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1. Consecutive Delimiters in StringTokenizer

I have to tokenize the following String

I nee to split up the above string if it has }] consequtively. So I did,
    String[] tokens = null;
StringTokenizer csvToken = ...

2. delimiters in StringTokenizer

3. String Tokenizer, no delimiters

Ive given the API a read through and researched a bit. But its still a bit unclear to me how to tackle it. The metacharacters are what i need to use i guess. Can you just give me a nudge off in the right direction how to do this. Im pretty much blank at the moment Thanks for any help

4. Issues with StringTokenizer and consecutive delimiters

Sorry - I've just noticed that you are returning the delimiters as well. Go to the line where the runtime exception is being thrown and use System.out.println() to see exactly what the values of strLine and all the tokens read so far actually are. (there still aren't a multiple of 18 tokens+delimiters however) split() might be easier - it returns an ...

5. StringTokenizer problem when using newline as delimiter ???

Hi, I may get a string value as " n" or " t" or " s". I need to use them and tokenize a string based on the escape character given. When i tokenize i come across a weired behaviour as " n" is not working where as "\n" is working. StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(string, " n"); --> not working ...

6. delimiter "/004/003" not working in StringTokenizer

In the above code "\004\003" is used as delimiter to split the given string, I dont know what exactly the delimiter is and why the same delimiter is not working in local environment (I am applying this code for the same data (string) which is in production). I thought the delimiter is searching for EOT and ETX and replaced "\004\003" with ...

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