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1. String Tokenizer

anyone tell me what is wrong with this code?? import*; import java.util.*; public class Document { public static InputStreamReader input = new InputStreamReader(; public static BufferedReader keyboardInput = new BufferedReader(input); public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { String fileName = args[0]; FileReader file = new FileReader(fileName); BufferedReader MyFile = new BufferedReader(file); //FileWriter file2 = new FileWriter("outputfile.txt"); //PrintWriter MyFile2 = ...

2. StringTokenizer in a Palindrome program

Alright, this is my first time posting on here... haha, and i'm not 100% on how to exactly ask a question on this.. but anyhow, for anybody that does'nt know, a palindrome is a word that is spelt the same backwards and forwards.. like racecar. so i have this file and i am supposed to check if the words in it ...

3. StringTokenizer question

4. Storing a string in StringTokenizer

5. String Tokenizer

if (st.hasMoreTokens()) //This is the command s1 = st.nextToken(); if (st.hasMoreTokens()) //This is the set number I later parse to an int s2 = st.nextToken(); if (st.hasMoreTokens()) //Here is where movie title starts s3 = st.nextToken(); if (st.hasMoreTokens()) s4 = st.nextToken(); if (st.hasMoreTokens()) s5 = st.nextToken(); if (st.hasMoreTokens()) s6 = st.nextToken(); if (st.hasMoreTokens()) s7 = st.nextToken(); if (st.hasMoreTokens()) s8 = st.nextToken(); ...

6. Can't figure out string tokenizer

Hmmm, yea I'm using bufferedreader for the read in. A more specific part is making the tokens themselves because when I tried to pass the file to the tokenizer params (i.e. StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(br1, " "); ) I get the error: cannot find symbol symbol: constructor StringTokenizer(,java.lang.S tring) location: class java.util.StringTokenizer wondering why this is

7. Help regarding StringTokenizer

public class TestPage { public static void main(String[] args) { TestHashMap objTestHashMap=new TestHashMap(); } } class TestHashMap{ public TestHashMap(){ HashMap hMap=new HashMap(); hMap.put("Name", "Test"); hMap.put("Age", 26); hMap.put("Designation", "Software Engineer"); System.out.println(hMap); String hMapString = hMap.toString(); hMapString = hMapString.replaceAll("{", ""); StringTokenizer hMapStringTokens=new StringTokenizer(hMapString, ","); while(hMapStringTokens.hasMoreTokens()){ StringTokenizer keyValueTokens=new StringTokenizer(hMapStringTokens.nextToken(),"="); while(keyValueTokens.hasMoreTokens()){ System.out.println("Token->"+keyValueTokens.nextToken()); } } } }

8. Need help with StringTokenizer bad

Hello, I've been trying to figure out stringtokenizer for the past few days and I cannot figure out(and I've tried many many different ways) how to do and where to do my stringtokenizer. I'm going to attach what I have so far just because it will make more sense to see all of the code which I dont want to post ...

9. String Tokenizer help

I forgot my password and username to this site so I had to make a new one. Okay my code says Process Completed so apparently there isn't any errors, but then it only displays the data line and says Exception in thread We are supposed to get data from a separate text file and there is another 'string' before the numbers..there's ...

10. Need help with string tokenizer

Hello Everyone, I have an Assignment due and I am stuck with one concept that I am not able to push through JAVA, hopefully some knowledgeable brave soul can dig me out of this one. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROGRAM. 1) take characters from a file i.e. (ABD+*-AD) or (BGT+*ECXS) or (MNBHUR*/) This is dealing with RPN( Reverse Polish Notation) just to ...

11. Creating a custom String Tokenizer

I have been given a lab assignment where I am to write my own StringTokenizer class. I am having some trouble understanding the logic of how this is done. As my loop goes through the string one character at a time, it is supposed to determine if the character it is looking at is a delimiter or not. If it is ...

12. tokens from StringTokenizer

13. String Tokenizer help

Hello, I'm having some trouble with a program I am trying to make - This program is supposed to go through a phrase, or sentence entered by the user, and replace any four letter word with four asterisks (e.g four gets replaced with ****) I need this to be pretty basic - What I have so far is a while phrase.hasMoreTokens ...

14. StringTokenizer

15. StringTokenizer, making a method help

Suppose an external file is made up entirely of integers. In the model we've been using in this unit, the file is actually read in, line by line, as a sequence of Strings. Using a StringTokenizer inside processLine() method can produce individual tokens that look like numbers, but are actually Strings that are composed of digits. To convert each token from ...

