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1. StringBuilder append() and null values

I have a list of Strings, and I want to concatenate them with spaces in between. So I'm using StringBuilder. Now if any of the Strings are null, they get stored ...

2. Overriding append method in stringBuilder?

I have a question regarding the append method in the StringBuilder class. I was asked how can we override the append() method in the StringBuilder class while stringBuilder class is final. ...

3. java: use StringBuilder to insert at the beginning

I could only do this with String, for example:

String str="";
for(int i=0;i<100;i++){
Is there a way to achieve this with StringBuilder? Thanks.

4. Java StringBuilder append long String error

I tried to append a long String (length of 3000) with java StringBuilder and found out that the appended result is not what I expected. A.append(B) should be AB A.append(LongString) becomes A________________(empty spaces) Any ...