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1. best way of replacing all tags in a string with java

I have a service method that takes a String and then replaces tags in the String with items from a tag library. As follows:

for( MetaDataDTO tag : tagValues )

2. How to implement StringBuilder.replace(String, String) in terms of String?

String contains a bunch of useful methods such as String.replace(CharSequence, CharSequence) that are completely missing from StringBuilder. Is there a reason why? Is there an easy ...

3. Replace all occurences of a String using StringBuilder?

Am I missing something, or does StringBuilder lack the same "replace all occurences of a string A with string B" function that the normal String class does? The StringBuilder replace function ...

4. StringBuilder vs. String considering replace

When doing concatenating lots of strings, I have been recommended to do it using a StringBuilder as such:

StringBuilder someString = new StringBuilder("abc");
as opposed to
String someString = "abc";
someString = someString + ...

5. strings stringbuilders replace and reverse

Hello, I have to write a class and a program that utilizes it. the program prompts user for a search string, then prompts the user for a line of text to search through until the user chooses to stop (by pressing enter). The program will then output the text line with the occurances of the search string replaced by a string ...

6. StringBuilder replace method query

7. StringBuilder replace query

for (int i = 1; i <= password.length(); i++) { startIndex = password.indexOf("l", 0); endIndex = startIndex + 1; password.replace(startIndex, endIndex, "_"); } return password; I expected the startIndex = 4 and endIndex = 5 and then to replace the character starting at index position 4 but ending before index position 5 (i.e. character 'l') to be replaced with "_" but ...

8. stringbuilder replacement of string ?

Say orginal string object s1 contains the value as "Brad"(say s1 contains refernce as A). Two thread at the same time try to append "graham1" and "graham2" at the end of it in different methods. Say refernce becomes as B after appending "graham1" and reference becomes "C" after appending "Graham2". Even in this scenario we wont be sure whether ultimately we ...