16. How do I..? (StringTokenizer)

17. StringTokenizer. Is there a ".lastToken"?

18. is StringTokenizer Really that slow

19. Stack with StringTokenizer, HTML tags

What's the point of that "isHTML" boolean? It seems to do nothing else than to break the stack. Typically you'd start with an empty stack, push opening tags, and pop the opening tags when you find a closing tag (so the opening and closing tags match up). If you get a closing tag but it doesn't match the opening tag on ...

20. StringTokenizer

I'm working on a problem where I am handed a person and a criteria string to compare it to each other. And must return a true if the person meets the criteria. Criteria is parsed by ether a (,) which mean OR or a (&) which means AND, and can be any size. Such as - person ="man,husband,!father" (is a man ...

21. string tokenizer

Hi All, I have a string String str = "2345x^34"; I split this string at "x^" using indexOf. But I need to store all the numbers to the left of ^ in a Big Integer(coefficient) and all the numbers to the right of ^ in an int.(power) Any idea how to achive this. Thanks.

22. StringTokenizer question....

23. Problem on StringTokenizer

row2: dataA | dataB || dataD | dataE | In row1, nextToken can give me dataA - dataF, but row2 it just give me dataA,B,D,E. I want to use the array to store all the data value , including the position of empty field. So , how can i get all the data from the text file, including those empty fields. ...

24. StringTokenizer

25. HW assignment String Tokenizer help please

newtojavauser wrote: Now that was helpful. I actually used that today in a different question and didn't think to use it here. Let me try that and see. Well that was just some other commentary but the other poster is correct. The problem is that you are attempting to tokenize a blank line at some point. And so it fails when ...

26. StringTokenizer Help

27. StringTokenizer problem

28. using stringtokenizer

29. StringTokenizer

30. StringTokenizer Help (Advanced)

Background of the situation is the following. I have a "open" and "save" button on a JMenu. The save button writes the values of the ArrayList to a file which in the end looks like this: Title:1 Author:1 Publisher:1 Title:2 Author:2 Publisher:2 Now, i wish to use StringTokenizer to open the saved file and take the values and have them be ...

31. StringTokenizer

32. StringTokenizer

How does one make a new Stringtokenizer with delimiters... I know that the docs say new Stringtokenizer(String s, delimiters) but there's no real specification on exactly how..... for example when I did this: Stringtokenizer(ThisString, "+=;-") it freaked out and just elimated I'm not sure what the correct syntax is....I thought of using Streamtokenizer...I believe it is...but its more than I ...

33. StringTokenizer

34. How to use StringTokenizer

I am write a program using stringtokenizer where a user inserts a number of numeric values and selects a button to get the sum. How can you find the sum of numbers if you do not know how many values the user will enter? my code: int result = 0; StringTokenizer tok = new StringTokenizer(s, "\n"); String value = tok.nextToken(); try ...

35. stringtokenizer problems :(

36. StringTokenizer

37. string tokenizer

FIrst off, I'm developing in java 1.0 so it'll have max compatability (old mac with os9 doesn't have any recent java) Anyways I know I've seen it somewhere before where I would have a string like "0-1-3-4-23-45" and it would search until it finds "-" and copy up until that point..well I need to know how and if that's possible in ...

38. More about StringTokenizer

I am not sure about the performance, but i found some differences which may help you to make the decision. 1)split is not support in old version of java, so if u want to use it in old version, u can only go for tokenzier 2)tokenizer iterate from the 1st to last and u can also get the delimiter out, if ...

39. StringTokenizer

String reader = null; int recCount = 0; try { FileReader fr = new FileReader(""); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr); reader = new String(); while ((reader = br.readLine()) != null) { recCount++; System.out.println(recCount + ": " + reader); } } catch (IOException e) { // catch possible io errors from readLine() System.out.println("Uh oh, got an IOException error!"); e.printStackTrace(); }

40. StringTokenizer input

You should replace StringTokenizer, deprecated class, by split() method of String if you want to split a sentence in parts or, generally, use java.util.Scanner to do. If you see StringTokenizer API documentation: "StringTokenizer is a legacy class that is retained for compatibility reasons although its use is discouraged in new code. It is recommended that anyone seeking this functionality use the ...

