringBuilders

53. MessageFormat vs StringBuilder

No way to answer that question. You'll have to test the two approaches in your particular situation. Although I wouldn't even worry about it until you have properly profiled your application and this is shown to be the cause of any performance problems you might have. Until then, go for whatever code most clearly matches the intent and purpose of the ...

54. StringBuilder and normal Strings

An implementation may choose to perform conversion and concatenation in one step to avoid creating and then discarding an intermediate String object. To increase the performance of repeated string concatenation, a Java compiler may use the StringBuffer class or a similar technique to reduce the number of intermediate String objects that are created by evaluation of an expression.

55. StringBuilder API question

56. wan about StringBuilder

Hello Java Community, I just want to know about StringBuilder... is this feature is really there in java api... who flexiable it when related to StringBufffer.... The second one is AutoBoxing how it improves the effiency of the code.... and how it be effictly used ... can any one please said about these two features please......

57. StringBuilder insert question

That's not in your code yet, but yeah, if you want to display the factors only if it's perfect, then, yes, you'll need to store them somewhere. You could still use the SB only for the display, and do the summing without it. But even then, you'll presumably want to display it as "5 14" rather than "514", so, as I ...

58. CodePoints in StringBuilder