41. StringTokenizer

Article the sixth -- Amendment IV The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

42. string tokenizer question

I need to parse strings of the form "token A ops token B" where ops can be <, >, =, != and output "tokenA ops tokenB"....(remove spaces in the tokens). I can use all the ops as delimiters (though I cant specify '!='), and get the tokens and remove the spaces in them. Using StringTokenizer, I doubt if I can know ...

44. Choose and separate elements in String Tokenizer

Hi. I have the following String: outlook temperature humidity windy play sunny 85 85 FALSE no sunny 80 90 TRUE no overcast 83 86 FALSE yes rainy 70 96 FALSE yes rainy 68 80 FALSE yes I want to use String Tokenizer becuase I want to separate the different elements and its values to process it. For example, I would like ...

45. String Tokenizer

I am tokenizing a string of integers separated by '.' and my problem is that if I enter 212.002 then the first token is 212 but the second is just 2. The preceeding 0's are seen as insignificant and are not tokenized. Why is this and what can I do to resolve it?

46. String tokenizer

i am trying to write a program which takes a string typed into a text field and extracts individual tokens from the string. my delimiter is to be : my problem is when i press the button to carry out the action, nothing happens, not even a system.out.println command any suggestions would be greatly appreciated import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.applet.*; ...

47. StringTokenizer to return only the values

48. StringTokenizer

I am banging my head on this for awhile now please help. I am passing this string to my action class String strTemp = "12,5|10,7|44,5|........"; inside my action class I would like iterate through the string and assign the value to an object. For example 12,5 represent person id, and person score, and 10,7 also represent a person object etc..... I ...

49. String Tokenizer

Hi! I've a string "abc,def---ghi-jkl-mno" I want to tokenize it with "---" delimiter. I write StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer("abc,def---ghi-jkl-mno","---"); Now the expected or required result is that there are two tokens i.e. abc,def and ghi-jkl-mno but the tokens are abc,def ghi jkl mno Can anyone please tell me what is the rule????? and How can I do what I want ...

50. Having problems with StringTokenizer

You are trying to take an element out of an empty list, I didn't look at your code, I don't suppose anyone else will bother either. You can catch the exception if you're expecting it, or you can check the size before you try to get something from it. Or better yet you can actually put stuff in the list before ...

51. IS it right using StringTokenizer in this case ...(pls see code& expl)

Hi This project takes a comma delimited input file , where the values are in double quotes .The inputfile has more than 200 columns. ex: "12345","1","USA County School,Public","Rank1","TX","USA" if we observe the 3 rd column in the first record in the above example , has value as "USA County School,Public' Now i have to get each value of the record , ...

52. StringTokenizer, Filenames

Basically when i read in a file, i want the stringtokenizer to take the filename as a string an parse it to split up the integers, then i want to pass these integers to another method i have which places an image. The images in the filename are the cooardinates where the image will be placed and the width and height. ...

53. StringTokenizer a 2nd yr college s2dent..taking up BS IT..our teacher told us to make a simple calculator(not limiting to 4 basic operations). my problem is how to use a string tokenizer to separate the operators and operand and how to evaluate the mathematical expression given by the hoping for ur replys..GodBless..

54. Help needed on string tokenizer

Hi, I need help on string tokenizer. Currently, I have some .dat files that contain data of stock prices and a ";" is used to separate each field. Can somebody show me how to: 1. read the .dat files, 2. use string tokenizer to separate the ";" and insert into MySQL database? Thanks a lot! Edited by: burian on Jan 4, ...

55. problems with StringTokenizer

56. Help with String Tokenizer! Urgent!

while (line != null) { boolean yesno = false; yesno = tokener.hasMoreTokens(); if (yesno == true) { JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "has more tokens.."); // Uses the token in the string palindrome = isPalindrome(tokener.nextToken()); } // If the word is a palindrome... if (palindrome == true ) { // Adds one to the accumulator for the // calculation of percentage. counter ++; break; } ...

58. problem using String Tokenizer.

59. Issue with String tokenizer..

hi i want to break the following string.. "a|^|aa|b|^|bb|cc^c" by using "|^|" .. i used the StringTokenizer class to do this by giving the "|^|", as Delimiter. But when it runs it gives completely different result than I expected that is it was matched any character that the delimiter include.. I want the output as [a,aa|b,bb|cc^c] So please anyone can help ...


61. Help with StringTokenizer

62. Peeking or pushing back into a StringTokenizer?

Hello all, I am working on creating a Lexer for C using Java, and am having a hard time with the StringTokenizer, which I have to use. To recognize tokens such as "==" and "<=" I know I need either a peek method or a pushback method, however I have no idea how to construct these with a StringTokenizer, without consuming ...

63. Stringtokenizer question

well basically I have an equation that I'm trying to tokenize, then add each side of the operator, and finally add both sides of the operator. for example: 3 3/4 + 4 5/8 and im tokenize it to get 3 3/4 + 4 5/8 and i want to add the 3 and 3/4's together and add that to the other side ...

64. StringTokenizer for varying white space.

What do you mean with varying white space? Do you want to handle tab characters, newlines, etc the same way as blanks or do you want to ignore white spaces in the path/filename path? To address the first issue, see reply #1, for the second, well, I'm afraid this isn't easily doable with StringTokenizer. You might have more luck with regular ...

65. String Tokenizer Helps

66. StringTokenizer Doubt.

67. String Tokenizer Problem?

I don't understand why it worked in the teacher's sample code but not in my code. You can only use methods that are defined and accessible for the String class. Your teacher's code may be using a String class other than java.lang.String, but that's a dangerous practice. You may also have mistranslated the code. Either way, you cannot use the parseStr() ...

68. StringTokenizer Problem

Since you are getting your data from a text file, construct the (buffered) reader from a [FileReader|]. Don't use a DataInputStream unless you mean to. The [API|] for this class explains "A data input stream lets an application read primitive Java data types from an underlying input stream in a machine-independent way. An application uses a data output stream to write ...

69. String Tokenizer Problem

Hi, Ya, you are right. I tried debugging using: System.out.println("splitPaths[" + k + "]: "+splitPaths[k]); The output is: splitPaths[0]: Map splitPaths[0]: mapID splitPaths[0]: Map splitPaths[0]: simulationID splitPaths[0]: Map splitPaths[0]: mapName splitPaths[0]: Map splitPaths[0]: mapDesc splitPaths[0]: Map splitPaths[0]: mapLength splitPaths[0]: Map splitPaths[0]: mapWidth splitPaths[0]: Map splitPaths[0]: mapScale splitPaths[0]: Map splitPaths[0]: JunctionList splitPaths[0]: Junction splitPaths[0]: junctionID splitPaths[0]: Map splitPaths[0]: JunctionList splitPaths[0]: Junction splitPaths[0]: ...

70. Bug in javadocs for StringTokenizer

The following text would appear to be a bug in the StringTokenizer class StringTokenizer is a legacy class that is retained for compatibility reasons although its use is discouraged in new code. It is recommended that anyone seeking this functionality use the split method of String or the java.util.regex package instead. Regex, which is what split uses is not a generally ...

71. string tokenizer

Ok, easy now. What is TT_NUMBER? The method or field nval doesn't exist in StringTokenizer. Where does readToken() come from? This makes no sense to me at all. If you need further help then you need to create a [Short, Self Contained, Compilable and Executable, Example Program|] (SSCCE) that demonstrates the incorrect behaviour, because I can't guess exactly what you are ...

72. StringTokenizer

73. Remove a particular portion from a string - String Tokenizer

string.replace can be quite slow. if your string replacement doesn't need to be reg-exp aware, i recommend using a function similar to what i wrote: static public String replaceString(String orig, String search, String replace) { int cap = replace.length() > search.length() ? orig.length() + (replace.length() - search.length())*20 : orig.length(); StringBuilder out = new StringBuilder(cap); int prev = 0; CharSequence okPart; for ...

74. String Tokenizer Need Help?

String fileName = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, // this basically asks for the file name for learning "Please Type The File Name For Learning!", "My Swing Application", JOptionPane.QUESTION_MESSAGE); JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null, "The File is Uploading", "My Swing Application", JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE); try{ // this basicaly is testing for me to find out if my input is working. BufferedWriter fout = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("TESTFILE.txt")); fout.write(fileName); fout.close(); }catch(IOException e){ ...

75. StringTokenizer Problem

I use StringTokenizer in my textSearch class , initialize variables, get a file object in the form of file.getParentFile() from the first program, and then iterate through the files in that directory with BufferedReader reading = new BufferedReader( new FileReader(file + file.separator + pageCounter) , adding a "00" or "0" before pageCounter after comparing its digit number with 10, 100, etc.. ...

76. StringTokenizer

...And this list continues until all results are returned. Where I am stuck is: I only need to continue working with the first two lines in each set. Is there a way I can rid myself of the other 5 lines in each set? Let me know if this is a confusing question or if I should be using another method ...

77. Question about StringTokenizer

I need to a split a string on basis of presence of some string.Since the pattern is getting interpreted in the browser as long dash when posting, I'll write the symbol names ampersand(&)pound(#)151; String textToBeSplit = "Hello worldThis is a String Tokenizer testIndividual Roth 401(k)"; So based on that I was expecting 3 tokens Token 1 - Hello world Token 2 ...

78. StringTokenizer - White Spaces

79. StringTokenizer issue

80. Polynomial and Stringtokenizer

I'm stuck on a homework problem involving a polynomial. The part I'm stuck on is where you're given a string in the form of a polynomial and you need to split it up into it's different terms. [CODE] One constructor, Polynomial(String poly), is somewhat tricky. For this constructor you must extract the required information from the string passed as an argument. ...

81. StringTokenizer Method help

import java.util.*; public class Test { public static void main(String args[]) { int idx = 0; int tokenCount; String words[] = new String [500]; String message="This will be the mesage to be splitted"; StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(message); tokenCount = st.countTokens(); System.out.println("Number of tokens = " + tokenCount); while (st.hasMoreTokens()) { words[idx] = st.nextToken(); idx++; } for (idx=0;idx

83. Why wont this StringTokenizer usage work?

84. StringTokenizer strange behaviour

85. String.indexOf() and StringTokenizer()

Hi, I have string of types a.b.c.d.e.f and I need to get either a.b.c.d or a.b.c.d.e. I can easily do it by removing f or e.f if I start from end. I can use indexOf() and StringTokenizer() but both of them start from beginning of string. I do not know how to start from end so that I can have fast ...

86. Question about StringTokenizer

87. StringTokenizer Scope

88. NoSuchElementException using StringTokenizer

Hi there, I get that same exception with this bit of code StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(temp, ","); String com = st.nextToken(); temp is a GPS string, and i'm trying to extract the GPS fields, which are separated by ",". I checked temp before using the StringTokenizer, and it's the correct value. Can anyone give a hand? Thanks

89. postifx stringtokenizer problem...

If you're splitting on whitespace, then "+10" is a single token. You haven't really described why this is a problem. But anyway, let me make a guess. Your homework is to take a string representing an expression in reverse polish notation and calculate its value. You want to separate numbers from operators. One issue you have to decide is whether numbers ...

90. String Tokenizer trouble

91. StringTokenizer question

i don't think u should be here in this java forum at all.. the idea of the discussion forum is for ppl to share ideas, and try to help out others who don't have expertise in certain area.. not judging.. if u think u're good.. why don't u answer those difficult questions instead of this?

92. String Tokenizer

I am trying to run though a text file and grab all the words. my code pretty much takes each word and does stuff to it then returns that word. however, i cannot get my while loop to go though all the words in the text file while(inFile.hasMoreTokens()) does not seem to work the text file has words separated with spaces ...

93. Weird maybe silly problem with String Tokenizer

First recomendation. You are using a StringTokenizer setting the String on the constructor but are not putting any separation criteria. Maybe you should call this: st.nextToken (" "); instead of nextToken () now on you TESTs I guess you may be watching bab, maybe there is a blank space and you dont notice it. put an else after the if and ...

94. String Tokenizer Issue

Hi All I have a java source code which allows me to pass the values of 6 different attributes and store them in a database. It works perfectly. However, i was asked to create a new column in the database now which is a derived attribute from two of the attributes that I have extracted. Problem faced is that now my ...

95. StringTokenizer, why a legacy class?

I looked in the Java documentation and it says that StringTokenizer is now a legacy class and that the preferred way to split a String into tokens is to use the String.split() method. However, since I have always used the StringTokenizer class for my programs, and very rarely used String.split(), I was curious about how they compared. So I whipped up ...

96. String Tokenizer

97. string tokenizer

98. String Tokenizer Issue

99. Troubles with StringTokenizer

DrClap, you're right... i'm an idiot... I bypassed that piece of code and it worked.. thanks a lot! Another question: now, i've got to add one new delimiter ( i've been told about it yesterday night.... ), but it's not a character: it's a String ( "SM_", which i use to identify one particular kind of constructs in the text i'm ...

100. String tokenizer

how do i assign different values on a tokenized string? here's an example: dateFunction ="Feb 20 2007"; StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(dateFunction); while (st.hasMoreTokens()) { System.out.println(st.nextToken()); } output: Feb 20 2007 my problem is that i don't know how to assign values a to Feb, b to 20, and c to 2007. please help. Message was edited by: hunter71485  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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